Descendants of or Related to John and Margaret Wyne who Served their Country during WWII

FROM the book:

The Family of John and Margaret Wyne

Compiled by Evelyn Hesseltine

Spearfish S. D. 1948



ADAMS, Andrew Wayne

†††††††††† Joined the Marines, Jan. 27, 1942, at Denver, Colo., during training he earned medals as expert in Pistol shooting and as Sharp Shooter with a rifle. He served in the South Pacific from Apr. 18, 1942, to Apr. 27, 1944, in Marine Corps Aviation. He was at Pearl Harbor before things were straightened up after the Japanese attack. He went to the New Hebrides Is., Guadalcanal, and the Russell Is. He received two Battle Stars and a Presidential Citation Star and was discharged at San Diego, Calif., Sept. 22, 1945 at the rank of Master Technical Sergeant.


ADAMS, George Conrad

†††††††††† Was Inducted at Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 6, 1942. He attended Aerial Gunnery School at Wendover, Utah, and Flexible Gunnery Instructor's School at Laredo, Texas. He saw service in Sicily, Naples, Foggia and the Air Offensive of Europe. He completed fifty missions, and was credited with four German M.O.E. planes, earned Aerial Gunner's Badge (Belly Turret Gunner) and A. A. F. Radio Badge. After Foreign Service he was Instructor A. A. F. (Occupational Specialty). He was discharged Sept. 4, 1945, at Fort Logan, Colo. at the rank of Staff Sergeant.


ADAMS, John Wesley

†††††††††† Served three and a half years in the Air Force. Saw duty in Hawaii. Held the rank of Staff Sergeant.


ADAMS, Rogers Samuel

†††††††††† Was inducted Aug. 10, 1942, at Denver, Colo. Was a private in the U. S. Army Engineers. Spent about seven months in hospitals with injured ankle. Was discharged at Camp Davis, N. C., Oct. 20, 1945.


ADAMS, Spencer Jo'seph

†††††††††† Served in the Navy two years and a half. Entered Boot training at Great Lakes; attended Columbia Unlv. at New York for special work in Radar. Graduated as Midshipman. Commissioned Ensign, sent to Officers School at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., then on to Pearl Harbor. Was Ship Officer on the U. S. S. "Copahee," a flat top airplane carrier. Made several trips to Wake, Guam, the Marianas, Philippines, and other islands, with airplanes, and picking up and returning wounded. After war was over, shipped to Tacoma, Wash., and was discharged July 21, 1946. Is now Radar Ship Officer, Lieutenant (J. G.) in Naval Reserve.

ADAMS, Ward Glen

†††††††††† Was Inducted July 24, 1944, at Fort Leavenworth, Kans. Served in the U. S., Germany, France, Belgium, England, Holland, and Luxemberg. Served in the States with Anti-Tank Co., 10th Infantry, 5th Division. Served overseas with the Anti-Tank of Hdqs. Co. 3rd Battalion, 134th Infantry, 35th Division. Was discharged at Fort Leavenworth April 27, 1946. Held rank of Corporal.



†††††††††† Was Inducted into the Army Sept. 19, 1944, at San Francisco. Was in 155th Infantry, 51st Division. Served in New Guinea, Leyte, Mindenava, Mindora, and Okinawa. Was discharged at Camp Beale, Calif., Jan. 16, 1946. Held rank of P. F. C.


ALFORD, Kenneth Lee

†††††††††† Was inducted into the Army Sept. 19, 1942, at San Francisco. Served at Presidio of Monterey until Dec. 1, 1944. Was transferred to Camp Beale, Calif., where he served until discharged Mar. 31, 1946. Duties: Chief Clerk of Special Services, Entertainment Branch. Held rank of Staff Sergeant


ALFORD, Warren Newton

†††††††††† Was in the Merchant Marines. Left the States in Jan., 1945. Went to Honolulu and Okinawa. When the' war was over he was in Japan. Was discharged Feb., 1947.



†††††††††† Served in the Navy Submarines. Enlisted July 25, 1943. Boot training at San Diego, training in Diesel Motors at Chicago; New London Submarine School; Adv. Diesel at Hunter's Point, Calif. Placed on U. S. S. "Howard W. Gilmore." Shipped to Marshall Is., by way of Pearl Harbor. Transferred to the "Bushnel," then on to Midway. Transferred to U. S. S. "Shad."Sent to New London for decommissioning ship. Transferred to U. S. S. "Greenfish." Commissioned. Had "shakedown cruise" to S. A. by way of Panama. Came back to U. S. to New London, N. J., and was discharged Nov. 29, 1946.


AUBLE, Arthur Glen

†††††††††† Entered the service in Aug., 1942. Commissioned as 2nd Lieut. upon graduation from O. C. S. at Fort Warren, Wyo., in Feb., 1943, and was appointed Motor Pool Officer at Biggs Field, Texas. In Nov., 1943, promoted to First Lieut. In April, 1944, transferred to Fort Devens, Mass. Made Adjutant in Q. M. C. and promoted to Capt. Went to Okinawa in July, 1945.Was Instructor of Economics and Dean of Admission at Univ. of Okinawa. Returned to U. S. Mar. 9, 1946.


BENNETT, Charles Alonzo

††††† Enlisted in Omaha May 5, 1945. Called to training at San Diego, Calif.; further training at Camp Eliot, Calif. Shipped overseas Aug. 10, 1945 to Guam. Spent three weeks on Guam; assigned duty aboard the "Windham Bay" (aircraft carrier); made two trips to the Philippines, stopping on the way and back at Hawaii; also another trip to Hawaii. Discharged at Bremerton, Wash., May 15, 1946. Rank--Seaman First Class.


BENNETT, Leonard R.

††††† Entered service at Arlington, Calif., Jan. 5,1943. Was sent to Nashville, Tenn., and classified as pilot in the Army Air Corps. Took flight training in Alabama and Florida. Dec. 5, 1943, graduated from Craig Field and received wings as Fighter Pilot and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant. Took further training in a P-47, and in April, 1944, was sent overseas on the Mauritania. Was injured in France on his 22nd mission. Had to make a forced landing due to engine trouble. Was sent back to England for hospitalization and had a steel plate put in his left arm.Returned to outfit and flew 80 more missions. Was promoted to First Lieut. in Jan., 1945.Was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 15 clusters. Purple Heart, E. T. 0. Ribbon with 5 battle stars and the Presidential Citation with one cluster.Was discharged Nov. 10, 1945.


COUNCE, Donald Alan

††††† Joined the Navy Oct. 30, 1943, at San Francisco. Received training at the Naval Training Station, Camp Bennion, Farragut, Idaho, and at the U. S. Hospital, Farragut, Idaho.Embarked for the Pacific theater Mar. 6, 1944. Was with the Fleet Hospitals Nos. 107 and 112 on New Caledonia and Okinawa.Medals earned: Victory, American Area, Asiatic-Pacific.Discharged at St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 23, 1945.Rank; Pharmacist's Mate, Second Class.


DONNELLY, Donald Alexander Richard

††††† Served in the Coast Guard along the west coast.



††††† Lieutenant in Armored Corps. Served as Instructor at Camp Borden, Dundurn Lack, etc.


DONNELLY, Robert Francis

††††† Served in the Navy.


DONNELLY, Thomas Albert

††††† Flight Lieutenant in the R. C. A. F. Went overseas in Dec., 1941. Served as Instructor of Navigation and Meteorology in the R. A. F. for over two years. Flew a Halifax Bomber over Germany in the last days of the war. Was out on the second last bombing raid of the war, when they blew Heligoland into the sea. Returned in Aug., 1945.


EMEL, Jack

††††† Was Inducted into Navy Aug. 21, 1943. Sent to Farragut, Idaho, and received a medical †† discharge from Farragut Sept. 30, 1945. After a serious operation, was inducted into ††††† Merchant Marines, June 12, 1944, at Denver. From there to Treasure Is., and left for the South Pacific, July, 1944. He was on the ship "San Isabel," with cargo of High Explosives, as Chief Gunner. He was in the South Pacific 14 months.Was discharged at New York.


FOSTER, Marvin

††††† Was inducted Jan. 25, 1946, at Omaha, Nebr. Was First Class Seaman. Served in China and Japan. Was a coast patrol." Was discharged Nov. 7, 1947, at San Diego, Calif.



††††† Was inducted into service Aug. 28, 1944.Was overseas 18 months in Europe with the 90th Division. Was awarded the Silver Star Apr. 17, 1945. Was discharged July 3, 1946. Rank: C. F. C.


HAWLEY, Gerald Raymond

††††† Was in service from July 9, 1942 to Jan. 14, 1946. Was in the Medical Corps, U. S. Army, in the American and European Theaters. Held rank of Staff Sergeant.


HAWLEY, John William

††††† Was in service from Apr. 29, 1942' to Nov. 10, 1945. Was in the Air Corps, in the American Theater. Held rank of Sergeant.


HAWLEY, Leland Lockwood

††††† Was in service from July 8, 1942 to Oct., 1945. Mo. M. M. 1/C - A. M. - Pacific Theaters.


HAWLEY, Lloyd Neal

††††† Was in service from Oct. 16, 1945 to Oct., 1948.Served with the U. S. Navy Air Force in ††† Guam and Truk. Held rank of Aerographer's Mate.


HAWLEY, Richard' Walter

††††† Was in service from June 1, 1944 to July 31, 1946. Served with the U. S. Navy in the European and Pacific Theaters. Held rank of G. M. 3/C.


HIGGLNS, James Patrick

††††† Inducted in Omaha, Nebr., Sept. 10, 1946. Went to Leavenworth, Kans., Fort Riley, Kans., and San Antonio, Tex. Is a Sergeant in the Air Corps, Instructor at Lowry Field.Present address is Sgt. James P. Higgins 1548, Adm. Trg. Sq. #7, Lowry Field #2, Denver, Colo.


HIGGLNS, William Donan

††††† Was inducted in Omaha, Nebr., Dec. 5, 1945. Was a Cadet in the Air Force. Was in Leavenworth, Kans., Shepard Field, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Merced, Calif., Cedar City, Utah; Mather Field, Sacramento, Calif., Carlsbad, New Mexico; Pampa, Texas. Then to San Antonio, Texas, where he was discharged Nov. 1, 1945.


HUSTON, David Lewis

††††† Enlisted at Chadron, Nebr., Oct. 15, 1942. Sworn into service at Denver, Colo.Boot training at San Diego, then to Moscow, Idaho, to school. Then on to Memphis, Tenn., to radio school; to Hollywood,. Fla., to Naval Air Gunners' School; finished school at Lauderdale, Fla. In 1944 got aircrewman wings. Served in the Naval Air Corps as an Aviation Radioman 2/C. Served aboard carriers in the Atlantic and Pacific. Was in England, Scotland, Philippines, China and Japan. Was discharged in St. Louis, Feb. 18, 1946. Received an air medal forflying over Tokyo.


JESTIN, George Albert

††††† Gunner-, in the Royal Canadian Artillery from the fall of 1943 until the spring of 1946. Six months of that time was spent in Kiska.


KLOBERDANZ, Michael Frank

††††† Was inducted into service Nov. 12, 1942, at Denver, Colo. Was at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., for three months, as P. F. C. Promoted to T/Sgt. Foreman of Engr. Const., B. N. Sent to Bend, Ore., for ten months engineering training. From there to Fort Lewis, Wash. Left Seattle on the U. S. S. "La Porte" May 28, 1943. Landed on Ulithi July 5.Built air strip on Moymoy Is. In battle at Ie-Shima,- where Ernie Pyle was killed, of the 77th Inf. Div. Helped erect monument for Ernie Pyle. Also for General Buckner on Okinawa. Was there when the big battle was fought. Was discharged Mar. 5, 1946, at Fort Lewis, Wash.


MEEK, James Clinton

††††† Enlisted in U. S. Navy at Shreveport, La., on July 26, 1941, for a period of six years. Spent Boot Training at Norfolk, Va. Received Aviation Radioman training at Alameda Naval Air Station, at Alameda, Calif. Was at this station when war was declared. Arrived at Naval Air Station at Moffett Field, Calif., which was a Lighter-than-air Base, in Feb., 1942. Spent war years there, making trips to outlying bases for the Blimp Squadron Z. P. 32, and flying the blimps 'in patrol over the California coastline. Accumulated 3,000 hours of flight time. Transferred to Santa Ana, Calif., in Nov., 1945. Transferred back to Moffett Field, where, he was discharged July 22, 1947. Is now in the Inactive Naval Reserve with rating of Aviation Radioman, First Class.


OUSDAHL, Laurence William

††††† Was inducted into service at Little Rock, Ark., Mar. 1, 1945. Five months Basic Training at Little Rock. Served 13 months in Occupation Forces in Japan. Discharged Dec. 14, 1946 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Held rank of Sergeant.


PURVIANCE, Warren Calvin

††††† Enlisted in the Navy, Dec. 8, 1941. Served aboard the U. S. S. "Trenton" in the Pacific around South America, Panama, Society Is., and the Aleutians. Was discharged Oct. 10, 1947. Held rank of Radioman First Class.


PURVIANCE, Warren 'Dorsey

††††† Entered the Army at Monterey in Oct., 1942. Received his stateside training at Camp Beale, Calif., and Camp Bowie, Texas. Served overseas in the European area. Returned from overseas in July, 1945, and was discharged in Jan., 1946.. Held rank of Staff Sergeant.



††††† Enlisted in the Naval Air Corps in July, 1942. Received flight training at Livermore, Calif., and Corpus Christi, Texas. Transferred to the Marine Corps, and received his wings, and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant on May 12, 1943. Served in the South Pacific, mostly in the Solomons and Guam. Returned home in Jan., 1945. Was discharged with the rank of Captain in March, 1946.


SMITH, Burton

††††† Lieutenant (J. G.) in the U. S. Navy.Enlisted July 15, 1944, as Ensign, in San Francisco, Calif., reported to Tucson, Ariz., to School of Indoctrination. Sept. 1944, Sea Duty on the U. S. S. "Blackhawk," Aleutian Is. April, 1945, transferred to Naval Air Station, Washington, D. C., with "Photo-Graphic Science Lab."Jan., 1946, promoted to Lieutenant (J. G.). Discharged Feb. 28, 1946, at Washington, D. C.



††††† Was inducted Oct. 9, 1942, at Fort Crook. Was in Africa, Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Rome, Arno, Southern France, Rhine land, Central Europe. Was in the 216th Coast Artillery Battalion. Was Antiaircraft Gunner. Was over seas 2 yr. 5 mo. Awards:Purple Heart, Good Conduct and Bronze Service Arrowhead. Was discharged Sept. 25, 1945 at Fort Leavenworth.


WILLIAMS, Arthur Taylor

††††† Was Wireless Operator in the Royal Canadian Air Force from Aug., 1940, to Nov., 1945. Spent one year in Labrador, one year at Fort Nelson, the rest of the time at different places in Canada. Held rank of Flight Sergeant.


WILLIAMS, George Albert

††††† Was' Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Was in uniform from Aug., 1940 until Mar., 1946.Was in England, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.(Was killed in a train wreck at Carstairs. Alberta.Was fireman for C. P. Railways at the time.)







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Lewis Alonzo Huston was the son of Sylvester & Harriet (Mandrell) Huston

Lena Estella (Wyne) Huston was the daughter of John & Margaret (Stites) Wyne


All the ancestors have deep roots in North America most immigrating here before the American Revolution


Meet the ancestors:









Wink Family



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