According to family history Gilbert Houston was my G. G. Grandfather and there is really no question about that.  But the lingering question is; just who was Gilbert Houston? Besides being my G. G. Grandfather, where did he come from and where are his parents? Who are our ancestors?


In shared family history there is very little information about Gilbert Houston and Fanny Butterfield and search as I may I could not find a Gilbert Houston that fit what family history I had. Then one lucky search while looking for Fanny Butterfield, (who would become my G. G. Grandmother) I found a marriage license had been issued to Gilbert Houston and Fanny Butterfield Nov 15, 1832 in Clark County, Illinois. History confirmed - Gilbert Houston married Fanny Butterfield, as stated in my family history, on or about Nov 15, 1832.


So when and where was Gilbert born? Some of my history says he was born in 1792 in Williamson County, Illinois but the problem is, in 1792 there was no Williamson County in Illinois. Williamson County, IL was formed on February 28, 1839. Now, birth place and date unconfirmed.


But the family history says Gilbert had siblings. One sister, Jane Houston was born in IL, married Richard Kesterson and they had 2 children. She died in OR.


Another sister, Margaret Houston, was born in 1822 in Indiana. In 1842 in IL she married Matthew Clay Green who was born August 7 1820 in AL. Margaret and Matthew had children, they were; Mary Jane born 12 Oct. 1846 died 14 July 1914 she married Abraham Cogdill 21 Sept. 1864 who was born 20 June 1842 and died 17 Nov 1924. Henry (Gilbert), Sarah Charlotte and Hula were the other children.


Because there is thirty years between the date I had for Gilbert’s birth, 1792, and Margaret’s birth I believe it is more realistic to assume Gilbert’s birth year is closer to Fanny Butterfield’s which my history says was 1812. Also his sibling’s birth dates were in the 1820s.




Their Family:


(1.) JOHN WESLEY HOUSTON son of Gilbert and Fanny b--April 1834 in IL d--1903 married—June 10/1852, Williamson Co.  ANN (ENGLISH) b--May 1836, Ky d--29 Dec 1911 in NE ? (John served in the Civil War with the North.  He escaped from Andersonville Prison.  Anne’s father was John English.  She went blind and they lived with Hump and Pearl Houston in Davenport, NE)


                   (2.) Betty (Betsy) Ann b. 26 Jan 1854  IL married--Anson Cutrell


                             (3.) Margot Anne                              

                            (3.) Charlie 

                   (2.) Thomas Caleb b--1856, IL d--of TB married-- Louisa Cuttrell (1st cousins)

                   (2.) William H. b--08 May 1858 IL (William went to Oregon with Sylvester and Harriet Houston (uncle & aunt) in spring of 1883.  He married there and had 2 children.)

                   (2.) Francis Lucinda b--06 Jan 1861 in IL married Hardy Carlyle Cutrell

                   (2.) Richard b. Abt. 1862 in IL Died very young

                   (2.) Martha married Roland Merritt (Martha & Roland lived at Howe, NE)


                             (3.) Eva Mae married Charles Newton

                             (3.) Jess

                             (3.) David b--1906 d--Mar 1976

                   (2.) Wesley b--March 1871 IL d--in Fall City, Richardson Co., NE


                             (3.) Otie

                   (2.) John Hump (Humphrey) b--02 Apr 1873 IL  d--May 1954 married-- Pearl Cuttrell d—TB


                             (3.) Henry Melvin

                             (3.) Fern

                             (3.) Ruth

                   (2.) Joseph Edward “ED” Huston b--15 Jan 1881 Carbondale, Jackson Co. IL d--17 Jan 1970 Washington Co      Hospital, Washington KS married--Effie Dee Partch 1902 in Hebron, Thayer Co., NE

                             *(3.) Ezza Huston b--25 June 1873 IL d--25 June 1961 Peru, NE married--13 March 1896 Daisy Railsback (b--16 April 1878 Peru, NE  d--22 Dec 1961 Peru, NE) in Auburn, NE  Daisy’s Father—W.E. Railsback, Mother—Joann Miller (Ezza was Betsy Anne’s son.  His father was an Osborne, possibly a brother of Susan Osborne.  He was raised by John and Anne Houston.)



(1.) NANCY JANE (HOUSTON) CUTTRELL daughter of Gilbert and Fanny b--1837 IL d--after 1908, Davenport, NE       married 6 April 1854 CHARLES CUTTRELL b--IL d--before Jane

          (Went to Oregon, 1883, returned and settled in Thayer Co., Davenport, NE)


                   (2.) Louisa married--Caleb Houston

                   (2.) Marshall


(1.) WILLIAM V. (BILL) son of Gilbert and Fanny b--1840, IL d--18 March 1903. OK married 26 May 1859 Sally (Sarah) Mandrell b--1841 TN   (sister of Harriett) d--Soon after the birth of Sherman (William married again after Sally’s death, left her, and spent time with his brother Sylvester and Harriet, then went to Oklahoma.)


                   (2.) Melinda Jane b—1860 married--?  Harris (Had a child age of Carrie. Lived on Borst place across creek from Harriett and Sylvester)

                   (2.) Sherman married--Dell?


(1.) RICHARD son of Gilbert and Fanny b--1844 never married. He served in the Civil War with the North d--In a military camp of the measles



(1.) MARY LOUISA (HOUSTON) NEAL daughter of Gilbert and Fanny b--18 May 1846 IL married--31 Oct. 1867 JOHN NEAL b. 25 Nov 1847 (After Mary Louisa’s death John went to OK and was not heard from again.)


                   (2.) O Ston (Austin?) b. august 29, 1868

                   (2.) William L. b. December 7, 1870


(1.) SYLVESTER son of Gilbert and Fanny born May 10, 1850 near Marion, IL married HARRIET MANDREL (b. March 8, 1852) September 5, 1869 in Williamson County, Illinois.


                   (2.) Alice Dean b. October 27, 1870 Illinois d. August 22, 1871

                   (2.) Lewis Alonzo b. November 9, 1872 Marion County, IL

                   (2.) Ella Jane b. April 5, 1875 Morganfield KY  d. August 30, 1946              

                   (2.) Gilbert Richard  b. 1878 London Precinct Nemaha County, NE d. 1882 Nemaha County, NE

                   (2.) Cora Olive b. May 27, 1884 North Yam Hill, OR

                   (2.) Carrie Belle b. July 12, 1889 Peru, NE


Fanny (Butterfield) Houston passes 1855


Gilbert married a second time Lucinda Osborne b. 4 July 1818 d. 24 Feb. 1880 





Lewis Alonzo was my mother’s father making Sylvester my Great Grandfather. Sylvester was born in 1850 and history says his mother Fanny passed in 1855 leaving a 5 year old Sylvester. Further our history says Gilbert Houston passed in 1862 when Sylvester is 12. But I have no history with whom Sylvester lived from 1862 until Sylvester married Harriet in 1869. However, because Sylvester seemed to spend later years with his aunt Jane possibly he lived with her after Gilbert’s passing. History says Sylvester was born near Marion, IL his marriage license is registered at Gallatin, IL.


In 1879 Sylvester and other family members moved to Brownville, NE. Sylvester is 29, Lewis Alonzo is 7.


In 1883, Sylvester, Harriet and family, Charles and Jane Cuttrell, Richard and Jane Kesterson (aunt of Sylvester, John, Bill and Nancy Jane) and William Houston (son of John and Anne Houston) went to Oregon. Sylvester is now 33 my grandpa is 11.


In 1886, they returned with a larger family by 1 to Hayes City, Kansas and then on to Peru, NE where their youngest was born in a log cabin July 12 1889.  Sylvester was now 39 and my grandpa is not quite 19.


Now here comes the big event that drives researchers crazy, the family story is: “Sometime between 1884 and 1889 Sylvester changed the spelling from Houston to Huston”. The big question is why?




screen shot marriage gilbert- 490.jpg


These are scans of the computer screen showing the information it was reflecting. The left one shows the record of marriages in Clark Co. IL showing Gilbert and Fanny. The one below shows records for Gallatin, IL and is for Sylvester and Harriet


scan m syl 490.jpg





Wandering around Virginia and various places in Kentucky, during the 1750s, was a man named Gilbert Husted. He married a woman named Mary about 1769 and they had 5 children.

One was a son named Caleb who was born in 1776 in Bangall, Dutchess Cty, NY. He married Nanee Forcal October 16, 1798 and died in Cass Cty, IL in 1840.


Together they had 4 children.


GILBERT HUSTED, b. Bet. 1814 - 1815, KY; d. Crab Orchard, Williamson Cty, IL in June 1860; m. UNKNOWN; d. Bef. June 1860.

    Notes for GILBERT HUSTED:
In 1860 he was a blacksmith with worth of 900 and 450. His son Richard lived with him and farmed. His worth was - 500
NANCY JAINE HUSTED, b. Abt. 1820, Perry Cty, IN; d. Yamhill, OR; m. RICHARD KESTERSON, 1840, Cass Cty, IN.

MARGARET HUSTED, b. Abt. 1824, IN; d. Ness Cty, KS; m. MATHEW GREEN, February 1842, Cass Cty, IL.

PAMELIA HUSTED, b. Abt. 1834, IN; d. of Beardstown, Cass Cty, IL in June 1860; m. EBENEZER H. RICHARDSON, July 17, 1845, Cass Cty, IL.


The following is found on a thread at Rootsweb:

Hi Pat,
This is the family of Gilbert Husted (Virginia clan). He was the brother to
my John, b. 1758, Moses, b. 1748, Robert, b. 1755. He went off to KY - some
indication that my John might have been down there for a while... but I am
not sure... I guess I really need to check in more detail. Vic says he was
listed as John Huston...

Gilbert had two sons: Jesse and Caleb

Caleb had a son, named Gilbert who married Fanny Butterfield, just
discovered her last name...

If it is Caleb Husted... Caleb died in McDonough County,

Now, who is the Stephen... a Husted or a Huston??

Guess we had better revisit Williamson county and check to see if there were
also Hustons there, etc.




In the 1850 Census of Williamson County, IL, we find the following family:


GILBERT HUSTON 38 M Ia (Gilbert lists his age as the same as Fanny’s and list his birth state as IA still hiding)

Fanny Huston 38 F NH  (This gives credibility to Fanny’s dob as 1812)

John W. Huston 17 M Ill

Nancy J. Huston 13 F Ill (married 6 April 1854 CHARLES CUTTRELL)

William Huston 10 M Ill

Richard Huston 6 M Ill

Mary L. Huston 4 F Ill


Census June 1860 Crab Orchard, Williamson Cty, IL


GILBERT HUSTED age 45 b. KY Smith worth 900 (Gives credibility to dob of 1815 reflects actual age Fanny d. 1855)

Richard age 18 farmer b. IL worth 0 500

Mary L. age 13 b.IL (married--31 Oct. 1867 JOHN NEAL)

Bud age 8 b. IL (Could this be Sylvester? I know the age is wrong but it fits otherwise)

next door:

John W. Husted age 25 farmer worth 250 225 b. IL

Louisa A. age 23 b. KY (wife)

Betty age 6 b. IL

Thomas C age 4 b. IL (male)

William H. age 2 b. IL

John English age 66 b. KY

next door:

William V. Husted age 21 farmer worth 0 150 b. IL

Sally age 19 b. IL

Melinda J. age 5 months b. IL


Census June 1870 Crab Orchard, Williamson Cty, IL

John Hustin age 35 b. IL farmer 400 150

Ann age 30 b. IL (2nd wife)

Betsy age 17 b. IL

Cally age 15 b. IL (says female but was Thomas C. in 1860)

William age 13 b. IL

Logan age 7 b. IL

Martha age 5 b. IL

Richard age 3 b. IL

2 doors away is:

Lucinda Hustin age 50 b. TN 0 300

Margaret age 15 b. IL

(Although they were counting the same people 10 years apart the last name went from Huston to Husted to Hustin. John Wesley was counted as Huston in 1850, Husted in 1860 and Hustin in 1870)








I believe my G. G. Grandfather was born GILBERT HUSTED in 1815 making his age 17 in 1832 the year he married. Fanny Butterfield would have been age 20.


A possible scenario could have been that Gilbert’s parents objected to him marrying Fanny, therefore, Gilbert and Fanny ran away.  When filing for a marriage license Gilbert used the name Houston rather than Husted possibly to hide his real identity? He may have had to lie about his age as well.


Eventually the Sylvester Houston family would have figured out their ancestor’s last name was not spelled H-o-u-s-t-o-n; because of all the time Sylvester spent with his father Gilbert’s sister, Jane Kesterson, who would have known their “born as” name was Husted not Houston.


I believe Sylvester was trying to correct family history when he changed the name. He knew H-O-U-S-T-O-N was not correct and it appears H-U-S-T-O-N and H-U-S-T-E-D were commonly confused one for the other so possibly he thought H-U-S-T-O-N was correct. Misspelling of names was a common error and I don’t think people then thought it to be that important an issue.


Although another scenario could be that these ancestors never referred to themselves as H-O-U-S-TO-N and that only modern day families assumed the name change was from Houston to Huston but the truth is when G. Grandfather Sylvester changed the name he changed it from H-U-S-T-E-D to H-U-S-T-O-N.


Of course this is just my opinion but circumstances weight it very heavily in my favor.


Even if I am correct it changes nothing about whom we are and who we have been it just means we can search in a different direction to find family members who aren’t aware they are related to a family as wonderful as ours. We are all still the descendants of great American pioneering men and women, we are descendants of Sylvester and Harriet and Alonzo and Lena and we are the HUSTON FAMILY.


Bill Wink December 20, 2016







YE HISTORIE OF YE TOWN OF GREENWICH By Spencer P. Mead, The Knickerbocker Press, NY 1911 Reprinted by Harbor Hill Books, Harrison, NY 1979 includes a genealogy of the HUSTED FAMILY





(1.) ROBERT ANGELL HUSTED b. 1596 Dorchester, Dorset, England Died July 8, 1652 in Stamford, Connecticut Colony. Married to Elizabeth MILLER (b. Feb. 4, 1604 – d. Oct. 16, 1654) They had 3 children Emigrated to the Colonies. He lived in Maine for a short time, then moved to Stamford, CT where he died. Some of his descendants moved to Fairfield Twsp, Cumberland Co., NJ 


(2.) ANGELL HUSTED (s/o (1.) Robert HUSTED) b. April 1620 Somerset, Dorchester, England Emigrated with his father to the colonies. (Husband of Rebecca Sherwood (1625 - 1706) d. April 5, 1706 in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony They had 9 children: Rebecca Reynolds; Jonathan Husted; David Husted; JOSEPH HUSTED; Angell Husted, Jr. and 4 others


(3.) JOSEPH HUSTED (son of (2.) ANGELL HUSTED and Rebecca) b. 1652 d. 1718 children: (4.)DAVID b. abt 1685 and Sarah b. abt 1687


The book YE HISTORIE OF YE TOWN OF GREENWICH has a list of landowners on May 21, 1688. Included was the name of JOSEPH HUSTED He is also shown on a tax list in 1705. JOSEPH HUSTED is on a list of landowners from the first Indian Deed, 1640 to 1752. Nov 15, 1683 JOSEPH HUSTED was granted 3 acres of land. On 23 Aug 1700 JOSEPH HUSTED was granted a parcel of land. On 16 Feb 1721 DAVID HUSTED bought land of his father JOSEPH HUSTED. On 21 Feb 1721 JOSEPH HUSTED deeded land to son DAVID HUSTED.


(4.) DAVID HUSTED (s/o (3.) JOSEPH HUSTED) b. 1685 Greenwich, Fairfield Co CT  - d. 1776  - m. 14 May 1718 Hannah Brundage (d/o John & Hannah Knapp Brundage)


(5.) JOHN HENRY HUSTED (s/o (4.) DAVID HUSTED) b: November 23, 1731 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT d: Abt. 1810 in Uniontown, Fayette, PA  m. Ann Unknown  1747 in Dutchess Cty, NY


(6.) GILBERT HUSTED (s/o JOHN HENRY HUSTED) b: Abt. 1750 in Dutchess Cty, NY d:Abt. 1806 in Breckinridge, KY m. Mary Unknown


(7.) CALEB HUSTED (s/o (6.) GILBERT HUSTED) b: abt. 1778 d: in Cass Cty, IL in 1840 m. Nanee Forcal October 16, 1798 in Bangall, Dutchess Cty, NY Caleb was in Morgan Co in the Illinois census of 1835 having moved from Vermillion, IN. is last found in the 1840 Cass Co Census.


GILBERT HUSTED b: Bet. 1814 - 1815 in KY

NANCY JAINE HUSTED, b. Abt. 1820, Perry Cty, IN; d. Yamhill, OR; m. RICHARD KESTERSON, 1840, Cass Cty, IN.

MARGARET HUSTED, b. Abt. 1824, IN; d. Ness Cty, KS; m. MATHEW GREEN, February 1842, Cass Cty, IL.

PAMELIA HUSTED, b. Abt. 1834, IN; d. of Beardstown, Cass Cty, IL in June 1860; m. EBENEZER H. RICHARDSON, July 17, 1845, Cass Cty, IL.


(8.) GILBERT HUSTED (s/o (7.) CALEB HUSTED) b: Bet. 1815 in KY d: in Crab Orchard, Williamson Cty, IL in June 1860 m. Fanny Butterfield


(9.) SYLVESTER son of Gilbert and Fanny born May 10, 1850 near Marion, IL married Harriet Mandrel (b. March 8, 1852) September 5, 1869 in Williamson County, Illinois.


                (10.) Alice Dean b. October 27, 1870 Illinois d. August 22, 1871

                (10.) LEWIS ALONZO b. November 9, 1872 Marion County, IL

                (10.) Ella Jane b. April 5, 1875 Morganfield KY  d. August 30, 1946            

                (10.) Gilbert Richard  b. 1878 London Precinct Nemaha County, NE d. 1882 Nemaha County, NE

                (10.) Cora Olive b. May 27, 1884 North Yam Hill, OR

                (10.) Carrie Belle b. July 12, 1889 Peru, NE


(10.) LEWIS ALONZO (s/o (9.) SYLVESTER & Harriet Huston) b. November 9, 1872 Springfield, Marion County, IL  d. March 2, 1969 Neligh, Nebraska m. Lena Estella Wyne January 27, 1897 in Peru, Nebraska b. December 6, 1874 Peru, Nebraska d. August 8, 1964—Neligh, Nebraska



          (11.) GAYLAND FLETCHER Born--Feb. 17, 1898 Married--Helen Jones

          (11.) RUTH LEONA Born--Jan. 4, 1902 Married--Charles Bennett

          (11.) RICHARD NEAL Born--Sept. 14, 1903 Married--Lois Ward

          (11.) RALPH WYNE Born--Aug. 2, 1905 Married--Lill Brandt

          (11.) ROGER MILTON Born--July 19, 1907 Married—Dorothy Cary

          (11.) LOUISE HARRIETT Born--Aug. 31, 1909 Married--George Klabenes

          (11.) EARL SYLVESTER Born--Nov. 7, 1911 Married--Dorothea Adamson

          (11.) MARY JANE Born--Oct. 17, 1913 Married--Grant Fink

          (11.) LENA MARGARET Born--Sept. 13, 1915 Married--Edwin Wink







This was Sylvester Huston’s wallet. It was given to me by my Uncle, Earl Sylvester Huston

Notice that even Sylvester spelled his name differently.

He spelled it with an (i) rather than a (y)

Sylvester’s name on his death certificate is also spelled with an (i).







From the HUSTON FAMILY book by Neva Winter

Sylvester and Harriet Huston

“They eloped on horseback, and then put their few possessions on a skiff and rowed across the Ohio River. He was only 19 years old and she was 17. At first Sylvester worked on a farm for "Old Man Crabtree”. It was Mr. Crabtree who made the rolling pin for Harriet. He whittled it out of a piece of stove wood.”


This is that rolling pin. It was given to me wrapped in that same piece of linen it’s laying on by Earl Huston. I guess that makes it about 146 years old.


rolling pin 760.jpg





50th ANNIVERSARY-360.jpg





                             RALPH      ROGER      RICHARD     GAYLAND     EARL


NOTE! I’m not positive about the names. I know Earl and Roger but am unsure about

Ralph, Richard & Gayland

If you know better let me know bill@socminco.com Thanks!





Lewis Alonzo Huston was the son of Sylvester & Harriet (Mandrell) Huston

Lena Estella (Wyne) Huston was the daughter of John & Margaret (Stites) Wyne


All the ancestors have deep roots in North America most immigrating here before the American Revolution


Meet the ancestors:






HUSTON FAMILY BOOK – Compiled by Neva (Huston) Winter

The Husted Family Letter


Earl Huston

Lena (Huston) Wink






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