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Chapter One

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January 7, 2005


      Hi Everyone,


Our Mommy isn’t feeling so well today so she won’t be being discharged in the next day or two.


Our Daddy is very busy looking after Mommy and us too.


Our Grandma from Arkansas is coming next week so we will get to meet her.  We’re excited.


Mommy and Daddy keep talking about going to visit Ronald McDonald at his house somewhere around here.  We haven’t meet Ronald McDonald yet but he must be a good guy.



Chase & Parker


January 8, 2005


It’s us again.


Yesterday our Dad came to take our picture but we‘re in these clear plastic boxes with bright lights shinning on us.  They used a big word for why, that we can’t pronounce, but it something about being yellow.  We talked and decided they didn’t know what they were talking about.  How could anybody who had the daring to come into this world early be called yellow.  We were insulted.


They used some machine to look at our heads and our hearts and said everything was fine, of course we knew that but nobody ask us.


Hi, it’s me Chase.  The really good news is, they removed my snorkel.  My oxygen level is doing good, so far, and I’m glad my Mom and Dad can see my face.  I do have one complaint however, my sister keeps kicking off her diaper and that is so gross.  I told her not to do that but she said I should just never mind.  Hey Dad, will it always be like this with her?  First she can’t wait to get here and now she’s running around with no diaper, what’s next?


Our Mom is doing better and that makes our Dad feel better too.



Chase & Parker


January 10, 2005


Psst!  Guess what?  We think we are getting a kitty!  Our Dad was talking to a nurse and he said our Mommy was going to scan some cats.  He said the Doctor said she needed to cat scan and we’re sure it’s to pick out our kitty.  We hope it is a fuzzy tiger stripe.


Today we have been with you for a week.  That’s a long time!  We hope you have enjoyed meeting us as much as we have enjoyed meeting you.



Chase & Parker


January 13, 2005


Our Grandpa is coming to see us today and we think he is really mad.  Everybody knows he is a Republican and the Doctors are talking to our Mommy about being a Democrat.  We heard Daddy say Mommy is going to a special room and then something about a DNC.  Oh-oh, there’s going to be trouble.  Our Grandpa already has us registered as Republicans you know.


The fun news is we finally got some real food.  Our Mommy prepared us take-out and it was scrumptious, but our nurses were very stingy.


Daddy changed our diapers the other day, which was funny, the nurse finally helped him.


And Daddy held me, Parker, and Mommy held me, Chase.  We love them very much and we know they worry about us but we are doing really great thanks to all your prayers and support.



Chase & Parker


January 14, 2005


Hello again everybody!  It’s me, Chase, and me, Parker.


Guess what?


Our Grandpa came to see us and nothing happened!  Secretly we were kind’a hoping for some fireworks but maybe our Grandpa has that big word they called us too. He-he, that was a joke.


Anyway, our Mommy went to the special room to find out about the DNC and everything turned out fine.  (They wouldn’t let our Daddy in there, so it must be a very secret place.)  Mommy seems happy to be a Democrat, we guess, and Grandpa was just happy to see her and Daddy.


While our Mommy was having her lesson our Grandma came and sat with us.  We played games.  She played Hide n Seek with me, Parker, I wouldn’t show her my face.  And Chase, he was so busy trying to get his fingers in his mouth he wasn’t to interested in much else. 


Grandma tried to take our pictures and we haven’t seen them yet so we don’t know how we looked.  But we’re pretty sure we’re perfect.


Grandma said I looked just like my Dad.  That would be me, Chase.



Chase & Parker


January 15, 2005


We know a secret and we can’t tell


We know a secret and we can’t tell


Do you want to know?  Okay!  We know for sure we are getting a kitty!  In fact, we are getting a whole bunch of kitties.  Mommy was telling Daddy about how our Aunt Mimi is feeding them for us.  And about how Aunt Mimi is taking care of the whole litter of them in a box.  Aunt Mimi is going to give them all a bath because she said the whole litter in the box smelled.  We love our Aunt Mimi for taking care of our kitties.  But don’t tell, okay?


Now we have to pick names.  I wonder how many there are?  We think eleventy two.


We’re gonna’ be busy. 


But we think Aunt Mimi already named some.  When she was describing to our Daddy the litter in the box, she used all kinds of names.


We think some of the kitties won’t like the names Aunt Mimi gave them.


Tomorrow we have to go to church so we’ll see you Monday.  (After some of those names, we think Aunt Mimi should go to church too.)



Chase and Parker




January 17, 2005


We’ve grown!


Yesterday after church they weighed us.  Parker only gained 2 ounces but I (it’s me Chase), I gained 4 ½ ounces.  I weigh 2 pounds 6 ½ ounces now and my ‘little’ sister weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces.  She may be the super star but I’m bigger.


By the way, we didn’t see Aunt Mimi in church.  She was probably busy giving our kitties a bath.


Mommy is doing really good and she fixes us take-out all the time now.


We have new pictures but they are lost inside Grandpa’s computer.  Sorry.



Chase & Parker


January 18, 2005


Yesterday was our birthday.  We were two weeks old and it has really been an adventure.


There are really nice people here that take care of us.  We know we are very important because we each have our own special nurse twenty four hours a day.  Our Mommy and Daddy hired them special. 


We heard Mommy and Daddy talking and we are rich you know.  Our Mommy is so rich she sells money, and guess what? Our house is so big; our Daddy has his own fire truck in the living room!


It’s me, Parker, and I want to tell you something.  I don’t have a heat lamp any more; I’m wrapped in a blanket.  It’s so cozy and snug.  As for Chase, he is still complaining about everything.  He always has his diaper in a wad about something.


Here are a couple pictures our Aunt Mimi took when we were about one week old.  Chase thinks he’s so cool with his sweat band.  Boys are dumb.



Chase & Parker


DSCF0172-300  2005_0108Image0016-300

I’m Parker            I’m Chase


January 19, 2005


Did you know we have an Aunt Judy?  She lives far, far away on another planet called Connecticut.  She is our Dad’s sister and she was the super star too because she was born first like me, Parker.  She has a new name now; her friends call her “Crash”.


We like “Judy” better.


Our Mommy is all better now.  She is very pretty and warm and soft.  She holds us and we like it very much.



Chase & Parker


January 24, 2005


Gooood morninnnnnng!


We have been soooo busy. 


First, we got moved to the front of the class.  Instead of being in the back we are now up front.  Cause’ we’re smart.


Next, they finally loosened up on the take-out and guess what?  We each weigh 2 pounds eleven ounces.  That’s almost the same as the number of kitties we are getting!


Our Mommy and Daddy had to leave for a couple days.  They went to say goodbye to our Great Grandma.  We don’t know what all the fuss was, because she came here to see us.  She even brought some friends.  She has a pretty smile.


Did you know when you are born you have an extra vein in your heart?  And after you are born, it closes by itself.  Well for preemie babies that can be a problem. They give you medicine that normally closes that vein, (that worked for us) however sometimes it doesn’t work and then you have surgery.  We just want our kitties instead.


What is snow?  “Crash” (that’s our Aunt Judy) says it comes up to her butt.  What’s a butt?  We think they are both bad words cause’ Aunt Judy seemed very upset.  Now we think she needs to go to church with Aunt Mimi.



Chase & Parker


January 25, 2005


Yesterday evening we were three weeks old. Yippee!


It’s me, Parker, and my brother is doing better now.  We both are gaining weight, as you’ve seen, and Chase has had fewer Apneas: (A pause in breathing for a short period of time. Common in preemies.) And Bradycardia: (Slowing of the heart rate to lower than normal.)  Sometimes he gets the hic-ups.  That’s okay.


That vein thing we told you about yesterday, it’s called “Patent Ductus Arteriosus”.  Scary huh?  It sounds kind’ ah like you should be in trouble for saying those words.  It’s like: “if you do that, you’ll clean it up!”  Yikes – Mommy! 


Anyway, our Grandma Sylvia broke the same thing Aunt Judy has snow up to.  (You remember, her butt, whatever that is) Maybe they’ll put a cast on it and we can write our names all over it.  That would be fun.  Do you think it would be big enough to write Parker Elizabeth and Chase Huston on, hmmm?


Somehow, we think our Grandpa is going to be in B-I-G trouble, huh.


Want to see our pictures?  Okay, here we are again!

parker  chase

I’m Parker         I’m chase

Pretty cute, huh?  This is before we became little porkers.  We love you!



Chase & Parker


January 26, 2005


Our Daddy calls us piggies in a blanket because we gained a little more weight.  I, that would be me, Chase, weigh 2 pounds 12 ½ ounces and Parker weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces.  I guess I’m not bigger anymore but the next thing I’ll hear is; “oh my, look at my hips.  I need to go on a diet”.  At least her diaper is staying on now.  That’s good cause’ now she won’t gross out our kitties.


Hi everyone!  It’s me Parker.  I told you his diaper is always in a wad about something.  Don’t pay any attention to him.


Guess what?  They removed my IV.  That’s really good because an IV is a big concern as a source of infection.  I’m a super star, yeah!


Mommy comes and changes our diapers and she and Daddy hold us sometimes.



Chase & Parker


January 27, 2005


Hi everyone.  It’s me Parker.  I’m sad today because my brother is not feeling too good.  He is having stomach trouble and they put him on a diet of no food.  Today they will look at his tummy with a special looking glass.  I wish it was a magic ball because then we would fix whatever is wrong.


They turned our beds so we are head to foot now, that way we can see each other.


I’m sorry I’m sad today but I know it would help if you included my brother in your prayers tonight.  God listens to you, you know.  My Great Grandma told me so.  Also a word of encouragement to Mommy and Daddy would be good too.


Here’s a picture of me and my Daddy.  Our friend Alex took our picture.  We really like Alex and Wendy.




Chase & Parker


January 28, 2005


Guess what today is?


Well first I better tell you that mommies don’t carry us in their tummy for nine months anymore.  Math has changed. It used to be they thought eleventy three came after eleventy two and it doesn’t.  Eleventy three comes after fifty hundred bazillion million.  Just ask Aunt Mimi, she knows, she was a banker and they count your money all the time. 


Now mommies carry babies for ten months, yup.  If there are four weeks in a month and now you are pregnant for forty weeks, that’s ten months which comes just before eleventy two.


We really think it takes 280 days and since some months have 30 days, some have 31 days and one even has 28 days but in a leap year has 29 days, full term would be anywhere 85 days short of a whole year except for leap year.  Oh my!  Does daylight saving time have anything to do with this?


Anyway, today we would have been with our Mommy thirty one weeks.  (we think?) From nothing to this in thirty one weeks, according to the new math, Mommy would have been pregnant almost eight months by now, but she got pregnant the first of July?


Aunt Mimi – HELP!


Let’s go see where we live.  It’s not near as complicated.



Chase and Parker


January 31, 2005


Did you miss us?  We missed you!


Hi, it’s me, Parker.  We didn’t see Aunt Mimi or Aunt Judy in church.


All your prayers worked!  Chase is doing better.  They looked in his tummy and everything was okay.  He didn’t get to eat for a couple days so he is really cranky.


As for me, I told you, I’m a “super star”!  Now I get a milk shake to eat and it has lots of good stuff in it.  I left my Mommy and Daddy a special package.  I’m not sure they liked it?  Daddy made a funny face though so I guess they did.


Both my Mommy and Daddy hold me everyday.


Chase still has his little episodes of as & Bs (apnea and bradies) but they are normal for his development.  They give him caffeine twice a day to help.  The caffeine keeps us from going into the deep sleep we enjoyed before we broke out.


One of our nurses who loves us made us new caps to wear; maybe someone will take our picture.



Chase & Parker


February 1, 2005


Hi!  It’s me Parker, and me too, Chase.


I want you to know, I’m feeling much better.  I am able to take 16cc’s of milk at every feeding now.  I still have a little nose canella but I am breathing room air and the nurse told me that maybe in a couple days they may take out my main-line IV.  Also, my As & Bs have subsided.  They think I turned a big corner.  


Now Parker and I can play chess.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts.  I know it made a difference.  Maybe someday soon we can meet and say hello.  I love you, Chase.




February 2, 2005


Sorry we’re late but we were having our pictures taken!



File1429 File1430

             Chase and Mommy       Chase saying “No more pictures”


File1427 File1428

 Parker and Daddy              Parker needs a nap

See our new caps!


Love, Chase & Parker


February 3, 2005


Happy Birthday to us

Happy birthday to us

Happy Birthday, Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to us


We’re one month old today, yeah!  And we’re full of good news.


First, we both have gained one pound over our birth weight!

One of us no longer needs any oxygen and has no nose canella.

Also, now neither of us has an IV.


We’re both getting milkshakes and soon we’ll be riding our bikes.


Did you know our Grandma Sylvia and our Aunt Mimi are fixing up our bedroom?  They said they’re painting, we hope they’re painting pictures of our kitties.  But we didn’t think our kitties were pink and blue and yellow?  Maybe Aunt Mimi painted them after she gave them their baths.  That would be funny.



Chase & Parker


February 4, 2005


Ta-Da!  We’re here again!


Did you know we have an Aunt Moo?  Yup, yup, yup, we do. 


We bet you don’t have an Aunt Moo. 


We have lots of aunts.  We have Aunt Moo and Aunt Mimi and Auntie Crash and Aunt LeAnn and Aunt Barbara and Aunt Grace and Auntie Carolyn and Butchie’ and Sunny and Skeeter’ and Popeye and Ducky.


We guess some are better Aunts than others cause our Mommy and Daddy say some are great aunts and some are great, great aunts.


Aunt Moo is the best because she is our Great, Great Aunt Moo. 


Aunt Moo told a story about our Grandma Sylvia.  We couldn’t hear all of the story but we think it was about a tropical island because she said Grandma Sylvia had a coconut.  It must have been a funny story because everybody laughed.


Maybe when we’re eleventy two we can go to the same island and get a coconut.  Maybe Aunt Moo would take us, we know it would be fun cause’ she tells funny stories.  We love our Aunt Moo; she sends us beautiful cards that make us happy.



Chase & Parker


February 7, 2005


Hi everyone!  It’s us again, Parker and Chase.


Yeah, what a weekend, and what about that Super Bowl game?  Aunt Judy’s team won because she was for both of them.  I was for the 49’ers (that’s me Parker) and Chase said I was too dumb to try and explain to that they weren’t playing.  What does he know?  Grandma Sylvia and I were for them anyway and he is just a pooh-pooh head.


Chase like fell off his bicycle again.  He’s back on his diet of no food and they put his IV back in.  That’s probably why he is so grumpy and wouldn’t cheer for the 49’ers.


Mommy said our Grandma Sylvia and Aunt Mimi finished painting our bedroom.  Now we know for sure one of our kitties is white because Mommy said; but I’m not sure about him living on the ceiling in our bedroom?  Oh well, kitties are silly.



Chase & Parker



February 8, 2005


You know when you are little like us you don’t make new blood yet, so they give you a hormone to help you do that, but first you have to be eating lots.  They say that Chase is behind the curve, but I don’t think so, cause’ I can still see him, he’s right over there.


Anyway, the nurses are always taking some of our blood and now Chase got a little low and when that happens, guess what?  You fall off your bike.  When you fall off your bike then you don’t eat and then you go directly to jail, do not pass “go” do not collect the hormone.  Oh my, now Chase had to have someone else give him some of their blood.


After he gets the blood, he gets out of jail but has to go back to “go” and start again.


As for me, Parker, I’m at the fat farm trying to gain weight so I can maintain my own body heat.  All my parts seem to be working good and I always have a present for my Mommy or Daddy.


See you later!



Chase & Parker  


February 9, 2005


Guess what?  Grandma and Grandpa came to visit yesterday.  We got to see them up close because when they got here our Mommy and Daddy were holding us. 


Our Grandpa has two chins and a sign of a third.  We only have one.  Is that normal?  Our cousin Kayla says it isn’t normal to have three chins.


Our Grandma took our picture so maybe soon there will be new pictures.



Chase & Parker


February 10, 2005


Zoom, zoom, zoom, that’s me on my bike.  Yup, I’m back.  I’m not riding solo and I have training wheels but look out! 


First they say I’ve turned a corner, then they say I’m behind the curve, when actually, I just crashed into the ditch.  I skinned my knee and got stickers in my thing that the snow was up to on my Aunt Judy.  You know, her butt, whatever that is?


And guess what else?  It’s rubber ducky time!  Last night Mommy and Daddy gave me my first bath at midnight.  I don’t know why midnight, I guess it’s a community bathtub.


Parker is screaming at me about my manners.  Sorry, I forgot to say, it’s me Chase.  Sorry.  She got to have her bath the night before last and she thinks she’s so smart.  Oh well, that’s a girl thing.


We’ve grown an inch and we are gaining weight.  I still have my stupid IV but not for long. (I hope)


Mommy and Daddy play kangaroo when they hold us.  What’s a kangaroo?  Is it like a kitty? 


Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.


We love you.



Chase & Parker


February 11, 2005


You know if we were not preemies we wouldn’t have to know all these big words and medical conditions.


Like who knew all this stuff like As & Bs.  Most people just learn a,b,c,d,e and so on, but here you have to know A & B mean something.  Grandpa said some of the words are not even in spell check on the computer like Bradycardia.


Who’s had an IV in their head besides me, Chase?  Or who knew you had an extra vein in your heart or that when you are a preemie you don’t make new blood?  Yikes!  I would rather think about falling off my bike!


Sooo, today we are gestationally (that’s not in the spell check either) 33 weeks old.  By the new math that makes us 8 months and I week old, gestationally.


Everybody here is doing okay except for Daddy.  He said he was going to find his buddy,  Jack Daniels, and tie something on him when we get out of here.  We don’t know what that is all about but Mommy said he was not going to tie anything on anybody.


We think we’ll just play with our kitties and watch.



Chase & Parker


February 14, 2005


Won’t you be our Valentine? heart  


We worked very hard all weekend posing for our pictures so here’s our Valentine to you.


Happy Valentine’s Day!



From: Parker click here

From: Chase click here


February 15, 2005


Hi everyone!  It’s me, Parker!


I hope you enjoyed our pictures!  I don’t know if you noticed that in the last couple pictures of Chase, his color is kind’a blue.  Well, now you know. See how much you learn; now you know why little girls are pink and little boys are blue! Yup, yup, yup! Little boy blue!


Actually, Chase’s color has improved and now he looks like a little girl too. (Don’t tell him I said that, okay?)


Oh, we’ve moved!  We’re in the transitional newborn care area now.  And guess what else?  The other night after Chase had his bath, they put me in his isolet and we took a nap together!  And then, and then I was hungry and they gave me a bottle!  I showed them I knew what to do and I drank the whole thing!  Maybe pretty soon they’ll take this tube out of my stomach.


Chase is not far behind.  He took a bottle too, but he got so excited they only give him a little one.


Well, I have to go now, the treadmill is waiting.  Look at my hips, oh my!



Chase & Parker


February 16, 2005


Mommy says her due date was April 1st and Daddy says no, it was March 31st.   So who cares cause’ we’re already here, right.  But oh no, here we go again.  It’s eleventy two time again.


Mommy went to the doctor and the doctor said, two little monkeys jumpin’ on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head now one little monkey jumpin’ on the bed.


Seems when you count how old we are relative to where we should be growth wise, we are in negative territory.  We finally reach zero on Mommy’s due date and who knows when that was supposed to be.  So all we want to know is when our Birthday is so we can plan a party.


Who knew being a preemie would be soooo complicated.  We’ll be so smart when we leave here we’ll go straight to college.


Do you want to see a picture of the walls outside the NICU?  This one is funny.  It’s one of our kitties playing with his friends.



Chase & Parker


February 17, 2005


We waked up!


Our Mommy and Daddy are holding us more and feeding us more and changing our diapers more.  They’ll be experts pretty soon and when that happens, they get to take us home with them for keeps and we get to play with all our kitties forever.  Won’t that be fun?


Mommy said my bed; it’s me Chase, my bed is close to the door in our nursery so I can protect Parker from the scary stuff.  I’m thinking, I don’t know what that would be.  What could be scarier than being born?  I mean, there I was, warm, snug’gy, safe and with my Mommy every minute and then, look out!  Parker opened the door and the scary stuff started.


There were big people shinning lights in my face, sticking needles in me, taping stuff to my skin, jostling me around and telling me to breathe which I had never done before so a lot of the time I would forget.  That was pretty scary!


Since I did all that, I think protecting Parker will be easy.


And another thing, there were no diapers where I used to be, what’s with all this stuff?  Stinky phew, phew!  Boy, those are almost Parker’s initials.  Ha-ha now that’s a good one on Parker.


Hay Parker! Guess what, you stink, phew, phew!  Ha-ha


Oh-oh, here comes Daddy.  See you, gotta’ go.



Chase & Parker


February 18, 2005


We guess it would help tell our story if Grandpa could spell, but then what fun would that be?  It wouldn’t make our story near as interesting. 


 b2school_md_clrWe think he’s too old to go back to school.  Maybe he should just stick to pictures.  We could share our color crayons with him.


Anyway, did you know there is a prayer Warrior here at the hospital?  Yes there is and she comes and visits us often and says prayers for us.  But not just for us but for all the tiny babies in the NICU.  But she does come and check on each of us to see how we are doing.


The other day, she saw our Mommy and Daddy in the hall and she stopped them.  Then she said, “I’m the Prayer Warrior” and then she went on to explain about her brother and how prayer saved his life and how she prays for us everyday.  Then she took our Mommy’s and Daddy’s hand and prayed with them.  She is a wonderful lady and we think every person needs a prayer warrior.


Oh, Chase has no IV and no nose canella and he is taking his bottle now.


Okay, bye for now or as a friend of Grandma and Grandpa’s used to say TTFN.  (Ta-ta for now)



Chase & Parker


February 21, 2005


Today we are seven weeks old and we are both flying solo.  No Ivs, no nose canella and Parker is in an open crib, which means she can maintain her own body temperature.


Parker now takes all of her feeding from a bottle and Chase is taking some of his from a bottle too.


We have grown quite a lot lately, Parker more than Chase. 


They measure everything using the metric system so it’s hard to know for sure what everything means in American terms instead of European terms but we know we are both closer to four pounds than we are three.


We heard Mommy and Daddy say some of you have the “day off” because of our birthday.  We don’t think there is room here for all of you to come and celebrate our birthday, so we think you should go shopping at our birthday sales!


Have a good time and tomorrow we have special news to tell you!



Chase & Parker


February 22, 2005


We’re moving!  Yup, we’re moving and our Grandpa is very happy.


You know, we told you he’s a Republican, right?  Well, we all know San Francisco is the most liberal city west of Paris and he is soooo happy he doesn’t have to hold his nose anymore after he leaves Sonoma County.


He said you could get high just driving through Marin County but we can’t figure that one because he lives at 1,000 feet elevation and Marin County is about 30 feet elevation.  Oh well, we told you he’s getting old.


Anyway, by the end of today we will be living right next to our Great, Great Aunt Moo!  Now she can come and visit for real.  We’re very excited.  We got lots of new outfits to wear so we can be all fixed up when she stops by.  And we have to remember to thank her for all our cards she sent.


We have to pack, so we’ll see you later.



Chase & Parker


February 23, 2005


Where to start?  We got to go outside, we rode in an ambulance, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, we made it safely through Marin County, and we are at the fat farm in Santa Rosa.  Whew!


And then our Grandma Sylvia got to hold each of us and we are meeting lots of new nurses and Doctors.


They weighed us when we arrived in Santa Rosa and Parker weighs 4 pounds 6 ounces and Chase weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces.


Our kitties are getting excited cause’ they know we are one giant step closer to getting to meet them.  We think the green one will be our favorite.



Chase & Parker


February 24, 2005


Our Grandma took a couple pictures of us on Tuesday when we moved and we thought it would be fun to compare.  So the pictures show us when we are three hours old and then on Tuesday.


Girls first.


1378-640x480-350 File1471-350


File1373-350 File1469-350


Hope you like our pictures!



Chase & Parker


February 25, 2005


Okay, you want to be confused some more?


Today we are gestaionally 35 weeks and we understand twins are considered full term at 36 weeks.  So if we were still with Mommy we would be born in a week, however, we’re not, we were born at 27 weeks and three days and therefore we are really 7 weeks and 4 days,  which makes us 5 weeks short of zero.  Got it?


Of course there are some advantages to being a preemie, one big one is, you get to be taken care of by professionals while your Mommy and Daddy learn what to do.  Last night I, me Chase, gave my Dad a new lesson.  While he was feeding me, he forgot to burp me so I threw-up all over him.  I bet he remembers next time. He-he  And Parker, she’s been giving them the stink treatment.  I guess it’s that beer and those hard boiled eggs she’s been having.  Ha-ha-ha


Mommy and Daddy are being christened because we will be coming home pretty soon.

Miss Parker

C’mon let’s gobar42

The Chase-man


What? What!

This trip isn’t over by a long ways but we will never forget your kind thoughts and prayers that helped guide us to this day.



Chase & Parker


February 28, 2005


Today is the last day of the month and you know what that means? (Don’t start with the confusing details Grandpa, just get on with it!)


Yesterday a bunch of Mommy’s and Daddy’s friends gave us a party.  We got lots of neat stuff!  We couldn’t go though because we had to stay here and keep all the really tiny babies company.  They need someone to show them the way around.  We’re the “short timers” you know.


We have to explain to the tiny babies that all those alarms and stuff are just to keep the nurses from going to sleep.  And we told them; “Don’t be in a hurry to have that tube out of your stomach cause’ then you have to work to get something to eat.”


This is Chase and I’m telling you, Parker is turning into Miss Piggy.  She must weigh over 5 pounds now.  I don’t worry about her diaper coming off; I worry if they have one big enough to fit?  Oh well, maybe she has a plan.


We’re pretty sure we are going to have a V.I.P. come and visit us today.  It’s a secret or else we would tell you who it is, but we think Grandpa might bring by his friend “Dubya” however, we haven’t seen any of those guys with the dark glasses who talk to their wrists yet.


We’ll tell you tomorrow who stopped by.


Saturday we got to see Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Darrel and our cousins Courtney and Kayla.  That was a lot of fun.  They came from a long ways away to visit us so they were V.I.P.s too.

They didn’t bring our cousin Hunter cause’ he was afraid the nurses would keep him here and he loves his Mommy best.


We have to get ready for our guest.  I just hope they have a diaper to fit Parker!



Chase & Parker


March 1, 2005


Guess who the V.I.P was?  Yup, yup you are right.  Our Great, Great Aunt Moo came to meet us!  And she even held me, Parker, and she stayed and visited a long time!  I had on my bestest outfit with little pink ribbons.  It was really fun and she has pretty hair and a wonderful smile and she smells really good.


Hi everyone, it’s me Chase.  Obviously they found a diaper to fit Miss Pihaa, - Parker!  I had to stay inside my house when Aunt Moo came so she couldn’t hold me but she visited and patted me and said how handsome I am.  I had on my best blue suit.  But mostly I slept.


Then Mommy gave me, Parker, a bath.  I kind’a didn’t like it cause you have to be bare naked with all your parts showing.  I did like it when she washed my hair though.


Dubya didn’t show up.  I guess Grandpa messed up the directions or something.  Just as well, cause’ we were happier to see our Great, Great Aunt Moo. 


What a silly name anyway, Dubya.  Maybe we’ll name one of those silly kitties Dubya!  That would be good one, huh?


Tomorrow we will have pictures!  See you then.



Chase & Parker


March 2, 2005



MOMMY             GREAT, GREAT AUNT MOO       DADDY                                                                     MISS PARKER


             MISS PARKER AND AUNT MOO                                                                                CHASE AND DADDY


                    “THE CHASE MAN”                                                            “MISS PARKER”



Chase & Parker


March 3, 2005


Good morning!  Here we are again!  And It’s our Birthday.  We’re two months old today!


We might be going home very soon and as far as we are concerned, it can’t be soon enough.


When we were living in the NICU (say: knee-q) at Cal Pacific in San Francisco they took really good care of us.  We can’t say the same about this place.


Also, Cal Pacific was friendly and fun with pictures on the walls and smiling faces.  Here they wear a growl face and aren’t very friendly.


The other day, they left Parker in a stinky diaper for a very long time and it caused her a lot of discomfort that she still has.  Mommy came and was very upset.  They said they only change our diapers when they feed us and that is every three hours.  You know us, you maybe just changed us and oops, there we go again, and three hours with a stinky diaper causes sore spots.


And as for me, I spit up all over my little shirt and nobody changed me so I got very cold cause’ it was all wet.  When Mommy came this time she had some tough questions for them cause’ my body temperature was low, and that means my little system has to work harder to try and warm me up then I can’t gain much weight, anyway, they got a “F”.


Cal Pacific is a “Sutter” facility, this place is a “U C S F” facility.  We don’t know if that makes any difference but the facts are the facts and our Grandpa won’t let folks run away from the truth.


Mommy and Daddy are coming today and maybe they will sleep-over with us.  Won’t that be fun?  Our very first slumber party.


We’ll tell you tomorrow if they did or not.  We wonder if our Daddy wears firemen pajamas?  Maybe they have little doggies all over them and Mommy’s have little kitties.


See you tomorrow!



Chase & Parker


March 4, 2005


Shhh, Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.  We have to be very quiet cause’ they stayed up late and watched us sleep.  I’m in the NICU but Daddy came and watched me too.


At bed time Parker and Mommy and Daddy went to another room.  She spent the whole night without any monitors for the first time in her whole life!  That’s like riding your bike without training wheels!  Yikes!  No crashing, no, no, no, no crashing!


Because we are preemies, our immune system never developed like a full term babies would have, so we are at higher risk of getting sick.  That means there are special rules about us seeing visitors and those who love us.


We can’t see anybody who is not completely well of any thing we might catch, and, everyone upon entering where we live must the very first thing wash their hands really, really good.  Our respiratory systems are at high risk of infection, especially mine. 


For the next two years we will get special vaccinations to help keep us well. 


I told you being a preemie wasn’t for scared’y cats.  Of course if Parker had just stayed put.  But I’ve been thinking about that, and it probably isn’t her fault really, it’s that shopping gene that all girls have.  Open, open, open.  He-he


I haven’t seen anybody yet this morning but I’m sure Parker’s solo flight went perfect.  Now Mommy and Daddy, that may be a different story.


I didn’t see Mommy’s and Daddy’s pajamas so I can’t tell you if there were puppies or kitties but I’m sure there were.


Today is Friday and we are supposed to have a big weekend, so on Monday we might have very special news about a whole new part to our adventure.



Chase & Parker


March 7, 2005


You were right!  Parker got to go home!


Last Friday night Parker took her first ride with Mommy and Daddy and started a whole new chapter in her life.  She went home to meet the kitties.


And then she went back to the hospital last night with her Mommy and Daddy to spend the night with brother Chase, who was going on his solo flight without monitors.


So how do Parker and Chase know when it’s time to go home?


They have to maintain their body temperature outside their isolet.  Then they have to take all their feedings from a bottle and gain weight.  They have to digest all their food without help and insure all the plumbing is working.  If they can do all that, then they have to maintain their pulse rate and respiration for seven days after they no longer receive any caffeine.  Seems simple enough but we all know it is not.


Today Parker and Chase have been on their Adventure for nine weeks and if things go as expected, today begins Chapter Two.



Hey everybody, it’s me Chase.  Parker and I know that you were with us every breath of the way and we will never forget the true feelings we were showered with.


Getting to meet all of you is going to be very special.  Oh, and don’t worry, they found diapers to fit Miss Parker. 



Chase & Parker


Go To Chapter Two - Butchie and Sunny meet Parker and Chase



 “ nation under God,..”



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