Wink family articles gleaned from the Kutztown Patriot newspaper from January 1889 through September 1958 reflecting family reunions, births, deaths, marriages, humor and tragedy reported in over 360 articles.







E. D. Zimmerman, the well-known antiquary of Monterey, brought to the Patriot office a number of German papers from the period when newspaperdom was young in Kutztown. The oldest one is a copy of the Kutztauner Neutralist, published on April 2, 1834. It is a four-column folio,

19 1/4x24 inches, well printed and well preserved. It was printed by Hawrecht & Wink. The junior partner was the father of the Misses Mary and Ella Wink. The Hawrecht family is no longer represented in these parts, but a son, Emil, was still in the regular army when last heard from. The sheet in question is the 43d number of the first volume. Some facts gleaned from this old newspaper will be interesting to many of our readers, as the ancestors of many prominent citizens were then already doing business. Joseph Heist was postmaster and the name of the post office was Coots town. Daniel K. Hoch, of Richmond township, offered a tract of woodland in Ruscombmanor township for sale. Johann Daniel Eisenbrau, conducted marble works. Charles K. Sander was' a cabinetmaker, who bought his fancy lumber in Philadelphia. Drs. James Donagan, Christian Schlemm and Alfred Hermann were practicing physicians, Daniel Humbert made chairs and Peter M. Gift advertised his furniture store. Fayette Schraeder made boots and shoes and Joshua Grim was a tanner in Maxatawny.





Expects to move to Reading.

One of our oldest citizens, Nathan

Wink, who lives on White Oak street, has rented his house to Mr. Levi Reppert and expects to move to his son George, in Reading, next spring.




blacksmith of our village, moved into the tenant house of Peter Fister. This is a great convenience to him, as well as to his customers.




of Reading, was in town on Thursday to attend the funeral of Wm. H Heffner.




of Carlisle, Pa., aged 81 years, attended the funeral of his brother, Nathan Wink, at Reading and is now visiting relatives in Kutztown.




Of Omaha Nebraska, arrived at Kutztown last week and visited the relatives of the former, his uncles, John G. and Augustus Wink and others. Mr. Wink is a son of Mr. Daniel Wink, of Carlisle, Pa. and has spent the greater part of his life in the west. He is the General Agent of the U. S. Masonic Benevolent Association and his business takes him to all parts of the United States. Their stay here was short, they left town on Tuesday.



Mr. Wm. Noble, a student at Pierce's Business college, Phila., spent his Easter vacation with his grandmother and aunts, Mrs. Eliza Wink and the Misses Katie and Mary Wink, residing on Main street, Kutztown.




 and her daughter Tillie, of Reading, paid a visit to their relatives and friends at Kutztown over Sunday.



The Clover Mill orchestra met at

Philip Wink's house on Saturday evening.




The residence of Mr. James Warmkessel, engineer of the electric light plant, at Pottstown, caught fire, caused by a hot coal falling on floor from the kitchen stove. The neighbors quickly extinguished the flames by forming a bucket brigade.

Mr. Warmkessel is the son-in-law of

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. G. Wink, of Kutztown.




blacksmith of town, will move his family, on Tuesday, to town into Mr. W. A. Frauenfolder's tenant




A Page from Kutztown's History.

It was just fifty years ago last Monday that John G. Wink, our venerable fellow-citizen on Normal Hill, became a public school teacher and took charge of the then borough school. He had served faithfully as a clerk in Heidenreich & Kutz's store for 6 1/2 years and in his leisure moments prepared himself for the

high calling of a school teacher. His

diary contains the following entries bearing on this subject:

Monday, September 15, 1845 — Elected teacher of the common free school of this borough (Kutztown.)

Saturday, September 20.—Ceased store-keeping with Heidenreich & Kutz. Lived with them 6 1/2 years. Since March 18, 1839

Monday, September 20.— Took charge of the free school of this place to-day.





lost a cow by death on Friday morning. Charles Wink held a

"post mortem" examination and found about a dozen nails of various sizes in her stomach. Nails are mighty useful things, but for cows they are N. G.



Eddie Warmkessel, of Pottstown, paid a few days' visit to his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. G. Wink.




of Kutztown. Who taught our school last winter and who has been ill the greater part of the time since last spring, visited the school last week.

All were glad to see him again; but his sickness had changed his appearance so much, that some of the younger members failed to recognize him.

The Union Literary Society had for its subject at its last meeting, "Resolved, That the annexation of territory is undesirable."

The debaters were W. H. Schoil and W. F. Wink, affirmative; H. A. Fister. negative The judges, E. E Saul, Annie E. Schucker and  Ella M. Sunday, decided unanimously in the affirmative

The following pupils are on the roll of honor for regularity in attendance: Daniel M. Saul, Wm F. Saul, Irwin D. Kroninger, Daisy L Levan, May Levan, Daniel F. Grim, Victor J. Grim, James II Reid-

enhour, Robert M. Batz, Maurice Dietrich, Carrie K. Reidenhour and Carrie M. Wink.

Nearly all of the following pupils: May Levan, Edith Reidenhour, Hattie S. Kohler, Lula Levan, aged 6 years, and Carrie May Bleiler, Marv K. Moyer, Ida E. Stein,

John Levan, Wm. Saul, Robert M. Batz and Oscar Wink did not know the alphabet last fall, and now can read and write well in the first reader, know the whole of the multiplication table and work problems in addition and subtraction. The next higher class, consisting of Carrie M. Wink,

Jarrie Reidenhour, Jennie E. Billig.

Daisy L Levan, Herman Oswald, Eugene Brensinger and Calvin Dries, read in the second reader, and do excellent work in drawing, arithmetic, spelling and penmanship.




who is one of our enterprising citizens, was in Hazleton the latter

part of last week. He owns considerable property there.




A worthy representative of a noted

family, a native of our county, passed to the better life beyond. Daniel Wink, of Cumberland county, died on Sunday and was buried on Tuesday. He attained

the ripe age of 89 years. He was a brother to John and Augustus Wink, of town, and to Samuel Wink, of Iowa. Deceased was married to a sister of Ephraim Bower, deceased, and left this section fifty-eight years ago. He leaves two sons, two daughters and a number of grand-children. Our worthy townsman John G. Wink is a brother of the deceased and is the oldest native of Kutztown living. He is in his 82d year now and as hale and hearty as a man of sixty. He is a walking history relative to this section

and is an authority on anything that

transpired here during his lifetime. His brother Samuel Wink in Iowa is in his 77th and his brother D. Augustus G. Wink, of our town, is in his 72 year. John G. Wink is now the oldest living native of Kutztown and he is an illustrious sample, too.



Daniel Dietrich's park, which is so

cozily nestled between the romantic hills of Greenwich, is fast becoming the most popular resort of this section for picnics, parties, etc. It formed the scene of two merry May parties within a week. The second party consisted of employees of the Keystone Shoe Factory, of town,

and some of their friends. They had

possession of the park last Saturday and spent a most delightful day. They assembled at the shoe factory in the morning, where the platform wagon of the Fairview Stock Farm filled with straw took them up and conveyed them to the park. In attendance; Messrs. Jonathan Dietrich, Jacob B. Wink, Henrv Neitz, Clark Guinne.




of 1846 we learn that the then young man had a poetic vein in his make-up. When he closed the borough school with thirty-one pupils on the 31st of March he dedicated to the pupils the following two stanzas:


Farewell, my youthful friends, farewell !

We part perhaps forever;

Yet I in thoughts shall oft see you.

Though we may meet here never.


But I do hope to see you there.

Where saints and angels dwell;

And ever there united be.

Through all eternity. Farewell.


John G. Wink.



Winfield Keck, of Reading, spent a few days with his uncle, John Wink



A few weeks ago a party had cider made at Wink's, here in town There arose a dispute about the capacity of a barrel. The manager of the press claimed that the barrel held 49 gallons, while the owner of it held that 45 gallons was all that could be

put into it. The party did not accuse the manager of dishonesty, but insisted that his gauge was wrong. This displeased the cider press owner, who declared that he could

and should have his cider made wherever be wanted to. Sometime afterwards this party took the same barrel and a load of apples to another press and very likely discovered that he was in the wrong. At least, one day last week he came to Wink's press with a load of apples to have cider made, but Mr. Wink refused to accommodate him.




and his son Walter F., of near Kutztown, visited your corres- pondent last Sunday. Walter is a member of the senior class of the K. S. N. S. He had his camera along and took a picture of the corres- pondent and family.





the nonogenarian and oldest resident of our borough, has gone to her eternal reward. After a protracted illness of four months she closed her eyes in death, unexpectedly and peacefully, last Sunday morning, at the ripe old age of 91 years, 5 months and 24 days. Her ailment consisted of the infirmities of old age which she bore patiently and with remarkable fortitude. She was conscious to the last moment. Noticing that suddenly her condition turned to the worse, Mrs. Catharine

Michael, who nursed her tenderly, asked her whether she should send for the doctor. She answered no, don't send for him; I am going to die.'' Then she gasped a few times and expired. She had made all preparations for death and given

directions as to every detail of the funeral arrangements. Being a devoted member of St. John's Reformed congregation and Sunday school, she ordered that her pastor. Rev. K. E. H. Leinbach, was to officiate and preach the funeral sermon in St. John's church, and that the Sunday school should turn out in a body. She selected the funeral text, Psalm 94 : 19 ;the style of the coffin, tombstone, and these

pall bearers : Wm. G. McGargy, Peter C. Wanner, Chas. Lesher and Isaac Fegely. She also directed where the funeral dinner was to be served. Deceased was the only daughter of Daniel Kemp and wife

Rachel, nee Wink. She had six brothers all of whom preceded her in death. They were Daniel, George, Isaac, Jacob, William and DeWalt. She was born and raised in Maxatawny, on the farm now owned by her nephew, Nathan S. Kemp. After her father's death she kept house for her mother, until the latter's death. Sometime subsequently, about forty years

ago, she and her brother Dewalt bought the house in which she died and kept house there. She continued to live there to the end of her days. She was a hard worker all through her life, though there was no necessity for it. She would get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to work at artificial flowers and work until

late at night. She leaves one son, Willoughby C. Felthoff, of Reading. Two of her surviving nephews reside in town, Nathan Kemp and Henry Stump. The former was her advisor for years. She leaves four grandchildren, two sons and two

daughters, children of Mr. Felthoff.

The funeral was held on Thursday and was very largely attended. Interment' was made in Fairview cemetery. Rev. E. H. Leinbach preached a highly appropriate and impressive sermon. Undertakers, Wm. Gehret and Son had charge

of the remains.




On June (?). by Rev. H Weiss

Alfred. Wink, of Stony Run, Berks County, to wed Lizzie Dunn, of North Penn. Schuylkill county.




presented her husband with a twelve-pound girl on Friday, the 16th.



Miss Tillie Wink and her sister, Mrs. Stirl, of Reading, visited our town, the home of their childhood, on Monday.




Another Kutztown Boy as an Author.

The Patriot is in receipt of a well-written and handsomely printed and bound little volume entitled ''The Templar Keepsake.'' The author of this latest arrival in the world of books is Zachary T. Wink, assistant city treasurer of Reading and a native of Kutztown. He is an enthusiastic Knight Templar and his aim was to give in concise form the essential points of history which concern the origin and growth of this powerful and popular order. He writes of Palestine and the Pilgrims, starting with the second century of our era, the Rise of Chivalry, the Crusades, the Ancient Templars, the Masonic Knights Templar and kindred orders, bringing their history up to the present day. The work is written in an interesting and pleasing style and is of special value in the hands of every Knight Templar. It required a great deal of research, as numerous sources and ancient writings had to be consulted. We congratulate our friend upon his happy idea and pronounced success in the first attempt. The volume was printed by the Adler and News and speaks well for the kind of work turned out by that establishment.




A good old mother, who spent the greater part of her active life in our borough and raised a prominent family of children, has been called to rest. Mrs. Sarah Wink, widow of Nathan Wink, died of pneumonia Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock at the residence of her son George,

333 Chestnut street, Reading, aged 86 years, 1 month and 12 days, being one of Reading's oldest residents. Deceased was a daughter of John Shenk, of Hamburg, this county, and was married sixty-three

years ago to Nathan Wink, of this town, at which place she remained until nine years ago, when she removed with her husband and other members of the family to Reading. Mrs. Wink was the mother of ten children, seven of which survive to

mourn her loss, viz : Mrs. Isabella C. Stirl, and Cornelius S., Edward F., Tillie M., Zachary T. GeorgeT. and Sarah Wink, together with one, sister, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late Benneville Shartle, all of Reading. She was a consistent member of the Second Reformed church of that city and her death, like her life, was





died at his late residence, near Klinesrille, on Saturday, the 23rd of October, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The deceased suffered from dropsical affliction, but was sick abed only five days. He lived to be 68 years, 3 months and 23 days of age. Interment was made at the burial grounds attached to the Wessnersville church on Wednesday forenoon, Rev. B. Weiss, of Lenhartsville officiating Elias Baver, of Klinesville, had charge of the funeral. The remains rested in a handsome silver mounted walnut casket. The widow and the following children survive : Charles, residing at the old homestead; John, Jr. Klinesville ; Edwin, engaged on the farm of Thomas Dietrich ; Rose (Mrs. Jacob Yoder), near Hamburg ; Kate (Mrs. James Lutz), Mountain ; Amanda (Mrs. F. Riegel), Windsor. Two sons and one daughter preceded him in death. Nineteen grandchildren also survive him. The pallbearers were Samuel Mohn, Simon Bauscher, Lewis Long and Nathan Wiesner.




of Kemp's inn, came to our industrious shoemaker, Henry Rice,

on Thursday as an apprentice.




the successful teacher of the Brooklyn school, is confined to the

house by sickness. Walter Wink, of

Maxatawny, is teaching in his stead.




the noted sign painter and artist, of Reading, spent Sunday and Monday in this his native town, visiting

relatives and friends. He is another of the bright and plucky sons of Kutztown, who cut their way to recognition, distinction and prosperity by dint of close application and perseverance. He is quite a traveler, too, and the vivid descriptions he gives of Mexico, Mexican life and antiquities show that he travels with his eyes wide open and receives impressions on

a mind first made receptive by a close study of the history of the country he visits. The Patriot suggests that he drop the brush occasionally for a few hours at a

time and write a lecture on his trip to Cuba and Mexico. With such a lecture as he is able to write be would make quite a hit on the platform.




who is sick with heart disease, is improving. Dr. Fred. Seiberling,

of Lynnville, attends.




Mahalah, wife of Geo. Fleischman, of Walnut street, died on Tuesday forenoon at ten minutes of nine o'clock, of the effects of apoplexy, by which she had been stricken a few months ago, aged 75 years, 7 months and 9 days. For the last few weeks of her life she was completely helpless, but was faithfully nursed by her husband, assisted by some of the good

neighbors. She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mary L., wife of Wm. Michael, and Clara L., wife of a Mr. Trout, both of Philadelphia, and one sister, Mrs. Henry Keiter. Deceased's maiden name was Wink, she being a daughter of William Wink and his wife Mary, nee Sassaman. Her father was a brother to John G. and D. A. G. Wink. She was twice married. Her first husband was Charles Kopp, who with two sons preceded her in death many years.

On the 2ist of April 1871 she was married to George Fleischmann, who survives her. There were no children from the second union. The funeral will be held on Sunday afternoon. Rev. E. K. H.

Leinbach will officiate and will preach the funeral sermon in St. John's church. Interment will be made in Hope Cemetery. Undertaker, D. W. Sharadin has charge of the remains.




Mrs. D A. G. WINK

was called, by telegraph, to Pottstown; on account of sickness in the family of her son-in-law and

daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Warmkessel. Mrs. Warmkessel is suffering from eczema, her daughter Ida is down with scarlet fever and the house is quarantined. Mrs. Wink left with the 11 o'clock train Wednesday.



Jas. Warmkessel and daughter Ida. Of Pottstown, spent Sunday with the former's patents in-law, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. G. Wink



1900 – 1910



Annie, wife of Henry J. Adam, of Maxatawny township, near this town, died on Friday afternoon of last week, at 2.30, of consumption, aged about 40 years. She had been suffering from throat and lung troubles for several years and was bedfast for several weeks.

She leaves her husband and four children, Luther, Solomon, George and Mary. The deceased was a daughter of Jacob (H) Wink, of Maxatawny. Her father and three brothers also survive. The brothers are George F., Walter F., and John

D. Wink. The funeral was held on Tuesday forenoon. Interment was made in Hope cemetery. The main services were held in St. John's Reformed church. Rev. E. E. H. Leinbach officiated.




and Winfield S. H. Keck left for New York, from where they will sail on Saturday for the Bermuda’s

to remain a month.




Mrs. Anna L. Wink, aged 38 years, wife of Zachary T. Wink, 306 North Sixteenth street, Reading, died of a complication of diseases on Saturday morning. Deceased's husband is a native of our borough, being a son of the late Nathan Wink. Mrs. Wink was a member of St. Andrew's Reformed church and leaves her husband and these children : Harry M , Florence B., George D. and Agnes I all at home.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Muthard and children, of Trexler; Mrs. Ihrie and children, of Klinesville, visited Philip Wink and family.



Mrs. Amanda Brown and niece, Miss Florence Lemberger, of Allentown, visited the former's uncle, John G. Wink, on Wednesday.




John G. Wink, the local historian on

Normal hill, celebrated his eighty sixth birthday anniversary on Thursday. He was in good spirits, having fully recovered from his recent nervous attack.




of Reading, a good son of this borough and an honor to the

printers' craft, was a welcome caller at the Patriot office on Wednesday. He came to Kutztown in the interest of the Reading Herald and put in some good work.



We called on Wm. Merkel. We found the family in good health and glad to be called upon. Our erstwhile pard had an interesting and intense talk with Mr. Merkel about township affairs. Going by the

blacksmith shop we gave our Kiowa Indian yell and very near upset Charles Wink, the smith.



A child of Charles Wink, which died at the age of 7 months, was brought here from near Hamburg for burial in Friedens church cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. Rev. J. B. Bartholomew officiated.



Our next call was on old Philip Wink. The years of Mr. Wink are many, but up to last year they did not affect him very much. But this last year he has aged very rapidly and his sight has been weakened so

much that he is unable to read, and thus was compelled to cancel his paper, which he so fondly read for so many years.



Wink's cider press, in town, under the supervision of William Emore, will be operated every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice. Quick work. No waiting.



While Philip Wink, a well-known resident of Stony Run, was sitting on a chair at his home, a blood vessel burst in his head and he fell to the floor unconscious,  Dr. Joshua Seiberling has the case in hand.




a respected old citizen of Stony Run, died on Sunday morning, aged 75 years. His wife, who was a born Rebecca Wagaman, preceded him in death seven years. He is survived by the following children: Mrs. Charles Muthard, of Trexler; Mrs. Lydia Frederick, of Reading; Mrs. John Ihrie, of Kletnsville; Mrs. Samuel Gruber and William, of Stony Run; Alfred, of New Tripoli, and Emma, Sallie and Levi, at home. The funeral was held yesterday forenoon, with services and interment at Friedens church, Wessnersville.





He Lived to a Decrepit Old Age

But His Memory Was Still True.

Peaceful and of an Honorable and Useful Career—He Came of Original Palatinate Stock.

Started as a School Teacher at Three Cents a Head a Day- Storekeeper, Etc.

Death on Monday morning closed a

career that was honorable, interesting, bright, unique and long. John G. Wink, the venerable local historian of Normal Hill, who knew more of the history of this section and its people than anybody else, fell asleep at 4.15 a. m., aged 86 years, 9 months and 2 days. He was a man of unusually strong intellect, a close student and observer all his life and possessed of strong social qualities. He liked company and cultivated the quality. He was the oldest native citizen of Kutztown.

He was born in a house that stood on the site of the Dewalt house at present occupied by Prof J. S. Grim. His father, Dewalt Wink, died when the boy was in his tenth year. He was raised by his uncle, Dewalt Graeff, and the family treated him very kindly. He is survived by a

son, John D., a member of the Patriot force; one daughter, Carrie, at home, and two brothers, Samuel, of Lisbon, Lynn county. Iowa, who is in his 83d year and still carries the mail between the post office and the railroad, and D. A. G. Wink, of our town, who is still pretty active for a man of his age and weight.

His life's story contains two rare coincidents as to dates. John D. Wink, the son, was born just one hundred years after his paternal grandfather, and John G. Wink died on the day twenty-eight years after his first wife. His second wife died suddenly about a year ago. John G. Wink was of the fourth generation of Winks in America. His great-grandfather, Caspar Wink, was the first American  ancestor. He came from Mannheim in the old Palatinate and settled in Maxatawny township, where he acquired much land. A part of the land is still in the family name, the farm of Jacob Wink, who is also a great-grandson of Caspar. The original homestead, however, stood on what is now the

Wanner farm. Caspar was a  man of prominence before the revolutionary war. Unlike the other German

settlers in these parts, be was a Catholic by religion The father of the subject of this sketch was a hatter by trade and carried on the business of hat manufacturing

in this town in the beginning of the last century. He made hats mostly from wool bought of the farmers of the locality. Good wool was worth 75 cents a pound in those early days. He took most of his hats to Philadelphia in a Conestoga wagon. From there the larger portion were shipped south to be used by slaves.

John G. Wink was, in 1833, apprenticed to Peter M. Gift to learn cabinet-making, but ill health compelled him to quit a year later. Mr. Wink was then a sickly young man, and no one thought he could possibly live beyond a few years.

But be rallied, and in 1835 began teaching day school three miles northeast of Kutztown. The charges were three cents a day for an ordinary pupil. The first day he had three pupils, and his day's wages were nine cents. The second and

third days there were five scholars, and the number kept on increasing for some time. His board did not cost him anything, the farmers of the vicinity taking him by turns as their guest. He boarded with four different farmers that winter. What money he earned was all clear. His total earnings that winter amounted

to about forty dollars, all of which he had saved when the school closed. The following summer he attended the famous school of John Vandeweer, at Easton, for twelve weeks. The next term he taught

in the same place as the winter before, earning $120 this time. Next be went to Stouchsburg and became a clerk in the store of Marcus Kauffman. After being at this place for six months, he secured a better position with Stephen Balliet, at

Ballietsville, where he remained until Marcb 4, 1837. Saeger, Keck & Co., of Allentown, next gave him a good position. He remained with this firm a year, and then returned to Kutztowu to teach the high school in the same old building, on Walnut street, in which he attended school when a boy. In March, 1849,he

entered the store of Heidenreich & Kutz, an old Kutztown establishment. He was here until 1844. From October 1, 1845, to April 1, 1846, he taught school

in Kutztown. In May he went to Blandon to help start a store for Levi Guldin. The following October he taught at $30 a month. In the spring of 1847 be went to the store of his uncle, Daniel Fister, where Hinterleiter's big store now is. He remained here six years and in this

interval spent some of his time in teaching. The borough of Kutztown couldn't get a teacher, so Mr. Wink was urgently requested to leave the store for a few hours a day to teach the advanced classes of the Kutztown school. On June 17, 1856, Mr. Wink married Caroline Groff,

of Ballietsville. Next we find him attending store for Kemmerer & Sieslove, of Guthsville, Lehigh county. In March 1857, he and his brother-in-law, Stephen Groff, bought a store at Ballietsville and

carried on a splendid business under the firm name of Wink & Groff. Here Mr. Wink was for quite a number of years and prospered. He not only owned half of the store, but a handsome home as well. In 1874 he moved to Kutztown and he has been here ever since. His property at Ballietsville he sold and built his late handsome residence near the Normal school. His first wife died

and he was married a second time to

Elenora, daughter of Peter Schantz, of Lehigh county. She was the mother of the surviving children. He kept diaries up to the time his eyesight failed and it is from these diaries that the principal local events of fifty years ago are reproduced in the columns of the Patriot. He also kept a big scrap book, which contains all the prominent points of local history for the last sixty years, together with bits of choice literature and samples of old printing, campaign badges, etc. In his younger years Mr. Wink was a

great Sunday school worker. He was the only surviving member of the first Sunday school of Kutztown, which organized in the old St. John's church seventy-six years ago. It was called the Sunday School Union of Kutztown. In 1844 he was elected superintendent and devoted much of his time, talent, activity and

substance to the cause. He held that

honorable position for fourteen years. He was a trustee of the Normal school for sixteen years and for nine years the board's secretary. He was president of the first national bank of Kutztown for some years. His earthly remains were consigned to earth in Hope cemetery on Thursday afternoon. It was a large funeral showing the esteem in which the deceased was held. Services were held at the house. Revs E. E. H. Leinbach and T. J. Cressman officiated. The deceased

bad selected his own funeral text, Ecclesiastics, the twelfth, chapter especially the part:

"Remember the Creator in the days of thy youth."





There are certain reasons why

the Patriot should take notice editorially of the decease of this aged and honored citizen of our town.

During a long period of years Mr.

Wink was a familiar figure on our

streets. In very many ways he

was prominently and efficiently connected with the history and development of this place.  In civil matters and social as well, in affairs educational and religious he was, so longas health and strength remained,

active and influential. He was one

of the few remaining links that

joined the Kutztown of recent years

with the Kutztown known in former generations. His reminiscences

were always interesting and the

quotations from his diary which

from time to time appeared in this

paper were read with enjoyment by

all whose eyes fell upon them; they

gave a most unique and entertaining insight into the manners and

customs as well as the happenings

of the olden time. Mr. Wink will

be missed by a large circle of appreciative friends and the announcement of his decease,

albeit at so ripe an age, will elicit expressions of regret in hundreds of homes, not only in our neighborhood, but in places far remote where live the men and women who as boys and girls in Kutztown knew and loved the kindly old gentleman.

"After life's fitful fever he sleeps well." Peace to his ashes.





To Mr. and Mrs. John D wink, of Normal hill, a son.




passed a short vacation at

home on account of the too much water in Reading, which interfered with his occupation, that of a plasterer. To kill time during this enforced idleness he went after his

old enemies, the skunks, and killed several of them.



We drove to the Philip Wink homestead to feed our horse, as well as ourselves Our Pard's better half is a daughter of this family, though father and mother are dead. A daughter, Sallie, supervises the house and dairy and things move along smoothly. We also introduced the Patriot into this home and know that it will be appreciated by them, as it is by their many neighbors.





Whether at home or abroad the average representative of the Wink family makes his influence felt. The home of the American branch of the family is right here, in and around Kulztown. Some families and members of families are still here and belong to our representative citizens. Others sought larger fields of usefulness and took with them their innate work and push. The result was that they soon became prominent factors at their new homes One of these is Samuel Wink, of Lisbon. Iowa, who was one of the first settlers of the Hawkeye state and grew up with the country. He is a brother of our fellow townsman D. A. G. Wink and of the late John G. Wink. He left his home here over sixty years ago. The Lisbon Sun of November 14 contains a good picture of him, showing him well preserved at the age of 83 and the following sketch of his career as a mail carrier: "Uncle" Samuel Wink closed a period of twenty years of carrying the local mail, November 1st, 1902, between the Lisbon post office and the depot. He commenced when sixty-three years of age and ended shortly after he was eighty-three years old. The mail clerks all knew him and called him ''Uncle Sam," and now miss him, when they do not see his familiar face at the mail car door; and they inquire: "Where is Uncle Sam?" Looking over his record, it is found that he never missed a mail, nor never lost a mail, after it had been placed in his care. He was very particular in all the various duties, and prompt. Through snow, sleet, storms or rain, he was always on time, and principally journeyed on foot, with a cart or hand sled. Being of a robust nature, he was seldom at home on account of sickness, and was sprightly as a man of forty years. It was a source of general comment, often times, of his quickness, as he pushed his mail cart down town, from trains, quicker than many younger people could walk the distance empty-handed. And the mails were very heavy, too, for in the past ten years the great array of circulars, and the mass and tons of insurance and other mail has grown to be appalling to those who were in position to realize it. When the snow was deep, it was often difficult to get through, and it was not an uncommon occurrence to have the mails upset, and many younger men would have resigned the position long before the twenty years would have elapsed."



Mrs. James Warmkessel and little son James, Jr., of Pottstown, visited her parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. G. Wink.



Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Esser, of Mauch Chunk, paid a visit to Miss Carrie Wink on Sunday.




Mrs. Angeline Keiter (nee Wink), died Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Charles W. Keiter, on Greenwich street. She had been ailing eight months, but during this time she was bedfast one week. The principal cause o' death was dropsy Her entire right side was paralyzed four days. The deceased was aged 79 years. 2 months and 2 days. She is survived by the following four sorts, all of whom reside in tbis town: C. W. Keiter, proprietor of the Riverside grocery store; Wilson H., proprietor of the Trolley restaurant at the northern end of Main street; Onas R., cigar manufacturer; James B, cigar manufacturer. Tbe funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock, from the house. The funeral services were held in St Paul's Reformed Church, Rev Geo B Smith officiating. He delivered

a touching and instructive sermon. The remains were clothed in a black robe and rested in a solid walnut casket lined with white satin and square bar handles. The casket was unusually pretty, being heavily ornamented with mountings. The

plate on the lid of the casket was inscribed the word Mother. The bearers were: Charles Kutz, Jeff. C. Hoch, Jacob Scblenker, William Bieber, Daniel Levan and Jacob Schearer. Interment was made

on Pairview cemetery. Undertaker J. H. Stump bad charge.




is busily engaged with his hydraulic press making cider.




and daughter Agnes, of Reading, on Sunday visited relatives and friends here.



Last Friday night the following

young folks enjoyed a sleigh ride to

the home of Richard Trexler, about

a mile north of Lenhartsville: Minnie Schlenker, Alvena Wink, Mary Bayer, Temson Miller, Barbary Frey, Ada Fister, Nora Fister, Lizzie Freed.




March 31, 1905 to Mr. and Mrs.

Harvey Wink, of Park Avenue, adjoining borough, twins, son

and daughter.




twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wink, aged about three weeks, who died on Wednesday of last week, was buried in Hope cemetery Friday afternoon of last week. Rev. E. H. Leinbach conducted the services. Undertaker J. H. Stump had charge.




is again employed in the Kutztown Patriot office. During the winter he taught the public school at Brooklyn, adjoining this borough.




returned home sick from Reading where she was employed as a servant.




Well Known People of Kutztown,

New Tripoli and Weisenburg

Township, Whose Cares Are Ended

Forty-five burials were made on

Fairview and Hope cemeteries, Kutztown, during 1905.

April 21, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wink, aged 3 weeks, on. Hope cemetery, by Rev. Lein-bach.




of Klinesville, entered the employ of Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Fretz as domestic at the Farmers' ad Drovers' Hotel.




the automobile dealer, of Allentown, accompanied by his wife, spent Sunday with his parent in Maxa -tawny.




Zachary T. Wink died on Wednesday morning at 9.05 o'clock at his residence, 306 South 16th street, Reading, of acute Bright's disease, after ailing four weeks and being confined at home one week. He was 60 years, 3 months and 12 days old, being born in Kutztown on May 17th, 1846. It was here that he received his early education, and at the age of 18 years he went to Reading and learned the printer's trade in the office of the

Reading Gazette. For 15 years he was a resident of Philadelphia, working at his trade. Subsequently he went to Boston and Washington. He then returned to Reading and worked in the office of the Reading Eagle for some years. Mr. Wink was also a sign painter of no mean ability. He was well known in Masonic circles and was the author of books entitled Knights Templarism and The Templar Keepsake. Mr. Wink was a staunch Democrat. Under City Treasurer Henry G. Young he tilled the office of assistant. He emerged from the investigation of the Young administration with his record for honesty and uprightness unimpaired, though the derelictions of his chief cost him his position. He also at one time was tax collector of north Ward, Reading, and was collector of the 16th Ward to his fatal illness. Mr. Wink's wife died six years ago. He is survived by these children : Harry, George, Florence and Agnes. These brothers and sisters also remain; Cornelius, Edward P., George T., Mrs. Isabella Stirl, Tillie and Sarah Wink. Deceased was intimately known by many citizens of Kutztown and vicinity. All his relatives, together with his' many friends, deeply regret his untimely demise.




Edwin T Wink, farmer, son of John Wink, Kempton, and Lizzie, daughter of Henry Freed Klinesville.




Edwin T. Wink, of Kempton. and

Miss Lizzie Freed, of Klinesville. Were married by Rev. R. S. Appel. of Hamburg.





Special Engagement



Steel Mackey's Beautiful Play


High class specialties including

George D. Wink. Tenor.

Special Matinee at 2:13



John A. Ihrie is employed on the

farm of his brother-in-law, Levi

Wink, near Wessnersville.




left for Reading, where she will be employed as a domestic.




Irwin K. Merkel, coremaker in the

Kutztown Foundry and Machine

Works, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard

S Merkel, residing on upper Main

street, this borough, was married

to Miss Carrie M., daughter of George F. Wink, of Maxatawny, on Saturday evening last. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. J. Cressman at his parsonage on Normal Hill.



The following pupils of the Klinesville school attended every day during the term thus far: Hazel Shollenberger, Charles lhrie, Elda Lenhart. Wayne Lenhart, Irwin Wink, George Wagaman and Ella Stein.




died on Thursday of Last week after an illness of about four weeks. She was unable to walk for many years and did her housework on crutches. Interment was made at Wessnersville on Tuesday.




visited the home of her brother, John, on Normal Hill. Mr. Wink will next week move into the house occupied by Prof. J. S. Grim, of the Normal School faculty. Prof. Grim will move into the Wink property, which was bought by the trustees of the Normal school.




80 years of age, the oldest resident in Kutztown, is very low from the effects of a stroke of apoplexy and complicated nervous affections.



Mr. and Mrs. William Noble, of

New York, are here visiting the former's aged grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Wink (nee Esser), who is ill. Mr. Noble is clerk in the freight exchange department of the New York. New Haven and Hartford Railway Company. They will leave for their home to-day.



Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warmkessel of Pottstown, spent a day with his grandparents, D. A. G. Wink, and also visited other relatives.




at 9:10 o'clock, at her residence on Main street. The immediate cause of death was apoplexy, but the deceased was in feeble health on account of old age for about 21 weeks. Her age was 89 years, 1 month and 17 days. She leaves three daughters, Mary, Ella and Katie, at home and one grandchild Willam Nobel, of New York. Her husband preceded in death 45 years ago.

The deceased ran the journey of her life to 89 years. It was a path marked with deeds of kindness and cheer. Flowers not thorns, sunshine not shadow, did she scatter everywhere. With these she was lavish. Truth was the inspiration of her life and by kindness she exemplified its great worth.

Was not her life full of God-likeness?





who spent the past week with her cousins, the Misses Mary, Ella and Katie Wink, left for her home on Wednesday last. She was accompanied by Miss Katie Wink, of this place. This was the latter lady's first visit in 17 years.




a well-known and highly respected

farmer, of Maxatawny. died on Tuesday, July 6, at 2 p. m.. of apoplexy, at his home in Maxatawny. about one and one-half miles north of Kutztown. His age is about 80 years. Deceased was twice married, but  both his wives proceeded him in death. He leaves three sons, George and John at home and Walter of Allentown. One son Daniel and one daughter preceded him in death The funeral was held on Monday, July 12, at 9:30 a. m. from his late residence. Services in St. John's Reformed Church, Kutztown. Rev. E. H. Leinbach officiated. Undertaker J. H. Stump, of Kutztown, had charge. Interment was made in Hope cemetery.





Late of Maxatawny Township, Berks County, Penna., Deceased.

Notice is hereby given, that letters

testamentary on the estate of the

above-named decedent have been

granted to the undersigned. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and all persons having claims against the

estate will present them for settlement to


Kutztown, Pa.,





Celebrated 78th Birthday Anniversary.

A surprise party was held for Mrs.

John S. Wink, sr., near Kempton, in

honor of her 78th birthday anniversary on Saturday. The following relatives and friends were in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wink. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wink. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riegel, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Yoder. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Beaver. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mohn, Mrs. Kathryn Lutz, Mrs. Kate Bower, Mrs. Peter Klme, Misses Elizabeth Billman. Alvenia Wink, Lillie Wink, Elsie Wink,

Alice Stoudt, Kathryn Yoder, Sallie

Yoder, Mabel Lutz, Melba Lutz,

Kathryn Mohn, Leah Beaver, Barbara Tyson; Messrs. Raymond J

Wink, Irwin Wink, Percy Wink, Raymond B. Wink, Walter Wink, James Yoder, John Yoder, George Riegel, Clarence Smith, Victor Lutz, John Mohn, Masters Ralph Stump and Paul Hill.

The party enjoyed music which was

furnished by Chas. Beaver. Clarence

Smith, Frank Riegel and Ralph Smith.

Parlor games were played and everybody had an enjoyable time until a late hour.

Refreshments were served by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wink.



Paul Wink, son of William Wink,

is seriously ill with pneumonia.




a well-known retired carpenter, of Albany township, Berks county, who worked at his trade until a few years ago, died at his home near Albany Station of general debility. His age was 84 years. His first wife, Annie (nee Wink) died 40 years ago By this union the following children remain: Jonathan and Samuel, of Lehighton; Alfred, of Weatherly; Emma, wife of James Knittle, of Cressona, and Catharine, wife of Benjamin Seifert, of Shartlesville. The second wife, who survives, was Miss Catharine Shappell and the widow of Henry Kemmerling. Three children by the first wife and three by the second preceded Mr. Trout- man in death. He was a member of the Lutheran congregation of New Bethel Church. The funeral was held on Thursday, at 9.30 a. m. at the house. Services were held in the New Bethel Church and interment made in the cemetery adjoining. Rev. O. S. Scheirer officiated. Undertaker B. F. Danenhower had charge.



Mrs. Ida Graham and son Donald.

of Pottstown, spent Saturday and

Sunday with her grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. D. A. G Wink, on Main street Mr and Mrs. Wink are Kutztown's oldest citizens, both being over 80 years of age.




Mr. Wink's 87th Birthday anniversary

One of Kutztown's oldest citizen's,

D. A. G, Wink, who lives on Main

street, will celebrate his 87th birthday anniversary tomorrow (Sunday).

With his wife, who is one year older

than he, Mr. Wink will quietly enjoy

the day in their home, where he will

receive the congratulations of his

numerous friends.

Mr. Wink was born in Kutztown,

not far from his present home, in

1824, and has lived here all his life.

He is the oldest native born Kutz-

tonian now living, and is the last of

13 children.

While, of course, somewhat feeble,

Mr. Wink is still active, his vigorous

body showing little of the 86 years

that he has weathered. His faculties

are unimpaired and he enjoys life to the full.

Mrs. Wink, his estimable spouse, however, is not so robust, she

having but recently recovered from a spell of sickness which kept her confined in her room for several weeks. On last Sunday the aged couple were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Levan, neighbors, at dinner, and both enjoyed themselves immensely.

The Patriot takes great pleasure in

extending congratulations to two of

its own distinguished citizens and

Kutztown wishes them many more years of good health and happiness.




1911 – 1920



The death of D. A. G. Wink, which took place at his home on Main street, Kutztown, Thursday night, at about 8.50 o'clock, has removed one of Kutztown's most remarkable and interesting citizens. The cause of death was pleuro-pneumonia, which developed from a cold contracted by Mr. Wink about two weeks ago. For years deceased enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest native born resident of the town, and he often delighted in reciting old events connected with the neighborhood. It is doubtful if there was a better versed man in the ancient history of Kutztown, and if the historians who are preparing for the coming centennial did not interview Mr. Wink, they missed a great opportunity. Deceased is survived by his widow, Mary Ann (nee Sehaeffer), and one daughter, Anna Marguerite, wife of James Warmkessel, of Pottstown; also by three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. A daughter, Ida Virginia, died about 43 years ago. Mr. Wink lived to the ripe old age of 86 years, 5 months and 7 days, and was a resident of this borough all his life. He is the last of a family of 13 children, most of whom lived to a ripe old age. Dewalt Augustus Graeff Wink was born in Kutztown on October 23, 1824, his parents being the long-deceased DeWalt and Mary (nee Fister) Wink. His father died just 2 weeks after his birth and the child was taken into the family of Jacob Graeff, of Kutztown, by whom he was raised. He married Mary A. Sehaeffer in 1863 from which union two daughters were the issue. One, Ida Virginia, died In childhood and the other daughter survives and with her husband, James Warmkessel. and three children, resides in Pottstown. The funeral will be held from his late home on Main street next Thursday forenoon at 10.30 o'clock. Services will be held at the house by Bev. D, P. Longsdorf, pastor of Grace United Evangelical Church, and interment made at Hope cemetery- Undertaker J. H. Stump, of Kutztown, has charge of the arrangements. Relatives and friends are requested to attend the funeral without further notice.




The funeral of D. Augustus G. Wink

was held Thursday morning from his late home on Main street and was largely attended by members of the family, some coming quite a distance to pay their last respects to their aged relative. Deceased rested in an oak casket with silver extension bar handles. A plate on the lid was inscribed "At Rest." Deceased was dressed in his own black suit. The services were held at the house. Interment was made in Hope cemetery. The bearers were: George B. Kohler. Charles D.

Herman, Nathan S. Schmehl. Jeff. C. Hoch, William S. Kutz and Nicholas Levan. Rev, D. P, Longsdorf, pastor of Grace United Evangelical Church, officiated. Undertaker J. Stump had charge. Lunch was served after the services at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Levan. near neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Wink.



The aged widow of D. A. G. Wink.

a life-long resident of Kutztown, will leave to-day with her daughter. Mrs. James Warmkessel, for Pottstown, where she will make her future home. The family desires to thank their neighbors for the many kindnesses shown them in the time of their sad affliction.




Mrs. Samuel Gruber (nee Irene

Wink), daughter of the late Philip

Wink, of Albany township, died at her home on the farm of the late Daniel A. Schlenker, near Krumsville. Her husband and four children, all at home, survive, besides a number of brothers and sisters. The funeral will take place to-day (Saturday), at 1 p. m., at her home, with services at Bethel Zion's Church, Grimsville, and interment in the adjoining cemetery. Rev. O. S. Scheirer officiating. Undertaker Chas. Greenawalt, of Steinsville', has charge.




Lenora Lorena, infant daughter of

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wink, of Klinesville, died on Saturday, Sept. 16th, of inanition and summer complaint, aged 4 months and 18 days. Private interment was made at Wessnersville on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. The remains rested in a white plush covered casket. A. F. Baver. undertaker, of Klinesville, had charge.




Many Friends of Geo. F. Wink, of

Maxatawny Township, Helped Him

Celebrate His Birthday.

A surprise party was held at the

home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wink,in Maxatawny township, on Saturday evening, November 25. on the occasion of the 52d birthday anniversary of Mr. Wink. He received many valuable presents. The evening was spent in the enjoyment of various parlor games and music. Refreshments were

served. Among those present were:

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wink. Mr.

and Mrs. Jacob Wanner, Mr. and Mrs. Phaon Heffner, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wink, Mr. and Mrs, Calvin Stump, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Levan. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swoyer, Mr. and Mrs. Roeller Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Mabry Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon

Adam, Mrs. Irwin Merkel, Mrs. Howard Merkel, Misses Esther Fegely, Mabel Fegely, Carrie Kline, Jennie Merkel, Annie B. Wink, Elda M. Wink, Daisy Levan, May Levan, Alma Barner, Mabel Fister, Annie Moyer, Carrie Moyer, Bertha Kemp, Elda Kemp, Carolina Hengey, Blanche Donmoyer, Eva Berg, Stella Knittle, Ida Wanner, Laura Haas, Pearl Haas, Anna Haas, Mary Haas, Verna Swoyer, Ella Merkel, Hilda Merkel, Anna D. Wink, Helen Wink; James Rothermel, Wm.

Saul, Clayton Levan, Lealand Hilbert, Newton Hilbert, Solon Barner, Daniel Batz, Mayden Barner, George Kemp, Gilbert Johnson, Phaon Gildner, Walter Hengey, John Donmoyer, Maurice

Dietrich, John Wink, John Bieber, Irwin Dietrich, Elton Smith. Karl Wink, Wilbur Haas, Grant Kercher, Elton Swoyer, Irwin Swoyer, Percy Baver, Leon Swoyer, Paul Swoyer, George Adam. Alvin Knittle. Noah Kroninger, John Overalls and Sallie Overalls.



Samuel Nester Estate.

The account of Robert A. Nester,

administrator of the estate of Samuel Nester, late of Albany township, who died February 22, 1910, was confirmed. The estate, valued at $1376.99, was distributed as follows:  County of Berks, for maintenance, $78.46; Mary A. Nester. widow. $432.85; Monroe T. Nester, Jane L. Berk. Jacob W.

Nester, Samuel E. Nester, Kate M.

Heffner, Robert A. Nester, Charles O. Nester and Sarah A. Wink, each

$108.21. Edward D. Trexler appeared for the accountant and H. Robert Mays for the county of Berks.




Edward F. Wink, for 42 years a

painter, located at No. 8 South Fifth

street, and one of Reading's best

known business men. died of complications late Wednesday afternoon at his home, 342 South Fifth street, after an illness of four years, though bedfast only four weeks.

Deceased was born in Kutztown. the

son of Nathan and Sarah Wink, where he learned the painting trade and where he worked at it until going to Reading in 1871, when he opened the place of business on South Fifth street, which with the assistance of his son, he conducted ever since. Mr. Wink was a life-long member of the Second Reformed Church and was a member of St. John's Lodge. No. 435, F. and A. M., as well as of the Reading Council, No. 1104, Royal Arcanum.

He is survived by his widow, Annie

T. (nee Cole), one son. Howard P. R., and five daughters, Minnie, wife of W. A. H. Reider; Maude A., wife of E. E. Pryor; Clara A., Helen G and Mabel C. Six grandchildren survive. Two sisters. Sarah and Mrs. Isabella Stirl. and two brothers, Cornelius and George T. Wink, also survive.




James Warmkessel. a native of

Longswamp township and well-known in this community, who was employed as an engineer by the Pottstown Light, Heat and Power Company for 25 years, died of Bright's disease at 10.45 a. m. on Friday of last week at his residence, 161 South Franklin street, Pottstown, aged 58 years. He is survived by his widow, Anna, daughter of the late D. A. G. Wink and wife, Mary, and these children:

Edward, Ida, wife of George Graham, and James. Jr., all of Pottstown. A grandchild. Donald Graham, and a sister. Mrs. Elvina Schwartz, of Mertztown. also survive. Deceased was a son of Joseph and Lydia Warmkessel, both deceased, and was born in Longswamp township. He went

to Pottstown 27 years ago and was

first employed by the Pottstown Iron

Works. He was a member of the

Good Will Fire Company and served as its president. Deceased was also a member of the F. O. E.. American Brotherhood of Engineers and Immanuel Lutheran Church. He was a Republican in politics. The funeral services were held on Wednesday.



Mrs. James Warmkessel, of Pottstown, was in town on Wednesday. She stated that her mother, Mrs. Mary Wink, who will be 90 years old in February, is in fine health, but is confined to the second floor.





Jonas T. Altenderfer, of Krumsville, had a miraculous escape from

a severe accident while hauling manure to a hillside, when one of his horses fell to the ground. Loosening both horses from the wagon and trying to keep the animals out of danger, he was knocked to the ground and the

wagon passed over his body, both

wheels running over him. The vehicle continued down the hill, cutting two fences and stopping in the meadow. The wagon was slightly damaged, but the team was practically unhurt. Edwin T. Wink, a neighbor, came to Mr. Altenderfer's assistance.




Miss Katie Wink was run down in

front of her home on Noble street,

Kutztown, by Harry Berg on a motorcycle. Mr. Berg was coming along at a moderate speed while Miss Wink was crossing the street and stepped directly in front of the machine, which threw her to the ground, rendering her senseless. She was assisted into the house and medical aid was summoned. Her injuries consist of a broken bone, a short distance above the ankle.



Irvin E. Dietrich, of Kutztown,

claims for Berks county the honor of having the largest family. He writes in one of the daily papers:

"I saw the article about the Stretch

family, claiming her the champion

mother of America. I write the following description in order that you may give credit in your paper to our own State and county, instead of a New Jersey family. The size of the

family measures the amount of tribute due to a married woman and in my opinion we ought to keep it within the county, which is, as you shall see, enough in this case. The man to whom I have reference having more children and the oldest being 3 years younger than the oldest Stretch. This man is Ambrose Moyer. He and his wife have 13 children, all well and hearty, the oldest being 22 years and the youngest 15 months. Their names

are as follows: Millie R., married to

Oscar D. Wink; Annie B., married to Irvin E. Dietrich; Carrie M., Calvin T., Florence M., Katie E., George W., E. Pearl, Evt E., Mabel I., Homer A., Ruth S. and Arlene R. Mr. Moyer lives on a large farm and raises nearly everything he needs for the table and is fortunate in having a table at which there is room for the entire family, besides the sons-in-law. I think you ought to publish this in order to keep the honor of having the largest one father and mother family within the confines of good old Berks. Yours,





while driving along the road leading to Kempton, had an accident. The front spindle of his wagon broke when he got to the top of

Reinhold's hill, but Mr. Wink held on to the reins and no serious results followed. Soon after the accident his

brother, Levi, of Stony Run. came

along and loaded the grain on his

wagon and took the damaged vehicle to the shop of Charles Lutz. Where repairs were made. The homeward trip was then resumed.



Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wink left

for Reading where Mr. Wink secured work at his trade as plasterer.



Thomas Dietrich is having lumber

cut at the Wink sawmill for a garage for his new Ford touring car.




claims to be the boss shot for killing snakes. A number of snakes were seen by the reporter, who notified Mr. Wink. He fired one shot and killed seven snakes measuring seven yards. Who is the next best shot?




one of Allentown's crack auto drivers, made the run from Buffalo to Allentown in a little more than 12 hours, rivaling all but several of the fastest trains on the railroads.




Note.—M. B. indicates items taken from the minute book of Kutztown Borough Council. W. D. indicates items taken from the diary of John

G. Wink.

The Historical Committee hereby acknowledges gratefully the kindness of Mr. John D. Wink

who allowed them access to the diary and other papers of his father.



1841—June 1, Initial issue of "Geist der Zeit" by Hawrecht and Wink.





was characterized by direct descendants, as follows:

Casper Wink ..... Geo. T. Wink, Reading, Pa.

Gertrude, his wife .... Stella Barto

Theobold .... Charles H. Esser

John Peter .... Paul Barto

Catherine .... Helen Esser

Anna Elizabeth .... Sallie Binkley

Christiana .... Carrie Esser

Anna Barbara .... Mrs. Florence Esser Yoder




Miss Katie Wink died at her home

on Noble street, Kutztown, at 5.30 a. m. Sunday after a lingering illness

from a complication of diseases. She was aged 56 years and 10 months. Her death occurred exactly seven years after the death of her mother, Mrs. Eliza Wink. She is survived by two sisters, Mary and Ella Wink, of town. The funeral was held Thursday, July 29, at 2 p. m. Rev. E. H. Leinbach, Reformed pastor of St. John's Union Church, officiated. Services were held at the house and in the church. Interment was made in Hope cemetery. The bearers were: George Kohler, Preston A. Metzger, Nicholas Kieffer and Francis H. Werley. Friends and relatives were present from New York, Reading and Allentown. Undertaker J. H. Stump

had charge.






On Saturday evening, October 16,

Jeremiah R. Hess and Miss Verda V. Wink, both of Greenwich township, were united in marriage by Rev. J. O. Schlenker at his home on Park avenue, Kutztown. May their wedded life be a happy one.




E. A. Weidner and Maude F. Wink,

both of Oley, were quietly married at the parsonage of Rev. J. W. Bittner, Kutztown, on Saturday evening, December 18. After the ceremony the bride and groom went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hollenbach, in Greenwich township, where a reception was held in their honor. Mrs. Hollenbach and the bride are sisters.



Edwin Wink moved his sawmill to

the wood tract of Herbert Kistler.




Mrs. Maud Weidner, wife of Alex.

Weidner, died at Friedensburg and

was buried on Thursday at the Wessnersville Church cemetery. Rev, Burmbach, of Kempton office-iated. C. S. Greenawait, of Steinsville, was the undertaker. She is survived by her father, Wm. Wink, six sisters, three boys and one infant child.



Mr. and Mrs. James Hollenbach, of

Stein's Corner, called on Wm. Wink

and family.




b. 1860 d. 1916

Jacob H. Yoder, aged 56 years, 6

months and five days, died from a stroke of paralysis at his home, at Hamburg, at 10 p. m., Saturday. Deceased is survived by his widow, Rosa A, nee Wink, two sons and three daughters. John L. Upper Ben township; James W., Blandon; Maud, wife of Joseph I Hill, Tilden township; Sallie. Married to Edwin Bachman, Kutztown. and Kate, at home. The funeral was held on Wednesday, Aug. 9, at 10 a. m..

Rev. R. S. Appel, officiated. Internment was made in the St. John's cemetery. Undertaker D. A. Burkey had charge.



Mrs. Joe Sittler and children, of

Reading, are spending a few weeks

with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John

Wink, of town.



Mrs. Jerry Hess visited her sister,

Miss Mamie Wink, of Kempton R D.



The Misses Sallie and Alice Binkley, of Reading, spent Sunday and Labor Day visiting their cousins, the Misses Ella and Mary Wink, of Noble street. Miss Sarah Wink, of Reading, has also been visiting the Misses Wink for the last couple of weeks.




18 years old of Hamburg, was painfully injured when the auto driven by William Seidel of

Lenhartsville, crashed into a stone

wall about a quarter of a mile above

Leesport about 5 o'clock Sunday

evening. The auto, which was practically new. was smashed beyond repair. It was a $1200 car. The driver escaped injury. It is said that the accident was the result of trying to pass a car that was racing with the Seidel auto. Others say it was caused by a rim coming off

the Seidel car. That the machine was going at terrific speed was shown by the force with which it hit a stone wall. The car swerved from the road and struck a ditch, side-wiping a telegraph pole. It continued its dash against the wall and ripped away fully ten feet of it. The front wheels climbed to the top of the wall, which is about four feet high. The jar loosened the cross beam. The car is owned by William Seidel, a farmer of Lenhartsville. It was towed into a garage at Leesport. Several Reading motorists had narrow escapes from being struck by the autos.



The lesson that the fourteen

young Kutztonians learned for entering the water melon patch of George F Wink, near this town, was one that the boys are not apt to forget in a hurry. It must be taken into consideration that Mr. Wink is a gentleman and was lenient as he has had similar experiences and prosecuted the guilty parties not for entering his premises and eating a few melons, but because the men destroyed a large quantity of fine fruit. The case was aired before Justice of the Peace. John W. Rhode. While the offenders all agreed that they were very much

in the wrong they are also of the opinion that they got off easy as the costs and damages were only $72.80 or $5.20 each.



Mr. and Mrs. George Wink and

daughters, Annie and Elda, and J. D.

F. Wink made a trip last Saturday,

of 85 miles. They left Kutztown at 8 o'clock in the morning and returned at 3:30 in the afternoon.



The funeral of Jacob Glasser took

place from his residence at Brooklyn, a suburb of Kutztown, on Wednesday, December 13. Besides his widow, Susan (nee Sander), he is survived by these sons: Evans, Allentown; Harry and Richard, both of Kutztown; and these daughters, Mrs. Wm. Mattern, Allentown; Mrs. Wm. Thompson, Seaforth, Canada; Mrs. Elbert Ausmus, Hutchinson, Kansas. One brother. John, of Kutztown, and one sister, Mrs. Daniel Seyler, of Philadelphia, also survive. He was the son of the long deceased David Glasser and his

wife, Sarah (nee Wink), of Maxatawny township. He was born

November 11, 1836, and died December 9, 1916 reaching the age

of 80 years and 28 days.




Osias R. Keiter, son of the late

Henry Keiter and wife, Angelina (nee Wink), died on Thursday morning, at 3:20 o'clock, at his late boarding house, Kemp's Hotel, near Kutztown. He was 57 years old and died from the effects of pneumonia. He was only sick nine days and his death was a shock to his many friends. He was a cigarmaker and for some time conducted a cigar making establishment in the old Keiter homestead on Walnut street, Kutztown. He lived here all his life lime. He was well known throughout the county. He is survived by one son. Herbert, of Springfield, Illinois, and two brothers, Chas. W. and James B., both of Kutztown. The funeral will be held on Sunday, March 4, at 10.30 a. m., with services at Kemp's Hotel and in St. Paul's Reformed Church, Kutztown. Interment will be made in Fairview cemetery.

Rev. George B. Smith will officiate.

Undertaker J. H. Stump, of Kutztown, has charge. He was a member of Kutztown Aerie, No. 839 F. O. E., who will conduct the funeral.




A surprise freedom party was tendered Irwin W. Wink at his home on Saturday evening in honor of his 21st birthday. Games and music were featured during the evening. The guests were: Miriam Wink, Arline Wink. Dorothy Sittler, Erma Lutz, Verna George, Gertrude Stump, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer George, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Lutz, Mr. and Mrs. James Schlenker, Mr. and 'Mrs. Ruppert Stump. Mr. and Mrs Peter Koller, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Sittler, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wink. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Wink. Mrs. Amanda J. Ihrie. Mrs. Anie Zettlemoyer, Mrs. Fiana Frey, Mrs. Lydia Kunkel. Victor Wink, John Wagaman, Alfred Zettlemoyer. Edwin Haver,  Charles Ihrie, Frank Wagaman, Geo. Dietrich. Harry Leiby, Philip Dry, James George, Victor George. Irwin Christ, William Stump, Harvey Stump, Leroy Sittler, Raymond A. J. Wink. Misses Mabel Frey. Elenora Ihrie,

Ada Ihrie, Laura Wagaman, Lulu Dry, Edna Stump, Helen Stump, Matti



Wm. Wink and son, Dewey, had a

runaway on Sunday and sustained

serious bruises.



Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wink became

the proud parents of a baby girl.



William Noble, of New York City,

visited his mother, Ella Wink.



On Sunday evening, December 29, Edward A Long and Mamie M Wink both of Albany township, were united in marriage by J O Schlenker at his home on east main street.



Horse and Wagon Upset

A horse hitched to a spring: wagon,

driven by Ulysses Derr, with a cow attached to the rear, to be delivered to the farm of Victor Wink, took fright in front of the residence of Martin Orim, near Krumsville, upsetting horse and vehicle. Charles Miller, who was riding with Mr. Derr, was slightly injured. Otherwise there was no damage.



The remains of Mrs. Jeremiah Hess

(nee Wink), of near Leesport, were

brought to Kempton by train. The

funeral services were held at Frieden's Church, Wessnersville. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery. Rev A. L. Brumbach officiated.




of Reading, retired sign painter and generally useful citizen, paid a flying visit to his cousins, the Misses Mary and Ellen Wink and other friends in town. He accompanied his nephew on a motoring business trip through this part of the county.




the veteran engineer for the Keystone Shoe Manufacturing

Co., is enjoying life and is again back at his job after enjoying his annual vacation over the Fourth.




David A. Rehrig and Annie F. Wink, both of Kempton, were united in marriage by Rev. A. L. Brumbach at his home on Normal Hill, Saturday, at 3 p. m. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wink, of Kempton R. 1, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Rehrig, of Snyders, Schuylkill county, and is an employee of the paint works at Albany. After the ceremony the couple left for the groom's home, where a reception followed. They were attended by Lottie Wink, a sister of the bride, and Herman Long, of Kempton.




On Christmas, at high noon, a beautiful wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wink, near Kutztown, when their daughter Annie was united to Mayden E. Barner, by Rev. J. V. Bittner.





1921 – 1930




principal of the Stockerton, Northampton county, junior high school, spent the week-end

at the home of his parents, Mr. and

Mrs. John D. Wink, on Normal Hill.




Earl W. Wink and Amanda L.

Bailey were united in marriage Saturday evening by Rev. A. L. Brumbach at his home on Normal Hill.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. William Bailey, and the groom

the son of William and the late Martha Wink. Both are of Kempton.

The newly married couple expect to

go to farming in spring.






A most distressing accident with fatal result occurred last Saturday at a butchering on the premises of Edwin Wink, in Greenwich township. Harvey P. Altenderfer, Lewis Heffner and Mary Baver, neighbors, were present to assist in the work. Two hogs were to be killed. A loaded rifle was in readiness to shoot the animals. One had already been dispatched and the other was tied preparatory to meeting its doom. In some manner the animal broke loose, leaving only a small piece of rope dangling from its neck. One shot had already been fired, but missed the hog. The animal was running around wild and could not be tied again on account of the insufficient hold and the excited state in which it was. Mr. Wink tried to hand the rifle to Mr. Heffner, when the hog made a dash in the direction of the former. At this moment the rifle, which had previously been cocked, was accidentally discharged. Mr. Altenderfer, who was standing about 20 feet away, received the bullet in his abdomen.


Medical aid was hurriedly summoned and upon the advice of Dr. Rager, of this borough, the injured man was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital, Reading, by Mr. Wink and John B. George. The seriousness of the wound was

at once apparent, but all that could be done for him was done. He died at 2:15 Sunday morning. He made a deathbed statement before the

authorities exonerating Mr. Wink from all blame, saying that the discharge of the rifle was accidental. He was aged 40 years, 1 month and

 21 days.




Rev. A. L. Brumbach, at his home

on Normal Hill, on Saturday afternoon performed the ceremony at the wedding of Miss Meda A. Wink, daughter of William and the late Martha Wink, and John E. Bailey, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey, both of Kempton. The groom is an employee of the Atlas Paint Co., Albany.




took possession of the farm he recently purchased from his father.








A report came from Pottstown last

Thursday that two students and a

girl school teacher were apparent victims of a triple suicide pact. Investigations by the police and coroner disclosed, however, that the case of the school teacher was in no wise connected with that of the boys, and if there was such a pact between the boys, it failed.

The bodies of Thomas Shenton and

James Warmkessel, night students of the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, with bullet holes through the chests, were found Thursday morning in the Pottstown Y. M. C. A. They had returned from Philadelphia with the midnight train. A note written In ink in Shenton's writing lay on the dresser. It read:


Feb. 27, 1924.

"Jimmy and I are both disgusted

with ourselves. It's awful to be weaklings, with nothing in yourselves to be proud of, so what's the use? He is trying to kill himself by running himself down, for he says he doesn't have nerve enough to shoot himself. I can't stand by and see him die that way, and he is too good a friend to hope for another like him, so we have decided to go. together.





Warmkessel's body was found on

the floor and Shenton's on the bed.

Powder burns were found around two wounds on Warmkessel's head and he had been shot also in the right lung. Powder burns were also found around a wound on Shenton's right side. These facts, according to the coroner, indicated that Shenton did the shooting. Both of the young men, known as friends, worked at Pottstown, one in an iron works and the other as a bookkeeper. Neither was known to be melancholy. Both attended the Wharton School three evenings a week. Warmkessel lived with his mother, Mrs. Annie Warmkessel, who is a native of Kutztown, the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. D. Augustus Wink, deceased. She was overcome with grief when informed of what had happened and declared: I am sure my boy had nothing to do with it. I know he did not want to die because he was in good spirits yesterday. I feel certain Shenton had hypnotized my boy. I never approved of the intimacy between them. From what my son Edward tells me I believe James had turned toward the door and was shot by Shenton." Coroner Huff, after investigating, said that he did not consider it necessary to hold an inquest into the deaths of Warmkessel and Shenton. "They were two boys afraid of life," he said. "Warmkessel tried to get out of a suicide agreement at the last minute. Tom Shenton shot him and

then killed himself."




of Klinesville, bought a new Ford coupe from the local dealer, Albert F. Hein. Lenhartsville.



Llewellyn Wink, of Schnecksville,

called on his father, William Wink.




moved from Fort Washington to Coplay, Lehigh county, where he accepted a school and where the Patriot will visit him hereafter.



Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink, Highland

avenue, became the parents of a girl.




Ella and Mary Wink, who are residing with Mr. and Mrs. William Noble in New York City, spent the week in town as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith. The Wink sisters had been former residents of town, having lived in the house which stood where John C. Kohler's lawn now is. They left town about four years ago to reside in New York, after having been life-long residents here. They left New York in August and have since been visiting Mrs. Annie Warmkessel, a cousin in Pottstown, and another cousin in Reading. They spent four weeks at each place.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wink, of Coplay, Lehigh county, were holiday guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wink, on Normal Hill. They reported snow at Coplay when we had rain.




David "Wink accepted a position

with the highway department on the

Kutztown-Krumsville road construction work as clerk and timekeeper. Charles Wink, a brother, who is teaching school at Coplay, has also been Promised a position with the highway

department during his vacation.




and son Wellington, of Stony Run, visited the family of Earl Wink.




The engagement is announced of

John D. Wink and Esther Cressman,

of this town. Mr. Wink is a popular

member of the Patriot gang. Miss

Cressman is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Cressman, a girl of pleasant address and well versed in household duties. The wedding will take place July 20.



William Wink and sons Wellington

and Paul, of Stony Run, visited Earl

Wink and family.



William Bailey visited his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wink.




The former the second oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wink, of Normal Hill, are spending a three weeks' vacation at his home. They will leave for Coplay Tuesday, Sept. 7, where Mr. Wink is teacher of science and mathematics in the Coplay High School.




youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wink, attended his cousin's funeral, Mrs. J. Harold Lucky, of Allentown, Wednesday. From there he visited his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Cressman, of Bethlehem. He returned Friday.



Miss Ida E. Walter, of Normal Hill,

attended the funeral of her niece,

Mrs. J. Harold Lucky, of Allentown.

She spent Saturday in Reading.




spent Wednesday in Coplay.




Mr. and Mrs. M. Emory Barner,

Allentown, became the parents of a

girl at the Allentown Hospital Oct.1. This is the first child. Mrs. Barner

was formerly Annie Wink, of near

Kutztown. This gives Mrs. Lenora

Barner once more the title of grandmother.



Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey and son Curtis Sunday visited Earl Wink and family.





The following visited the family of

Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey, Kempton R. 2: Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey and son Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bailey, Mrs. Earl Wink and son Herman, Elton Dietrich, Charles Bailey, Edgar George and lady friend.




The home of Mr. and Mrs. John D.

Wink was burglarized on Saturday

evening while the family was away.

The burglars gained entrance by placing a long board up to the front

porch roof. They climbed over thus and entered through a window.

They secured the oldest son David's

gold Hamilton watch and $11 in

money belonging to the youngest son Robert. Drawers were opened and searched, but nothing more was





Miss Miriam Stirl, of Reading, a

teacher of biology at the West Chester Normal School, and Dr. W. H. Reed, of Jeffersonville, Montgomery county, spent Saturday and Sunday in town hunting up the genealogy of the Wink family in connection with the Reed family. Miss Stirl is a daughter of George Stirl, of Reading, whose mother was Isabella Stirl (nee Wink).



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wink and

daughter Catharine, of Coplay. were

guests of the formers parents, Mr.

and Mrs. John D. Wink, of Normal

Hill, over the weekend.



Marriages recently announced here

were those of Dewey Wink and Elsie Kunkel



Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Wink, of

Seipstown, were guests of Edward

Long and family.




visited his father William at Stony Run.




Kutztown, spent several days in town with her little cousins, Lester, Miriam and Kenneth Moyer.



Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wink, son

Robert and Verna Fink motored to

Harrisburg, where they visited John L. Cressman and family.



At Coplay for Third Term

Mr ard Mrs Charles F Wink and

daughter Kathryn who Spent three

weeks vacation with the first named's parents, Mr and Mrs. John D. "Wink, returned to their home at Coplay. Mr. Wink is filling the position of teacher of science and mathematics in the Coplay High School for the third term.



Teaching Near Ohio

David D. Wink was elected as principal of the Frankford Springs School, district of Burgettstown and Hookstown. He also acts as truant officer and teaches science and mathematics. Burgettstown and Hookstown are in Washington County, near the border line of Ohio.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pauley served

a Christmas dinner to the following:

Paul, Fred and Pauline Pauley, Mrs.

Fred Pauley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Pauley jr., Pottsville; Mr. and Mrs.

Irwin Wink and children Harold, Lester and Bobby, Moselem; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geiger and children Arline, Eugene, Joseph and Beatrice, Trexler; Mr. and Mrs. John Hart and children Russell, Miriam, Floyd and Pearl, Hecla, Schuylkill County; Mr. and Mrs.

Clayton Miller and daughter Myrtle.




The funeral of Mrs. John A. Wink

was held from her residence at Klinesville. After brief services at the house,the cortege proceeded to Friedens Church, Lenhartsville, where further services were conducted and interment made in the adjoining cemetery. Her illness was a complication of diseases and she died after a lingering illness of about two years. She was aged 68 years, 8 months and 23 days. She is survived by her husband, three sons, one daughter, 14 grandchildren,

four brothers and one sister. Rev. A.

L. Brumbach officiated. Undertaker

Danenhower, of Trexler, had charge. The funeral was largely attended.




Henry Billman died at the home of

his sister, Mrs. Kate Bower, Greenwich Street, Kutztown, aged 77 years, 4 months and 6 days. There survives another sister, Mrs. Kitty Wink, of Tamaqua. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 1 p. m. from his home, with further services and interment at Friedens Church, Wessnersville.



Mr. and Mrs. Mayden Barner and

daughter, Allentown, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler and son, Kutztown, spent the holiday recess at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wink.




The account of the Pennsylvania

Trust Company, trustee of Henry Billman, under the will of Samuel Billman, late of Albany Township, shows a balance of $1,547.07, distributed as follows: Kitty Wink, $309.42; Kate Bower, $309.42; to personal representative of Elizabeth Billman, deceased, and Amanda Schoedler, deceased, $309.41

each, and to Charles S. Kline, administrator of Louisa Kline, deceased, $309.41. In the income account $39.57 is distributed to Kate Bower, executrix of Henry Billman, deceased. Attorney

Edward D. Trexler appeared for the accountant.




Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Barner gave a

sumptuous turkey dinner in their cozy apartment, 714 Walnut Street, Allentown, on Saturday. The following were their guests: Mrs.

Lenora Barner and Mr. and Mrs.

George Wink, Kutztown; John Wink, Kutztown R. 1; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wink and Earl Wink, 1118 Hamilton Street, Allentown; Mr. and Mrs. Aurthur Bleiler and son Arthur, Maurice Dietrich, Earl Swoyer, Mabel Swoyer, Jane Dietrich, of Kutztown.




Letters of administration in the estate of Catharine Wink, late of Kempton, were issued 'to Charles F., John A. and Edwin T. Wink. The estate is valued at $1,000 in real estate. The heirs are these children: Charles, John and Edwin Wink, Rosa Yoder, Kate Lutz, Amanda Riegel, and two  grandchildren, George and Walter Arndt





Mary Ann (Wink), widow of Charles D. Muthard, died at the home of her son Joshua, Slateville (Kempton, R. No 2) after a brief illness. Deceased was a daughter of the late Philip and Rebecca (Wagaman) Wink. She was aged 74 years, 2 months and 25 days. There survive the following children: Mrs. Cora Schellhamer and Joshua, Slateville; Irwin, Bowmanstown; Oscar, Lenhartsville; Mrs. James Hollenbach, Stony Run; eight grandchildren and four great-grandchild Ten; brothers and sisters: Alfred, Levi, William, Mrs. Charles Baer and Mrs. Lydia Frederick. The funeral was held with further services in Friedens Church Wessnersville. Rev. A. L. Brumbach officiated. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery. Funeral Director B. F. Danenhower had charge.




(nee WINK)

died at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Keiter, on Greenwich Street.



The following were guests at the

home of George Wink: Mr. and Mrs. Mayden Barner, daughter Evelyn and Harvey Wink, Allentown; Mrs. Katie Swoyer, children, Paul, Leon, Arlene

and Anna, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler and son Arthur, Kutztown; Mrs. Robert Fink and daughter Katie.




Clifford Joseph, son of Victor and

Annie (Kersohner) Wink, died at the

home of the parents near Lenhartsville, of pneumonia, after an illness of one week, aged 9 months and 13 days. There

survive the parents and the following brothers and sisters: Mirline, Irene, Elsie, Clarence, Ralph and Harold. The funeral was held from the home of the parents. Further services at Frieden's Church, Lenhartsville. Interment in the adjoining- cemetery. Rev.

A. L. Brumbach officiated. Funeral Director B. F. Panenhower had charge.



Col. Thomas D. Fister bought the

three and one-half acre tract of land

from Councilman Charles D. Herman. The real estate belonged to John and Carrie Wink and was the property of John Wink, sr., deceased. The pricepaid was $250 per acre.



Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Breiner, of Tamaqua, visited the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wink, on Sunday.



Thomas D. Fister, Normal Hill,

gave a champagne dinner in honor of his 66th birthday anniversary at the Windsor Palm Garden in Reading. The party numbered six, including Colonel and Mrs. Fister, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Herman, George Wink and sister Tillie, Reading.




Many people attended the funeral of

Lizzie (Freed) wife of Edwin T. Wink, of near Klinesville. last Thursday morning. Short services were held at the Lenhartsville Church, where the deceased was a member. Impressive services were held by the Rev. Steigerwald, of Schuylkill Haven, who based his sermon on II Cor. 5:1, and Rev.

Burlington, who dwelt on Job 14:14.

The remains rested in a solid copper

casket. The tributes consisted of

slumber robe and yellow chrysanthemums, family; white carnations, Mrs. Katie Bower; chrysanthemums, daughter Ida and husband; roses, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Carrier, and hand bouquet,

granddaughters. The pall bearers were George Zettlemoyer, Oscar George, Wellington Herber, Edgar Greenawalt, Alvin Adam, and Ira Dietrich. Funeral Director William Fritz, of Kutztown, had charge. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery.




dragged the state road from Lenhartsville to Greenawalt.



Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gehringer,

of Weisenburg Township, Lehigh County, became the parents of twin girls Saturday at the home of Mrs. Gehringer's parents. Mrs. Gehringer before her marriage was Lottie Wink.





The second annual reunion of the

Wink family was held in the Blue

Rocks Park, near Lenhartsville, last

Sunday, August 31, at which time the clan was organized and the following officers were elected: President, Rev. C. A. Steigerwalt, Schuylkill Haven; vice president, Edwin T. Wink, Lenhartsville R. 1; treasurer, Frank Wink, Hamburg R. 1; secretary, Ada V. Ehrie,

Lenhartsville R. 1; historical committee, chairman. Mayden Barner, Allentown; John Wink, Reading; Charles E. Ehrie, Kutztown; Walter Wink, Allentown; James M. Butz, Tamaqua; entertainment committee, Mrs. Raymond Wink, Reading; Mrs. Amanda Wink Riegel, Hamburg; Charles Ehrie, Kutztown. The last Sunday in August was decided upon as the regular day for the reunion or in the event of rain the Sunday following.



1931 - 1940


Jeremiah Bolander left the employ- ment of Earl Wink, Wellington Wink secured employment with his brother, Earl Wink, and family.




DIED EARLY THIS MORNING Was Employed for Many Years by Keystone Shoe Factory Jacob B. Wink, an old resident of Kutztown, and for many years an employee of the Keystone Shoe Factory, died early this morning after having been ill for several years. He had reached the age of 81 years, 10 months and 26 days. Mr. Wink was never married. He had been employed at the Keystone Shoe Factory as engineer from the time the building was erected. In fact, he aided in the building of the plant. He was a faithful employee there until 1924, when he was no longer able to be active, and although he retired at that time, he was carried on the payroll. Mr. Wink is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mary Fix, Reading, and Mrs. Sara Keim, Hamburg, and one brother, Frank, of Tamaqua. Mr. Wink suffered for some time from rheumatism and was forced to use crutches. Funeral services will be held from the funeral home of George R. Schaeffer, Kutztown, on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be made in Fairview Cemetery. Rev. G. B. Smith will be the pastor in charge.




In the estate of Jacob B. Wink, b. 10/7/1849 d. 9/3/1931,  of

Kutztown, letters were issued to Jerry Kemp and Fred Kemp, executors. The estate is valued at $900. Jerry Kemp, Fred Kemp and Fannie Fenstermacher are the beneficiaries.




of Stony Run, assisted his son, Earl Wink, in husking corn.




moved to Kutztown last week, his son Clarence will now take charge of his farm near here.




and son Herman visited Fred Reitz and family.



Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Esser, of

Mauch Chunk, Pa., were guests of

Mrs. Esther Wink Monday.




and Mrs. Esther L. Wink, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Geiger, of Noble Street, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Mary E. Brickel, of Bethlehem..



Robert Wink and David Wink and

Mrs. Esther L. Wink spent Wednesday and Thursday in New York City.




spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. M E. Barner and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Green and family, Allentown.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bailey, of

Little Round Top, visited Llewellyn

Wink and family.




An automobile driven by Robert

Wink, of Kutztown, collided with a

car driven by a Pennsylvania Power

and Light representative at the intersection of Main and Greenwich

Streets, Kutztown, shortly before

noon yesterday. Both cars were

damaged by the impact The Allentown man's machine was forced over the sidewalk and just escaped crashing into the post office building.




and David D. Wink, of Normal Hill, spent the weekend in Mauch Chunk, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Esser.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bailey and

children, of near Little Round Top.

visited Llewellyn Wink and family.





Fully 306 descendants of Casper Wink gathered at their fourth family reunion at Blue Rock.  Lenhartsviile, the event being of

the largest and most interesting of any held by the family. In the absence of Rev. C. A Steigerwalt, of Schuylkill Haven, the president of the Wink Family Association, M. Emory Barner, of Allentown was called upon to take charge of the program and he presided in excellant fashion.

Anson Greenawalt deliverd the

principal address of the occasion.

The program opened with the singing of "America" and prayer. Two readings were given by Miss Evelyn  Brong.

M Emory Barner, chairman of the historical committee, gave an

interesting report of the family history. Brief talks were given by several of the visiting members, among these being John R Wink, of

Reading, a student at Harvard University. Through the courtesy of L. B. Heckman, of Hamburg an orchestra gave a fine musical program during the meeting.

Frank Wink, of Tamaqua named honorary president of the family association. He is 78 years of age.

Rev. C. A Steigerwalt was again

elected president. Other officers are:

Edward Wink. Kutztown. first vice

president; David Wink. College Hill, Kutztown, second vice president; Harry N. Wink, Reading, third vice president; Ada Ihrie, Lenhartsville, secretary; Frank Wink. Hamburg, treasurer, and M. Emory Barner, Allentown. historian.

Mrs. Emma Wessner, 75 years of

age, was the oldest lady present at

the reunion. Frank Wink, of Tamaqua, 78 years of age, was the oldest man present. Melva Jane Kessler, four months old, was the youngest member in attendance.

Nearly all of the Winks living in this

part of the State are descendants of

Casper Wink, who was born between 1690 and 1700. and came to America in 1727, settling near Kemp's Hotel, Maxatwany township, Berks county. Casper wink lived to the age of 96 years

and was buried on the old wink farm in Maxatwany. He came from Manheim on the Rhine, in Germany.

The old wink farm, owned by George Wink, and located about a

mile northeast of Kutztown, has been selected as the place for holding the 1933 reunion on the last Sunday in August. It has been decided by the family to erect a tablet in memory of Casper Wink on the Wink farm.




and son, Charles and grandson, Alfred Walters, Allentown, spent several days at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. George Wanner and family and Mrs. Emma Wanner, Schofer's.




killed a groundhog that weighed 21 pounds.



Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wink and son

Paul, Allentown; Mrs. Arthur Bleiler and son Junior, Allentown, visited Mr. and Mrs. George Wink.



Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller and

child, of Kutztown, visited the family of Llewellyn Wink.




and Miss Eva Bailey were in Reading.



Charles Bailey and George Derr,

of near Little Round Top, visited

Llewellyn Wink and family.




supervising principal of the West Easton School District, Easton, who had been ill for the past two weeks, is attending to his duties again.


Mrs. Mary E. Brickel, Clemens

Unser and Walter Benton, of Bethlehem, called on Mrs. Esther Wink on Monday.


Robert Wink, of College Hill, is

taking night work at college two

days a week. His brother, David

D. Wink, is taking a similar course

of study.





Miss Anna Wink, of near Krumsville, died Wednesday afternoon at her home, aged 75 years, 10 months and 15 days. Funeral will be held Monday afternoon from her late home at 1:30. Further services in Wessnerville Church, interment in cemetery adjoining. Rev. A. L. Brumbach will conduct the services. Undertaker Danna-hower is in charge of the arrangements.

There survive three brothers,

William, Levi and Fred, Albany

Township, and one sister, Mrs.

Charles Baer, near Kempton.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kramer resided with the deceased.



Mr. and Mrs. M E Barner, daughter Evelyn and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Green, Allentown, visited Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink.



Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Dietrich and

sons Dawson and Russell, West

Leesport, were Sunday guests of

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink.




Mary A. (Adams), wife of Chas.

G. Bailey, of near Topton, died at

6.45 o'clock Tuesday evening in

the Reading Hospital, aged 41

years, 5 months and 29 days. She was a daughter of the late Henry and Annie (Wink) Adams.

Besides her husband, there survive eight children: Beulah, Elda,

Alice, Mary, Warren, Edgar, John

and William, all at home; also

three brothers, Luther and George

Adams, Kutztown; Solomon, Breinigsville R. D. Funeral Saturday at 12.30 p. m. Standard time, at the house. Further services in Maxatawny Church, Rev. W. S. Dry and Rev. Dr. G. B. Smith officiating. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Funeral Directors J. J. Schofer & Son, of Topton, have charge.




Vivian Wink, Leatrice Christ-

man. Alma Dietrich, Joyce Sell,

Marjorie Lambert, Dorothy Boyer,

Anna M. Serfass, Gladys Schappell, Louise Scheirer, Marion.




Donald Bieber, Marfie Brooks,

Russell Conrad, Bernice Christ-

man, Lewis DeTurk, Bertha Mae

Few, Olive Mertz, Warren Serfass,

Lee Wagaman, Norman Wessner,

Annabelle Wink.





The annual reunion of the Wink

family will be held Sunday, August

27, at Community Park, Kempton,

it has been announced by officers

of that organization.

Present officers are: President,

Rev. C. A. Steigerwalt, Schuylkill

Haven; vice-presidents, Ed. Wink,

Krumsville; David Wink, Kutztown; Charles Ehrie, Kutztown; Harry Wink, Reading; secretary, Ada V. Ehrie, Lenhartsville; treasurer, Frank Wink, Hamburg; M. Emory Barner, Allentown, chairman of historical committee. Other members of this committee are: Walter Wink, Allentown; John Wink, Reading; C. E. Ehrie,

Kutztown; James Lutz, Tamaqua;

Abner Wink, Reading.

A very interesting program has

been arranged, which will be given

in the afternoon.





David D. Wink, of College Hill, has announced his candidacy for Tax Collector for Maxatawny

Township on the Democratic


Mr. Wink has been a life-long

resident of Maxatawny Township.

He is a graduate of the Kutztown

High School, Keystone State

Teachers College, took a post-graduate course at State Teachers College and took extension work at

the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Wink had been following the teaching profession, but due to the school districts having commenced to select local people for their teachers, Mr. Wink has been among the unfortunates.




Several hundred descendants of Casper Wink (1693-1788) gathered at Community Park. Kempton, last Sunday for their fifth annual reunion. All the Winks in this section of the country are the descendants of Casper Wink, who came from Pfalz, near Mannheim-on-the- Rhine, Germany, in 1727. He settled near Kemp's Hotel, one mile east of Kutztown. Part of his farm is now owned by George F. Wink. He married one of the Kemps, of Kemp's Hotel. This union was blessed with two sons and four daughters. One son, John Peter Wink, was killed in the Revolutionary War. Theobolt, the other son, also served in the revolution. He returned and it was through him that the present-day Winks descended. It appears that both the father and the sons had taken the Oath of Allegiance. Casper died at the ripe old age of 95 years, having never been sick until the time of his death. He was buried on the old Wink farm, a spot that he had selected for himself and his wife who preceded him in death. He was a Catholic in faith, but his wife belonged to the Reformed Church. The Catholic burial rites were administered by a priest from Bally, Pa. His wife's minister (protestant) assisted in the funeral ceremonies. The children followed the faith of the mother, and for that reason most of the Winks belong to the Reformed Church today. There are six main branches of the Winks today, namely: the Kemp Hotel Winks, the Kutztown Winks, the Reading Winks, the Greenwich and Albany Winks, the Tamaqua Winks and the Ohio Winks. They can be found in all walks of life, and from coast to coast. A Wink relative from Los Angeles, California, attended. The meeting was in charge of Vice-President David Wink, of Kutztown, In the absence of the president, Rev. C. A. Steigerwalt, who could not arrange to attend. The feature of the program was an address by John R. Wink, of Reading, Pa., who spoke on the subject of "Aristocrats—Past and Present." He explained what the word aristocrat meant years ago and what it should mean today. It was. at his suggestion that the members went on record as supporting the NRA. The secretary was instructed to notify General Johnson of their action. Mr. Wink is a recent Harvard graduate and one of the leading young Winks of today. M. Emory Barner, historian, gave the history of the Greenwich and Albany Winks. He had on exhibition large charts which showed the genealogy of the various families. Very interesting historical data was contributed by visiting members this year. Jacob Levan furnished some of this. The Wehr Trio featured the entertaining part of the program. The program follows: Opening hymn. "Blest Be the Tie That Binds"; prayer; address of welcome, in Pennsylvania German by request, Geo. F. Wink, Kemp's Hotel; recitation, Anna Lou Arndt; comedy skit, Wehr Trio; historical address, "Greenwich and Albany Winks," M. Emory Barner, Allentown, Pa.; singing, Wehr Trio; address, "Aristocrats —Past and Present," John R. Wink, Reading, Pa., Harvard graduate, 1933; violin selection, Breiner boys; remarks, Walter Wink, Allentown, Jacob Levan, Kutztown, Harry Wink, Reading. Business session; treasurer's report, Frank Wink, Hamburg, Pa.; closing hymn, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." The following officers were elected for next year: Honorary President, Frank Wink (79 years) Tamaqua; President, David Wink, Kutztown; Vice-President, Chas. E. Ehrie, Kutztown; Second Vice- President, Harry Wink, Reading; Third Vice-President, Walter Wink, Allentown; Fourth Vice- President, Paul Swoyer, Kutztown; Secretary, Ada Ehrie, Lenhartsville; Treasurer, Frank Wink, Hamburg; Historian, M. Emory Barner, Allentown. President-elect Wink appointed the following committees: Entertainment, Wilda Fey, chairlady, Tamaqua; Mrs. Miller, Tamaqua, and Salama Hughes, Tamaqua; Memorial, M. Emory Barner, chairman; Harry Wink, Reading, and Chas. Ehrie, Kutztown. The standing historical committee: M. Emory Barner, historian, chairman; Walter Wink, Allentown; Chas. Ehrie, Kutztown; John and Harry Wink. Reading; David Wink, Kutztown, and James Lutz, Tamaqua. The following won prizes: Oldest lady, Sarah Wink Keim (82 years), Hamburg, R. 2; oldest man, Frank Wink (79 years), Tamaqua; youngest child, Charles Kaley, 5 months; largest family, Charles Wink, four generations, 22 present; longest distance traveled, Margaret Bley, Los Angeles, California. Her mother was a Wink. The time for the next meeting will be the last Sunday in August, 1934. The place will be decided upon later. The historian announced the death of Emma Wink Wessner, on March 15, 1933. She had been the oldest lady present for the last few years. Her age was 75 years, 10 months and 15 days. Communications were read from Mrs. Laura S. Price, of Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Price is a prominent attorney of that city; and from Miss Mabel Kutz, of Columbus, Ohio, who could not attend. Miss Kutz made the first contribution toward the Casper Wink Memorial.





Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wink, of near Kemp's Hotel, observed the fifty-first anniversary of their wedding. All of the children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, with a few exceptions, met at the Wink home to help them celebrate the event.

Last year when they observed their golden wedding, it was decided to meet each year to celebrate the event. A huge wedding cake was baked by Mrs. Walter Wink, of Allentown. All sat down to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the host and hostess. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. George Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler and sons Arthur, Jr., and Kenneth; Mr. and Mrs. M. Emory Barner and daughter Evelyn; Mrs. Walter Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wink, Harvey Wink and son Charles, all of Allentown; Mr. and Mrs. George Kaufman and son Wayne, of Hamburg R. D.; Mrs. Katie Swoyer and children Paul, Leon, Mabel, Earl, Anna and Arline, Mrs. Irwin Merkle and children Ella and George, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink and children Myrle, George, Irma, Annabelle, Vivian and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger and daughter La-Rue, Mr. and Mrs.  Fred Moyer, Mrs. Vesta Snyder, John Wink. Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Bittner and daughter Dorothea.





late of Greenwich township, balance of $2,124.42 was distributed as follows: Mabel Wink, sewing machine, $1.80, Frieden's church. Wessnersville, $101.80, Alvin and Ellen Buck, $91.80; Joshua Muthart, $22.95; Cora Shellhammer, $22.95; Wm. Wink, $376.71; Hamburg Savings and Trust company, assignee of Kempton State bank, attachment creditor of Levi Wink, $190.05; Maurice D. Kunkel,

assignee of Levi Wink, $186.66: Alfred Wink and Sallie Wink Baer,

$376.70 each; John Ihrie. $125.57

Ada Ihrie, Annie Ihrie and Charles

Ihrie. $83.71 each.  $376.70 each; John Ihrie, $125.57;Attorney Edward D. Traxler appeared for the

accountant and Attorneys E. S.

Richardson and Stewart H. Lutz

for parties interested.




visited his parents on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wink.




reunion will be held in Lehigh

Community Park at Fogelsville on

Sunday, August 26, with a program beginning at two o'clock, daylight time. The Saucony Jug Band, featuring comedians and a Hawaiian trio, will entertain. The old dining pavilion has been reserved for parties with basket lunches.

Prizes will be awarded for the

winners of contests and games, the oldest and the youngest Wink present, the largest family, the

persons traveling the longest distance and to the person

presenting a Wink song.




Charles Ehrie Re-elected President of Family Association BARNER IS HISTORIAN The sixth annual Wink reunion held at Community Park was attended by more than three hundred descendants of Casper Wink and his wife Gertrude (nee Kemp) Wink. Charles Ehrie, Kutztown, was again named president, and Frank Wink, Tamaqua, honorary president. Other officers of the association are: Harry Wink, Reading, first vice president; Walter Wink, Allentown. second vice president Paul Swoyer, Kutztown, third vice president; Ada Ehrie, Lenhartsville, secretary, and C. Frank Wink, Hamburg, treasurer. M. Emory Barner, Allentown, son of Mrs. Leifora Barner, Whiteoak Street, Kutztown, is the historian. He has spent much of his time this summer gathering information about the various branches of the Wink family branches of the family. John Wink, Reading, spoke on the Wink Memorial that will be erected on the old Wink farm, one mile east of Kutztown, in memory of Casper Wink, who died in 1788 at the age of 95 years. Myrle Wink, Kutztown, recited and Marie Wink, Krumsville, played a piano solo. Mary Wink, Kutztown, aged 81 years was the oldest Wink lady present. The 1935 reunion will be held the last Sunday in August at a place to be selected this fall.



Local people attended the funeral of Mrs. Charles Wink at Hamburg last week. Mr. and Mrs. Wink

had been living near here years

ago and were well known here.




Live in House in Which Mr. Wink Was Born  Elaborate Dinner


Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wink observed the 52nd anniversary of their marriage at their home in Maxatawny Township, one mile east of Kutztown. Mrs. Wink, before her marriage, was Isabella Kemmerling, daughter of Henry and Catherine (Schappell) Kemmerling, of Albany Township. Mr. Wink was married and is living in the house in which he was born, which house was the ancestral Wink home for over 200 years. Although Mr. Wink's vision is impaired, he still superintends the operations of his 100-acre farm, on Mail Route No. 3, and along Pennsylvania highway Route 222. The occasion was observed with an elaborate wedding dinner. Seated around the festive board were approximately 50 in number, including John D. Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Merkel, children Ella and George, Mabel Swoyer, Earl Swoyer, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Adam, Harvey Heffner, Curtis Heffner, all of Kutztown R; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink, children Irma, Annabelle, Vivian, Richard, Myrle, David Grim, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reiflnger, daughter La- Rue, Mrs. Katie Swoyer, children Paul, Arline and Anna, Mrs. Arthur Youse and son Donald, Rev. J. W. Bittner, Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Angstadt, son Edwin, Jr., all of Kutztown. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Wink, son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler, sons Arthur, Jr., and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Hauseman and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Barner, daughter Evelyn, Allentown; Mr. and Mrs. George Kauffman and son Wayne, Leon Swoyer, Lovie Heffner, all of Hamburg R.D.




With Walter F. Wink, one of the successful young men of Kutztown

as manager, took charge of the

garage on North Tenth Street,






Hamburg, died almost instantly of a broken neck and crushed chest caused by an automobile crash on Route No. 22, Sunday. Several others were left in a critical condition. The car crashed head-on

at a curve with another operated by

Rudolph D. Kistler, Allentown.




three-year-old son of Clarence and Lottie T. (Wink) Gehringer, Kempton, R. 1, died in Allentown Hospital. Surviving are the parents and twin sisters, Marie

and Mildred.

Funeral was held Sunday afternoon from the home. Further services in Grimville Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery', was in charge of Funeral Director William S. Fritz, Kutztown.




The executive committee of the

Wink clan extends a cordial invitation to the families and friends to be present at the 7th annual reunion to be held at Marie Park on

Sunday, August 25, 1935 a. m. and p. m.

The Socony Jug Band has been

engaged, colored comedians and

an Hawaiian trio will add a pleasing variety to the program.

For those not wishing to carry

basket lunch, arrangements have

been made with the Park management to secure same.

Officers of the association are

Honorable president,, Franklin

Wink, Tamaqua; president, Charles

Ehrie, Kutztown; vice president,

Harry Wink, Reading; second vice president, Walter Wink, Allentown; third vice president, Paul Swoyer, Kutztown; secretary, Ada Ehrie, Lenhartsville; treasurer, Frank Wink, Hamburg; historian, M. Emory Bauer, Allentown.





Charles E. Ehrie, of Kutztown,

was re-elected president of the

Wink family association at the 7th

annual reunion of the Winks held

in Marie Park, near Kutztown.

Fully 200 members of the family

attended the reunion.

Other officers elected were: Honorary president, Frank Wink, Tamaqua; vice president, Harry Wink, Reading; second vice president, Walter Wink, Allentown; third vice president, Paul Swoyer, Kutztown; secretary, Ada V. Ehrie, Lenhartsville; treasurer, C. Frank Wink, Reading, and historian, M. Emory Barner, Allentown.

The youngest child present was

Jane Isabel Wink, Monterey, aged

five months; oldest man, Frank

Wink, 81, Tamaqua; youngest

couple, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Maxatawny, married last November; largest family, 32 descendants of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wink, late of Kutztown. Remarks were offered by Wilmer Schmick, of Orefleld, historian for the Schmick family, and Jacob Levan, Kutztown, who spoke on the

relations of the Levan and Wink




Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pauley celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday when their children and grand- children spent the day at home. The following were present: Mrs. Rebecca Pauley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pauley and son Paul and daughter Pauline, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pauley, Jr. and daughter May, of Pottsville; Alvada Fisher, Pottsville; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geiger and children Arline, Eugene, Joseph. Jr., Beatrice, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Wink, and children Harold, Lester, Bobby and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. John Hart and children Miriam, Leon and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Miller and daughter Myrtle, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pauley, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Kline and daughter Anna, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bond, Ruby Bond, Robert Reed, Ellen Bachert, Lawson Lenhart George Leibensperger, William Houser, Joseph Christ.





The eighth annual reunion of the

Wink family will be held on Sunday, August 30th at Marie Park, when entertainment will be furnished by a Tamaqua troupe. The program will be started at 1:30 (D. S. T.) and a large attendance of members and friends is expected.




The Eighth Annual Reunion of the Wink family was held at Marie Park, Sunday, August 30th, and a record attendance was realized. A splendid program was arranged by the committees in charge. The Tamaqua Coal Crackers opened the program with several numbers, after which the opening hymn "Blest Be the Tie That Binds" was sung by all present. The Lord's Prayer was then prayed. Opening remarks were made by the president and in the absence of the regular Secretary, Miss Ada V. Ehrie, Mrs. Charles Ehrie was appointed to fill the vacancy and read the minutes of the last meeting. Remarks were made by Mr. John Price of Toledo, Ohio; Jacob Levan, Kutztown and James Minnick, Tamaqua. The historical address was given by M. Emory Barner, Allentown. The president then asked for a rising vote of thanks for Mr. Barner for his splendid and valuable history of the Wink family. The following prizes were awarded: traveled greatest distance, Mr. and Mrs. John Price, Toledo, Ohio; oldest man, Frank Wink, 82 years old, Tamaqua; oldest lady, Mrs. Mary Fix, 84 years old, Reading; youngest baby, Baby Meek, 5 weeks old, Hamburg; special prize for twins, Betty and Bob Wink, children of Mr. and Mrs. C. Frank Wink, Hamburg. The following officers were elected: Hon. President, Frank Wink, Tamaqua; President, Harry Wink, Reading; Vice-President, Charles E. Ehrie, Kutztown; First Vice-President, Walter Wink, Allentown; Second Vice- President, Paul Swoyer, Kutztown; secretary, Miss Ada V. Ehrie, Lenhartsville and treasurer, C. Frank Wink, Hamburg. The retiring president, Charles E. Ehrie takes this means of expressing his thanks for the hearty co-operation accorded him during his term of office.




A daughter was born March first

to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger,

212 Greenwich street. Mrs. Reifinger was formerly Eva Wink



Alice and Sallie Bingle, Reading, visited their cousins, Ella and Mary Wink.




Two of the officers chosen at the ninth annual reunion at Trexler Park, Lenhartsville, of the

descendants of Casper wink (1693 -1788) are Kutztonians, and the re-elected historian is M. Emory Barner, Allentown, a native of the borough. They include Charles Ehrie, first vice-president, and Paul Swoyer, thjrd vice-president. The other officers are Harry Wink, Reading, president; Walter Wink, Allentown, second vice-president;

Ada Ehrie, Lenhartsville, secretary, and Frank Wink, Harrisburg, treasurer. About 300 were in

attendance. Historian Barner announced the death of John Ehrie, 77, Klinesville, father of the

secretary and the first vice-president of the Clan. Music was furnished by a group from Tamaqua.  Miriam L. Sterl, Reading, who helped to compile the Reed family history and genealogy, and who  worked up the Wink chapter in that book brought the first page and signature of Casper Wink from his family bible. This proved of great Interest to the members.




Many friends were weekend guests

of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wink

and family of near Kutztown. Mrs.

Wink has been sick since August and bedfast for two weeks. She is improving slowly. They were Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Bittner, Dr. J. K. SteckeL Mrs. Hilda Youse and daughter Lucile, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Warmkessel and son Wayne, Mrs. Irwin Merkel and daughter Ella and son George, Mabel and

Ruth Adams, Harvey and Curtis Heffner, Pauline Gotthardt and Paul

Swoyer, all of Kutztown; Mr. and

Mrs. Walter F. Wink, Harvey Wink

and son John Wink, Mrs. John Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler and sons Arthur Jr., and Kenneth, Anna Donnelly, Mr. and Mrs. John Gangaway, Mr. and Mrs. M. Emory Barner and daughter Evelyn, Mrs. Veanda Lutz, Allentown; and Miss Florence Lutz, Wanamaker.




The funeral of Mrs. Isabella Wink,

mother of Oscar Wink and Mrs. Katie Swoyer, Kutztown, who died November 16th at the age of 74, will be held Saturday at her home near Kemp's hotel. further services will be conducted at St john's Lutheran church, Kutztown, the Rev. J. W. Bittner officiating.

She was a daughter of the late Henry Kemmerling and his wife, Catherine Schappel. In addition to her  Kutztown children, the following survive: Mrs. Annie Barner and Harvey Wink, Allentown; Mrs Elda Blieler, Bethel

Hill, and Mrs. Carrie Merkel Maxatwany.




funeral of Isabella, nee Kermmerling, Wink, wife of George Wink, of near Kemp's Hotel, Maxatawny Township, Berks County, Pa., was held on Saturday afternoon at her home with continued services at St. John's Lutheran Church, Kutztown. She was buried in Hope Cemetery, adjoining the church. The Rev. J. W. Bittner, pastor, officiated, assisted by the Rev. E. K. Angstadt, Reformed pastor. Floral tributes were from the following: basket of chrysanthemums by son Harvey and family, Allentown…



John P. Schwenk, assistant county

farm agent, selected the following

seven winners in the 4-H pig feeding clubs to enter their animals at the Reading Fair In September: From Virginville, first, Lester Wink; second, George Seidel, and third, Lawrence Sunday, who tied Robert Wink. They exhibited flve-months-old Poland China hogs.




More than 300 descendants of Casper Wink (1693-1788) met in their 10th annual reunion Sunday at Trexler park, near Lenhartsville.

Harry N. Wink, of Reading, president of the family association, was in charge of the program. Daniel Hoch, of Reading, was the principal speaker, giving an interesting talk on the Pennsylvania German people and their language.

Entertainment was furnished by a group of Tamaqua musicians under the  direction of Salma Hughes. Others in the group were Evelyn Hughes, Clair Hill, George Hill, Robert Hoppes and Norman Hill.

M. Emory Barner, historian, reviewed some Wink family history and reported the deaths of four members of the Wink clan since the last reunion, namely. Mrs. George F. Wink. 74. of near Kutztown; Arthur Bleiler Jr. 12, Fountain Hill; Winfield Keck, of Reading, and Cletus Wink Ipleck, 69. Republic, Wash. All of the former officers of the family association will serve for another year. They are: Frank Wink,

Tamaqua, honorary president; Harry

N. Wink, Reading, president; Char

les Ehrie, Kutztown, first vice presi

dent; Walter F. Wink, Allentown,

second vice president; Paul Swoyer,

Kutztown, third vice president; Ada

Ehrie, Hamburg, secretary; Emma

Wink, Kutztown; Frank Wink, Port

Clinton, treasurer, and M. Emory

Barner, Allentown, historian.

The program opened with music

by the Tamaqua Four, followed by

the opening hymn, "America;" com-

munity singing of church hymns;

address, Daniel Hoch; memorial

poem, Harry N. Wink; duet, Salma

and Evelyn Hughes; historian's report, M. Emory Barner; music, Tamaqua Four; community singing, and closing hymn. "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." Games and contests were conducted under the direction of John Wink and M. Emory Barner.

The next reunion will be held on

the fourth Sunday in August, 1939,

the place to be decided on later.

Special prizes were awarded as follows: Mrs. David Kashmer, of Berwick, coming the greatest distance; William Wink. 79, oldest man present; Mrs. Ed. Wink, 88, Reading, oldest woman; Alice May Yoder, five weeks old, youngest child, and Geo. F. Wink, Kutztown, who won the prize for having the most descendants present, 23.

Prize winners in the games and

contests were: Charles Wink. Vivian

Wink, Pearl Wink, Harold Adams,

John Adams, Patricia Ann Wink,

Richard Wink. Marvin Leslie, Katie

Wink Swoyer, Mrs. M. E. Barner

and Arthur Reifinger.




Walter Christ had charge (Thursday) afternoon of the funeral of Ronald Henne, three-months old son of D. Fred and Irene (Wink) Henne, Leesport. who died at the Homeopathic Hospital. Services were held at the home of the paternal grandmother, Mrs. Katie

Henne, Leesport, and interment was

made in the Leesport cemetery.

A brother and three sisters survive.




Eva Virginia Adams, six-month-old

daughter of Donald and Mabel (Swoyer) Adams, died at the home of the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Adams, Maxatawny township, Kutztown, R. D.

Besides the parents and grand-parents there survive her maternal

grandmother, Mrs. Kate Swoyer; a

great-grandmother, Mrs. Louisa

Swoyer, and two great-grandfathers,

George Wink and Charles Herbein.

Funeral services were held today at

10 a. m. at the home of the grandparents, Maxatawny, Kutztown, R. D. 1, with burial in Hope Cemetery, Kutztown. Funeral Director Fritz had charge of arrangements.




The funeral of Oscar D. Wink, 50,

who died Thursday night at the Allentown Hospital, was held Monday at 1:30 p. m. with services at his home on Highland avenue, and at St. John's Reformed Church, the Rev. E. K. Angstadt officiating. Interment, in charge of William Fritz, was made in Hope Cemetery.

He was a native of Maxatawny

township, a son of George and the

late Isabelle (Kemmerling) Wink, and was a member of St. John's.

In addition to his father, the following survive: his widow, Millie

(Moyer); these children: Eva, wife of Arthur Reifinger, Kutztown; George, New York; Myrle, Erma, Annabelle, Vivian and Richard, at home; three grandchildren; one brother, Harvey, Allentown, and four sisters, Mrs. Katie Swoyer, Kutztown; Carrie, wife of Irvin Merkel, Kutztown, R.1; Annie, wife of Mayden Barner, Allentown, and Elda, wife of Arthur Bleiler, Fountain Hill.




Three local residents are included

among the officers chosen at the recent Wink reunion. They are Chas. Ehrie and Paul Swoyer, vice-presidents, and Irma Wink, assistant secretary. Edward Wink, Reading, is

president. Local talent also shared in the program,—Annabelle Wink and Kathryn Kline, who sang. George Wink won a prize for having the largest family, and William Wink, Kempton R. 1, aged 79, was the oldest in attendance.




56, who was overcome at 7.45 last night by monoxide gas which escaped from a gasoline generator in the basement at the Wink residence, College Hill, is recovering at St. Joseph's Hospital,  to which she was rushed by Dr. Ethan Trexler, Fleetwood. Her son Robert Wink, undertaker, was also overcome, but was able to assist his mother.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pauley, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pauley and daughter Lila May visited Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Wink.





The Rev. James Minnick. Tamaqua. gave the address at the recent annual reunion of the Wink family held at Trexler Park, near Hamburg, when three Kutztown officers were re-elected: Charles Ehrie and Paul Swoyer. vice presidents; and Irma Wink assistant secretary. The president is ; Attorney

Edward G. Wink. Reading. Among the prizes awarded were the following: oldest man. George Wink, Kutztown, 80; youngest child of Irwin Wink, Virginville, four weeks; longest distance, Tamaqua,

35 miles; largest family, George Wink, Kutztown. 30 members.

The next meeting will be held at Kutztown Park. August 24. 1941.




"A kitchen shower was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink, 212 Highland Avenue, in honor  of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger, who were recentiy married. Mrs. Reifinger was formerly Eva Wink. The evening was spent in playing cards. Many beautiful and useful presents were received.

"The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. William Reifinger, Pauline Reifinger, Loyd Reifinger Mr. and Mrs. George Hilbert, Earl, Glenroy' Corrine Hilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. John Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Eck, Mrs. William Isamoyer Ringtown; Chester Reifinger, Birdsboro;

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wink, Mrs. Mayden Baner, Evelyn Barner, Allentown; Mr. and Mrs. Geoorge Wink, John Wink, Mabel Swoyer, Earl Swoyer, Mrs. Katie Swoyer, Anna Swoyer, Ella Merkel, Geor»e Merkel, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Moyer. Lillian, Leona, Carl, Clarabelle, William Moyer.

Mrs. Amos George, Stanley George,

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Dietrich, Lawson, Russell Dietrich, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler, Junior Bleiler,

Elsie George, Mr. and Mrs. WilHam Mertz, Mrs. Addison Eckert, Paul Swoyer, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wink,

Vivian, Richard, George and Annabelle Wink, Kutztown; Mr. and Mrs. Claude Moyer, Miriam. Lester, Kenneth and Mildred Moyer, Fogelsville; Harry Herman, Daniel DeLong and Victor Snyder, Topton."



1941 – 1950



78, retired cigarmaker, Noble street, whose sole survivor is his grand-daughter, Mrs. Raymond Conrad.

Services were held at the Fritz

Funeral Home, and interment was

made in Fairview cemetery. He was a son of the late Henry and Angelina (Wink) Keiter; a member of St. Paul's Reformed Church; and of Camp 1329 P. O. S. of A. His wife Mrs. Alice Bower Keiter died 28 years ago.



Mrs. Millie Wink, John Wink,

George Wink, Mrs. Katie Schwoyer

and LaRue Reiflnger visited Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleiler, Allentown.





Ella Wink, of the Kemp apartments,

who has been blind for 46 years, is

celebrating her 86th birthday today.

She is in good health and spirits and

is one of Kutztown's neatest housekeepers. The Patriot joins her many friends in wishing her "Happy Birthday!"



Mr. John Wink. Mrs. Millie Wink,

Mrs. Arthur Reiflnger, and children

LaRue, Faye and Audrey visited Richard Wink, a student at the Hershey Industrial School.




John Wink, Shillington, a Harvard graduate, in his address at the recent reunion of the descendants of Casper Wink (1693-1788), at Lehigh Community Park, Fogelsville, stressed the service rendered America by the Winks during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Singing was led by John Wink; Andrew Hoderman, Allentown, played piano accordion numbers; and games were led by Irma and Annabelle Wink, Kutztown. Historian M. Emory Barner, Allentown, reported the death of Mrs. Annie Wink, Reading, and of his mother, Mrs. Lenora Barner, Kutztown. George Wink, Kutztown, and Annie Wink Yoder, Hamburg, were the oldest present. Mr. Wink also having the largest number of descendants present; the youngest was Richard, the nine-month-old son of Roy and Ruth Haas; and Mr. Frey, of Ohio, came the longest distance. Each received a prize. Among those reported in Uncle Sam's service were Ralph and Harold Wink, Lenhartsville; Raymond Wink, Reading; Walter Wink, State Farm, Hamburg, and George Wink, Kutztown, a Corporal in the 72nd Coast Artillery, at Ft. Randolph, Panama. Officers chosen include M. Emory Barner, Allentown, president; Charles Ehrie, Kutztown, vice president; Walter Wink, Allentown, second vice president; Paul Swoyer, Kutztown, third vice president; Irma Wink, Kutztown, secretary; Annabelle Wink, Kutztown, assistant secretary; Wilda Fey, Tamaqua, treasurer; and M. Emory Barner, historian. The next reunion will be held at Lehigh Community Park, Fogelsvlle, the fourth Sunday in August, 1942. Kutztonians in attendance were George Wink, Mrs. Katie Swoyer, Anna Swoyer, Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey and son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swoyer and son, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger and children, John Wink, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ehrie and daughter Betty, and Mrs. Millie Wink and children Irma, Annabelle, Myrle and Vivian.




Mrs. Jesse Esser, 61, Mauch Chunk,

died of a broken neck sustained

Thursday morning when she tumbled down a 10-foot flight of stairs in the rear of her home while hanging out the laundry. Mrs. Esser was a Kutztown native and sister of the late John Wink. She resided some 40 years in the Mauch Chunks. Her husband is the only survivor.



Clarence Wink is digging a well for Oscar Hess.




butchered three hogs and a big bull for Richard Lebars of Blue Hocks.





LaRue Pettit, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pettit and Walter Krupka, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pauco Krupka, both of Allentown, were married by the Rev. J. W. Bittner. The attendants were Arlene Bauder, Emmaus, and Corporal Charles Wink, Ft. Wadsworth, Staten Island, N. Y.




The funeral of John Wink, 81, Virginville. who died at the home of his son Victor, Lenhartsville, was held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. the Rev. H. l. Schneck officiating. Burial, in charge of the Mae A. Stump Funeral home, was made in Lenhartsville Church cemetery.

He was a son of the late John and Catharine (Billman) Wink, and was a former plasterer and stone mason. He belonged to Lenhartsville Reformed Church and to West Hazelton Council 943. O. of I. A. His survivors include these children: Victor, Lenhartsville; Irwin, Virginville; Mrs. Joseph Sittler, and Raymond, Reading; also 15 grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, one brother and three sisters.




applied for letters in the estate of John A. Wink, Greenwich Township, valued at $2,000 in personal property. Four children

are the heirs.



The annual Wink Reunion, scheduled to he held at Community Park, Fogelsville, has been postponed for the duration, according to announcement by M. Emory Barner.





Myrl Wink, daughter of Mrs. Millie Wink, has completed her basic

training at Harrisburg, and has been

sent to Middletown, Pa., where she

will ply her new trade, as an airplane mechanic. On a brief furlough, she visited St. John's Reformed Sunday School, Sunday, where she greeted her former class.

Prior to leaving for Harrisburg, she was employed by Giant Cleaners,

and for a number of years prior, she

was in the employ of Kutz Bakery.

Her sister Annabelle, former copyholder at the Patriot office, is doing defense work at Elkton, Md.




John A. Wink. Greenwich township. Balance of $1,514.64 distributed as follows: Lenhartsville Church, $100; to Raymond J. and Victor C. Wink and  Alvena L. Sittler, $353.66 each and  Irwin W. Wink. $353.66. Trexler &  Trexler, attorneys.



Mr. and Mrs. D. Frederick Henne

and family called on Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.





The engagement of Irma Wink,

daughter of Mrs. Millie Wink, to

Earl Cressman, Fountain Hill, was announced at the recent celebration of the 52d wedding anniversary of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Moyer. The bride-to-be is secretary of the local School Board, and secretary to Principal H. B. Yoder, of the High school, and is a member of St. John's Reformed Church. Mr. Cressman is employed by Bethlehem Steel, at Bethlehem.

Her sister, Myrl, an airplane mechanic at Middletown, has also announced her engagement, to David Grim, Topton, of the U. S. Coast Guard.



In estate of GEORGE F. WINK, late of the Borough of Kutztown, County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania, deceased.

Notice is hereby given, that letters testamentary on the estate of the above named decedent have been granted to the undersigned. All persons indebted to the estate of the

said decedent are requested to make payment, and all persons having claims or demands against the estate of the said decedent, are requested to make known the same, without delay, to the undersigned executor.


212 Highland Ave.,

Kutztown, Pa.



In estate of


late of the Borough of Kutztown, County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania, deceased.

Notice is hereby given, that letters testamentary on the estate of the above named decedent have been granted to the undersigned. All persons indebted to the estate of the

said decedent are requested to make payment, and all persons having claims or demands against the estate of the said decedent, are requested to make known the same, without delay, to the undersigned executor.


212 Highland Ave.,

Kutztown. Pa.





The marriage of Elsie Wink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink, near Lenhartsville, and Pvt. George Kocher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kocher, also of Lenhartsville R. D., was solemnized recently by the Rev. Harper Schneck, at his parsonage in Hamburg. Private

Kocher joined the Marines, Monday, and will be stationed in South Carolina.




St. John's Reformed Church was

the scene last night, of the nuptials

of Irma Wink, daughter of Mrs. Millie and the late Oscar Wink, Highland avenue, and Earl T. Cressman, Fountain Hill. The double ring ceremony was solemnized by the Rev. E. K. Angstadt.



Mrs. Clarence Hein and son Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. D. Frederick Henne and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.



Mr. and Mrs. George Kocher and

Mrs. Guy Kocher, Kempton; Mr. and Mrs. D. Frederick Henne, Leesport, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Hein and son Richard, Windsor Township, visited Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.



Mrs. George Kocher visited Mr.

and Mrs. D. Frederick Henne, Leesport.



Mrs. Clarence Hein and son Richard

of Windsor Township visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.




A daughter, whom they have named

Marine Corps Kocher, was born to

Mr. and Mrs. George Kocher, Kempton. Mrs. Kocher is the former Elsie Wink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink, Klinesville, and Mr. Kocher is a member of the Marine Corps.



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rissmiller

moved to the home of Mrs. Rissmiller's father, Edwin T. Wink, near here.




served a turkey dinner to the following: Richard Wink, Hershey Industrial School; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cressman, Bethlehem; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger and children, Vivian and Myrl Wink, John Wink, and Air Cadet James Sherron, North Carolina.




The Kutrtown National Bank was

appointed guardian of Richard O. and Vivian E. Wink, minor children of Mrs. Millie R. Wink Kutztown, on moton of John G. Rothermel, attorney. They have an interest in their grandfather's estate.





On Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock,

Dorothy Shirey, of Reiffton, will become the bride of Robert W. Wink, formerly of Kutztown, and now of Elverson, in the parsonage of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown. The Rev. Luther A. Krouse, Pastor of the church, will solemnize the wedding. The ring ceremony will be used.

After the wedding a reception for

fifty close relatives and friends will

be held at Reeser's Restaurant Temple, at 6 o'clock. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shirey, of Reiffton. She is a graduate of Exeter Township High

School, Pottstown Business College,

and for the past two years has been

a senior White Metal Inspector at the Doehler Die Casting Company, Pottstown. The groom is a son of Esther L. and the late John D. Wink, of College Hill. He is a licensed funeral director, and is a high school graduate. He is also a graduate of the Eckels' College of Embalming, Philadelphia, class of 1929. In May, 1935, Mr. Wink was licensed to practice undertaking in Pennsylvania, by the State Board

of Undertakers.




Franklin D. Heffner, 84, retired

farmer, died in his home, Richmond

Township, Fleetwood. He was the

son of the late Daniel and Lucy

(Wink) Heffner, and a member of

Moselem Lutheran Church, Richmond Township. The following children survive: Daniel E., Reading; A. Howard, Fleetwood; J. William and Johannes F., Fouglersville; Franklin J., Sinking Springs, Mrs. Herbert Moyer, Fleetwood; Mrs. Robert Heffner, Kutztown; Mrs. Elmer Eschelman, Gouglersville, and Ada S and Florence, at home, also 31 grandchildren.




The funeral of John D. Keim, 65,

retired farmer, who died at his home

in Brooklyn, will be held Friday at

2 p. m. at the Fritz Funeral Home,

the Rev. E. K. Angstadt officiating.

Burial will be made in Hope cemetery.

He was a son of the late Frank and

Sarah (Wink} Keim, and was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Kutztown. His wife, Hettie Ann (Balthaser) Keim, died a year ago. Three children survive: Mrs. Calvin (LOVIE ESTHER KEIM) Berndt, Fleetwood R. D. and

Lawrence and Clayton Keim, Kutztown R. 2; three grandchildren; a brother, Richard, Shoemakersville; and two sisters, Mrs. Annie Fisher and Mrs. James Ford, Reading.



Mr. and Mrs. D Frederick Henne and family, Leesport; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hein, Richard Hein and

Carolyn Hein called on Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink






Kutztown Day will be fittingly observed at Kutztown Park August 6th, when the Reading Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Earl B. Wink, director, will render concerts at 2:30 and 7:45 p. m., the offerings at which will be donated to the Red Cross.




spent a week in Boston with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cressman.



Doris Henne, Leesport, spent a

week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Wink.



Mrs. Clarence A. Hein and children called on Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.



The pupils of Schrare's School enjoyed a Halloween party, at which

Shirley Bailey, Roger Schappell and

Ethel Mae Wink won prizes.




Thc funeral of William H. Wink, 83, a retired farmer, who died at his

home, Kempton R. 1. January 11th, was held tuesday at 2 p. m. at the Stump Funeral Home, Fleetwood, the Rev.a. l. brumbach officiating. burial

was made in Frieden's Church cemetery, Stony Run.

He was a son of the late Philip and Rebecca (Wagaman) Wink.

Surviving are these children; Mrs. John Hollenbach, Fleetwood; Mrs. Edward Long and Llewellyn, Kempton R. 2; Dewey, New Tripoli R. 1; Earl, Seidelville; Mrs. Albert Hein, Mrs John Bailey, Kempton R. 1; and Paul, Hamburg R. 3; also 20 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren and two brothers, Levi and Fred Kempton R. 1.




Mrs. Elsie Kocher and Corr Kocher, of the Marines, visited Mr. and Mrs.

Clarence Hein, Windsor Township.



Reading Philharmonic

The Reading Philharmonic Orchestra. Earl Wink, director, which gave two concerts at Kutztown Park last summer for the benefit of the Red Cross, will present its third concert of the 1944-5 season Thursday, March first, at Northeast Junior High school, Front and Spring streets, Reading.




recently discharged from the U. S. Army, is spending some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Wink.



Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ketner and

family, near Shoemakersville, called on Mrs. Ketner's father, Edwin Wink.



The Literary Society will present its

next program Saturday evening, December 8th. The Program committee in charge of the meeting is: Mrs. Dewey Wink, Mrs. William Schroeder, Mrs. Luther Schroeder, Mrs. William Smale,

and Miss Anna Bachman.




VIVIAN WINK, youngest daughter of Mrs. Millie Wink, was recently married to Charles Ruppert, Reading. The bride is a graduate of KHS and is a member of St. John's Reformed Church.



Symbolic of the life of Ella Wink,

who died March 17, 1945, at the age of 88, is the following poem, which was found among her possessions:

They pity me,

Who are themselves so blind!

They cannot see

The pictures in my mind.

No one grows old

That I have ever seen. .

My eyes behold

Them as they once have been.

There is no death,

No sorrow or decay,

The blind have faith

In God's eternal day!


Anne Campbell.



Thomas Douglas Ruppert, two months' old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruppert (nee Vivian Wink).




Kempton, visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.




St. John's Reformed Church was the

scene of the recent marriage of Annabelle Wink, daughter of Mrs. Millie Wink, Highland avenue, and William Brown, son of Mrs. William Rex, Allentown, which was solemnized by the Rev. Paul E. Schmoyer, St. Paul's Reformed Church. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cressman, Bethlehem, brother-in-law and sister of the bride, and the ushers included Francis Mertz and Arthur Reifinger.

Mrs. Francis Corrigan was at the

organ, and Eleanor Moyer sang.

The bride, who was given in marriage by her brother George, was attired in a gown of white net, with long train, and her veil fell from a coronet of orange blossoms. She carried a Colonial bouquet of white rosebuds and baby's breath.

Her matron of honor chose a gown

of blue net, with shoulder length veil, and carried a Colonial bouquet of pink rosebuds and baby's breath.

The bride's mother wore a gray

gown, and the bridegroom's mother, a yellow gown. Both had corsages of red rosebuds. A reception, attended by relatives and friends from Trenton, N. J., Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading and Kutztown, was held at Grim's Old Mill. The couple will reside at 709 Division street, Trenton. The bride, who is a 1939 graduate of KHS, attended McCann's School of Business, Reading; served nearly two years in the WAVES, where, as a member of the WAVES' quartet, sang before many notables.



Russell Henne, Leesport, and Rich-

ard Hein, Windsor township, visited

their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wink, Evansville, at St. Joseph's hospital, a son.




At a dinner at the home of Mrs.

Millie Wink, the engagement of Al-

thea Meckes to George Wink was announced by Mrs. Erma Meckes, mother of the bride-to-be. Miss Meckes is a 1942 graduate of KHS, and is employed at Deisher Knitting Mills. The bridegroom-to-be, son of Mrs. Millie Wink, has been mustered out of the Army after serving ten years, and is now learning the trade of carpenter

under Norman Gehret, contractor.

Others present at the dinner at which the surprise was sprung, included Mrs.Wink, Mrs. Meckes, John Wink, Mr. and Mr. Arthur Reifinger and daughters LaRue, Faye and Audrey, Mrs. Charles Ruppert and son Thomas, Kutztown; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cress-

man, Bethlehem; Mr. and Mrs. David Grim and daughter Linda, Hancock; and Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Trenton, N. J.




The chain of title indicates an unrecorded deed from Michael Berner, dated April 7, 1832, to Sara Sassman: also an unrecorded deed from Sarah Sassman, dated May 14, 1844, to Mary Wink, wife of William Wink and that that there are no conveyances of record in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in and for Berk's County, Pa., prior to the conveyance from William Wink. Mahala Cop, Henry Keiter

and Anjaline, his wife, Henry W. Sander and Mary, his wife, Ellen Wink and Daniel Daump and Catherine, his wife, dated March 10, 1860, to Frederick Silsdorf, recorded to Deed Book Vol. 118, Page 12, Berks County records.



Born at St. Francis Hospital Trenton, N. J., to Mr. and Mrs. Wm

Brown (Annabelle Wink) an eight

pound son, whom they have named

Barry Lee.





John Wink, Reading, former Lieutenant Commander of the Navy, gave a comprehensive talk on "Radar" at the June meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in the Fire Hall lobby. Having served with the task forces in the Pacific, he told of war-time use of radar and of its possibilities in peacetime.




The funeral of Mrs. Cora R. Muthard Shellhamcr, 72, widow of Cornelius Shellhamer, who died July 11th at her home in Slateville, Kempton R. 2, was held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. at the Stump and Webber Funeral Home, Kempton. Further services were conducted in Frieden's Church, Wcssnersvillc, the Rev. A. L. Brumbach officiating. Burial in the Church cemetery.

She was a daughter of the late

Charlcs and Mary Ann (Wink) Mut-

hard, and was a member of the Reformed congregation of Frieden's Church.



Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink called

on Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hein,

Windsor Township.




There are many, many heart throbs

Other people never know

That are bravely borne in silence,

As throughout the world we go.

It is not the great complainant

We find along life's road

But he who wears the brightest smile

May bear the heaviest load.


Found among the possessions

of Ella Wink, who died March

17, 1945, at the age of 88.




The first reunion since the war will

be held by the Wink family August

31st at Ontelaunee Park, New Tripoli. Programs will be presented at 1:30 p. m. followed by a band concert. Lunch and refreshments may be purchased. Officers include M. Emory Barner, Allentown, president; Mrs. Irma Wink Cressman, Bethlehem, secretary; and Wilda Fey, Tamaqua, treasurer.




Among the officers chosen at the

Wink reunion at Ontelaunee Park, New Tripoli, are Charles Ehrie, vice president, and Paul Swoyer, second vice president, of town. There was a large attendance of the descendants of Casper Wink, born in Mannheim, Germany, in 1693, who came to America as a youth. Next year's reunion will be held at Kutztown Park, the last Sunday in August.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Miller

(Helen Wink), Hamburg R. D. 3, in

the Reading hospital, a daughter.



Mrs. Clarence Hein and children'

Richard and Carolyn, Windsor Township, called on Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wink.




A daughter, Dorothy Helen, weighing seven pounds one ounce, was born at the Haff hospital, Northampton, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wink (Dorothy Helen Shirey), Weissport, formerly of town. Mr. Wink operates  the J. W. Heller Funeral Home, which he

purchased five years ago.




The funeral of Mrs. Elda Wink

Bleiler, 51, Bethlehem R. 4, formerly of Kutztown R. D., who died suddenly January 23rd, was held this afternoon at the Derr Funeral Home, Allentown Burial in Ziegel's Church cemetery.





John D. Wink, 68, loyal member of

St. John's Reformed Church, died

Tuesday at his home, 212 Highland

avenue, after a lingering illness. He

was a son of the late Jacob H and Matilda (Fegley) Wink, and was employed as a local shoe cutter for many years. He was a member of Charles A. Gerash Council United Order American Mechanics. One brother, Walter Wink, Allentown, survives, together with Mrs. Millie Wink, a sister-in-law, who shared the home. His funeral will be conducted Saturday at 1 p. m. at the Fritz Funeral Home, with further services at St. John's Church. The Rev. D. Horton Nace will officiate, and burial will be made in Hope cemetery.



The family of the late John Wink extends sincere thanks for floral tributes and expressions of sympathy from neighbors and friends in their recent bereavement.





The funeral of George W. Hollen-

bach, 83, a retired farmer who died

February 16th at his home in Fleet-

wood R. D. 2, after a lingering illness, will be held Friday at 1:30 p. m., in the Christ Funeral Home, Fleetwood, the Rev. John W. Bittner officiating, Burial in St. Paul's (Smoke) Cemetery near Hamburg

A native of Lenhartsville, he was a I

son of the late William and Carolina

(Yenser) Hollenbach. He was a member of the Lutheran Church.

He is survived by his wife, Katie

R. (Wink) Hollenbach; three children, William and Melvin, Fleetwood, and Mrs. Selos Heffner, Lyons; three great-grandchildren, and a sister, Mrs. Katie

Weisner, Kutztown R. D. 3.



A daughter was born in the Reading Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence

Wink (Helen Adams), Hamburg.



A second son was born April 17th to Mr. and Mrs. William Brown (Annabelle Wink) Trenton, N. J.,

whom they have named Randall Craig.




A daughter was born to Mr. and

Mrs. George A. Wink (Althea Meckes) 212 Highland avenue, in the Reading hospital. The little lady, who tipped the scales at six pounds nine ounces, is to be called Judy Larue.



Audrey Reifinger is visiting her aunt, Mrs. William Brown (nee Annabelle Wink), Trenton, N. J.




The following attended the Wink

reunion, held recently in the Kutztown Park: Mr. and Mrs, Albert Eschbach and children David and

Sharon Kay, Maxatawny, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Adams and children Jane and John, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Warmkessel and children Wayne and Brenda, Mrs. Hauptley, Topton, and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Grimes and daughter Gail, West Lawn.




Private funeral services for Donna

Elaine Miller, 18-month-old daughter of Earl and Helen (Wink) Miller, who died June 3rd at her home in Hamburg R. D. 3, were held Tuesday at 2:00 p. m. in the Burkey and Spacht Funeral Home, Hamburg. The Rev. Ernest F.

Andrews officiated and burial was in Fairview cemetery, Hamburg. Pneumonia followed an attack of measles. She is survived by her parents; two step-brothers, William Heller and Robert Miller, a step sister, Mary Jane Miller, Berne; the maternal grandparents, Walter and Mary (Miller) Wink, Hamburg; and the paternal grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Miller, Port Clinton



Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ketner and

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wink, Hamburg, called on Edwin Wink.





The late John D. F. Wink willed

$450 to St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church. Other distributions made of a balance of $8,970.12 include the following: Mrs. Millie Wink, claim, $525; Luther Solomon, and George Adam, $112.50 each; Mrs. Millie Wink, $450;  Adam Bailey: Warren, William and Edgar Bailey, Mary Peischel, Ella Jarret and Beulah Lantz, $18.75 each; personal representative of Walter Wink,

deceased, $3,547.56; Harvey Wink,

$591.26; Katie Wink Swoyer, $591.26; personal representative of Annie Wink Barner, $591.26; Carrie Wink Merkel, $591.26; Saucon Valley Trust Company, Hellertown, guardian of Kenneth Bleiler, a minor, $591.26; Eva Reifinger, Myrle Grim and George Wink,

$84.46 each; Irma Wink Cressman,

Annabel Wink Brown, Vivian Wink

Ruppert and Kutztown National Bank, guardian of Richard O. Wink, a minor, $84.47 each. Luther C. Schmehl, attorney.




The funeral of Edward A. Long, 70,

who died November 12 at his home on Kempton R. 2, was held this afternoon at 1:30, in the Stump and Weber Funeral Home, Kempton. Further services were conducted by the Revs. Craig Dorward and Clarence Rahn, in New Bethel Church, and burial was made in the Church cemetery. He was a son of the late Lewis and Lydia (Greenawalt) Long, and was a

member of the Lutheran congregation of New Bethel Church. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mamie Wink Long, a daughter, Mrs. Philip Eyer, at home, and two grandchildren.




Klinesville, a retired farmer who was killed in an automobile accident on Route 22 recently, left an estate valued at $30,000 in personal property and $2,500 in real estate, a house in Klinesville. A bequest of $1,000 was made to his houskeeper, Mrs. Nora Sweigert, who also died in the crash. The will sets aside $200 for the Lenhartsville Frieden's Church Cemetery Association for the upkeep of burial lots. The residue of the estate is divided equally among three children, Mrs. Ida M. Ketner, Mrs. Alice A. Rissmiller and Clarence F. Wink. Mrs. Ketner and the Kutztown National Bank are named executors.



Mrs. Millie Wink and Mr. and Mr.

Arthur Reifinger and family spent the day with Mr. and Mr. William Brown (nee Annabelle Wink) Trenton, N.J.





Robert W. Wink, funeral director,

Weissport, was recently appointed a

member of the Weissport Borough

Council. A former resident of College Hill, the youngest son of Mrs. Esther Wink and the late John Wink, he is the owner of a spacious funeral home, with a seating capacity of 275. The property also contains a warehouse, apartments and garages. The new councilman is a member of the board of directors of the Lehighton Youth Centre; and in August 1947 organized the Franklin Lions Club of Weissport, which he now serves as treasurer. He is a member of a number of

fraternal organizations and has served for three years as a deacon in St. Paul's Lutheran Church. He recently began a six-year term as Justice of the Peace.





The marriage of Vivian Wink,

daughter of Mrs. Millie Wink, and

Harry Hayer, former KSTC student,

was recently solemnized in a Reformed Church in Detroit, Michigan.The bride has accepted a position as dress and millinery salesman in an Ann Arbor department store. The bridegroom will receive a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science at the

University of Michigan in June, and

will remain there until 1951, to complete his Master of Science requirements. "We were fortunate enough to locate a nice apartment here in Ann Arbor," the bride writes. "It is spacious and modernly furnished, and we are very fond of it. Thomas (her son by a former marriage) attends a day nursery nearby. He is growing up fast, and learns more week by week."




Funeral services for Elizabeth (Dunn), 73, wife of Alfred Wink, who died March 17th at her home in Stony Run, were conducted Wednesday at 2:00 p. m. in the Stump and Weber Funeral Home, Kempton. The Rev. A. L. Brumbach officiated and burial was made in Frieden's cemetery, Stony Run.

She was a daughter of the late James and Mary (Moyer) Dunn.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by four children; Mrs. Clarence Gehringer, William Wink, Kempton R. D. 1; Mrs. Chester Adam, Lenhartsville; and Mrs. James Minnick, Tamaqua R. D. 1; ten grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren; two brothers, Weston Dunn, Orwigsburg, and Charles Dunn, Tamaqua R. D. 1; and a sister, Mrs. John Schsffer, West Catasuqua.




87, widow of James Warmkessel, died recently at her home in Pottstown. She was a native of Kutztown.




The funeral of Mrs. Carrie Wink

Merkel, 64, wife of Irvin K. Merkel,

who died yesterday at her home, 17

East Main street, will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. at the Schaeffer Funeral Home. The Rev. D. Horton Nace will officiate. Burial in Hope cemetery. A daughter of the late George and Isabella (Kemmerling) Wink, she was a member of St. John's Reformed Church. Surviving besides her husband are three children, George and Ella, at home; and Mrs. Arthur Youse, of town; two grandchildren; two greatgrandchildren; a brother, Harry Wink, Emmaus; and a sister, Mrs. Katie Swoyer, of town.




Rain or shine the 17th annual Wink

reunion will be held Sunday, August

27th. at 1 p. m., at Camp Comfort,

along route 143, at Lenhartsville.

Officers are Charles Ehrie, Kutztown, president; Mrs. Raymond Wink, Reading, secretary; Wilda Fey, Tamaqua, treasurer; and Mrs. Emory Barner, Allentown, historian.




John A. Wink, 65, who died August 26th. at his home in Reading, was

the stepson of Nathan Snyder, and

brother of Homer, Arthur and Paul

Snyder, all of New Tripoli.




Funeral services for Mrs. John

Wink (Annie Miller), 64, Hamburg,

who died September 14th in the

Reading Hospital, were conducted

Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. in the Burkey

and Spacht Funeral Home, Hamburg. The Rev. Ernest Andrews officiated and burial was made in St.

John's cemetery. A native of Albany township, she was a daughter of the late Albert and Sarah (Wisser) Miller. She was a member of the Auxiliary of the Hamburg O. of I. A. Lodge, and the Hamburg Women of the Moose. In addition to her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Howard Snyder, Hamburg; a son, Ralph, Blandon; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and a brother, Eugene Miller, Missouri.




Funeral services for Charles J. Bear,

76, New Tripoli R. D. 1, who died

August 19th in the Allentown Hospital after a short illness, were conducted Wednesday at 1:30 p. m., in the Keller Funeral Home, New Tripoli. Burial was made in the Wessnersville cemetery.  A native of Upper Macungie township, he was a son of the late Wilson and Ellen (Kuhns) Bear. He was employed by the State Highway Department for the past 12 years, prior to which he was a farmer in Lynn township. His wife, Sallie Ann (Wink), died in 1943, and two brothers, Henry and Edward, also preceded him in death. He is survived by two daughters,

Mrs. Russell Leslie, Stony Run; and Mrs. William Acker, New Tripoli R.

D. 1; a sister, Cora Binder, Coopers-

burg; three brothers, Robert, Benjamin and Alfred, Allentown; also 13 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.



Officers for 1950-51 were introduced at the first meeting of the

Future Homemakers of America.

They include Ruth Moyer, president; Alice Bailey, secretary; Shirley Miller, treasurer; Betty Wink, historian; Jean Reidenhour, reporter; and Mary Jo Gallagher,

parliamentarian. The office of vice

president remains open.




accepted a position as assistant director and embalmer at the LeRoy Peterson funeral parlor, at Temple.




For the first time in years all the

seven children of Mrs. Millie Wink

celebrated Christmas together. The

reunion was held at the home of

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reifinger.

Others present were Mr and Mrs.

Harry Hayer and son Thomas, Ann

Arbor, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs.

David Grim and daughter Linda,

Hancock; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cressman, Bethlehem; Mr. and Mrs. William Brown and sons Barry Lee and Randolph, Richard Wink, Trenton, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. George Wink and daughter Judy, and the Reifingers, of town.

Mrs. Wink returned to Trenton

with Mrs. Brown for the week, and

will spend New Year's Day in Bethlehem.




1951 – 1999



A daughter, Christine Carol,

weighing 7 1/2 pounds, was born the day before Christmas to William

and Annabelle (Wink) Brown, Trenton, N. J. Her big brothers, Barry Lee, aged 4 1/2, and Randolph, 3 1/2, are delighted. And Grandma Millie Wink is with them.





The strawberry festival of Becker's St. Peter's Church School will

be held on Saturday, June 14th.

Music will be furnished by the

Jan's Accordion Cadets, Pottstown.

The waitresses include Mrs. Dorothy Hodgkins, Mrs. Lizzie Balsbaugh, Mrs. Stella Hill Mrs. Carrie Kline, Betty Wink, June Fegely and Melba Herbein.




The funeral of Mrs. Annie (Muth-

ard) Hollenbach, 62, Stony Run,

widow of James Hollenbach, who

died on September 19th, in the Allentown Hospital, was held Tuesday at 1:30 P. M., in the Fritz and Kendall Funeral Home. Further services in Frieden's Church, Stony

Run, the Rev. A. L. Brumbach officiating. Burial was in the adjoining cemetery. A native of Berks county, she was a daughter of the late Charles and Mary (Wink) Muthard and was last employed by the Wenton Shoe Manufacturing Co., Inc. She was a member of the Evangelical and Reformed congregation of Frieden's Church; its choir, Aid Society and Church School. She is survived by a daughter, Lovie Kistler, Allentown; a grandson; and two brothers, Oscar, Lenhartsville, R. D.; and Joshua,





Daughter of John and Catharine (Billman) Wink. Mother of George H. Riegel is survived by granddaughter Grace (Wink) Berube, great-grandson Harold George Berube and two sisters Rose Yoder, Kate Lutz.




A son was born in the Allentown Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wink. New Tripoli R. D. 2.




Mrs. Millie Wink is spending

some time with her son-in-law and

daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W.

Hayer, Burbank, California. Enroute she stopped at Salt Lake City, and in Los Angeles.




a graduate of Kutztown High school, and Charles H. Lesher, an alumnus of Shillington High school, are engaged. The bride-to-be is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Wink, Fleetwood R. 2, and Mr. Lesher is a son of Pierce Lesher, and the late Mrs. Ada Lesher, Adamstown.




During her ten-week trip to California, chiefly to welcome her newest grandson, Trygve Reginal Hayer, born to Harry and Vivian

(Wink) Hayer, Burbank, she visited the former Kutztonians.




And Charles Lesher Wed

Frieden's church, Lenhartsville,

was the scene of the recent marriage of Betty Jennie Wink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin W. Wink.

Fleetwood R. 2, and Charles H.

Lesher, son of Pierce Lesher and

the late Mrs. Ada Lesher. The ceremony was solemnized by the Rev. Glenn Flinchbaugh.

Attendants were Jo Ann Lesher.

maid of honor; Mrs. Ethel Lesher

and Mrs. Amy Folk, bridesmaids;

Arlene Wink and Brenda Witman.

flower girls; Timothy Fritz, ring-

bearer; and Lester Wink, best man.

The guests were seated by Lee Folk and Chester Witman. Nuptial music was rendered by Mrs. Donald Litzenberger, organist, and Mrs. Chester Witman, soloist. The altar was adorned with white carnations.

The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore a ballet-length gown of silk embroidered lace and net, with a lace jacket. Her silk-embroidered veil fell from a coronet, and she carried white carnations centered with a white orchid. Her attendants chose ballet-length gowns of yellow, green and orchid net, respectively, with matching picture hats, and carried colonial bouquets of carnations and roses. The bride's mother was attired in a pale blue dress with white accessories, and her corsage was of red roses.

The reception, which was largely

attended, was held in the Adams-

town Fire Hall. The couple is spending a honeymoon in Florida. For going away the bride chose a blue plaid dress with white accessories. On their return the two will reside at 209 West Main street. Adamstown. The bride is an alumna of KHS. The bridegroom, a graduate of Shillington High school, is employed by G. H. Bishop, Adamstown.





Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hayer (Vivian Wink) have moved from Burbank to Covina, California, where they have purchased "a lovely home". We are now in the San Gabriel Valley, in the middle of orange groves, which will be a wonderful place for our two boys to grow up. I am awfully excited about it all. "We had some Kutztown folks stop in to see us and sure enjoyed talking about the home town. They were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hoch, who belong to St. John's Reformed. I was also surprised with some callers from Boston, Mass., whom I had never met before, but are dear friends of my sister Irma. With them I enjoyed talking about my family. They had met all of my sisters and brothers before, and now they know us all.

"Here's my new address, 4637

North Ellen Drive, Covina. I do

not want to miss one single issue

of the Patriot. Wednesday afternoon

is Patriot day for me. If I read it

once I read it five times!"




The funeral of Robert W. Wink,

43, former Weissport funeral director, councilman and justice of the peace, who died on the Fourth of

July at his home on College Hill,

was held Tuesday afternoon at the

Francis Seidel Funeral Home,

Reading. The Rev. William Miller

officiated. Burial in Hope cemetery.

A native of Maxatawny township,

he was a son of Mrs. Elizabeth

(Cressman) Wink and the late John

Wink. He was a graduate of KSTC,

the Eckel's School of Embalming,

Philadelphia, and operated funeral

homes at Elverson and Weissport.

He belonged to the Eagles, Orioles,

Oak Grove Council FPA and the

Lehighton Legion. Besides his mother he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy (Shirey) Wink; a daughter Dorothy Helen, at home; and two brothers, David, Scranton, and Charles, Reading.



Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brown

(Annabelle Wink) have moved to

5305 Laurene street, Flint, Michigan.




Kemp Apartments, observed her 81st birthday.



Easter at 10:15 A.M.

Charles Edwin Metrolis and Carl

Charles Wink.



George Wink, attendant at Herman's Service Station, was bound and robbed by three armed men.





Clarence A. Hein was elected

president of the Wink family at the clan's annual reunion at Camp

Comfort. Lenhartsville. Others

elected include Samuel Kaby and

Paul Schwoyer, vice presidents; Mrs. Warren Rabert, secretary; and

Mrs Lee Adam, treasurer. Prizes were awarded to the following Fred Wink, Lenhartsville, oldest man: Mrs. Rose Yoder, Hamburg, oldest woman; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wink. Emmaus, longest married couple and largest family; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rabert, Kempton. most recently wed; and George Bechtel Jr., Hamburg, youngest child




Walter N. Wink Jr., 22. of State

Farm. Hamburg, and Doris M. Keller, 21. Hamburg R. 1.




The funeral of Joshua Muthard,

who died November 22nd at his

home at Slatedale along Kempton

R 2, will be held Friday at 1:30

P M. at the Nester Funeral Home,

Jacksonville. The Rev. Lester D.

Brown will officiate. Burial will be

in Frieden's cemetery, Stony Run.

A native of Lynn township, he

was a son of the late Charles and

Mary (Wink) Muthard and was a

member of the Evangelical and Re

formed congregation of Frieden's

church, Stony Run. He was self-

employed as a saddler and shoe repairman. Surviving are a brother, Orville, Lenhartsville R. 1, and several nieces and nephews.




The funeral of G. Edward Warmkessel, 72, Pottstown, who died January 15th in the Memorial hospital, was held Tuesday at the

Houck Funeral Home, Pottstown.

Burial was in Edgewood cemetery.

He was a native of Kutztown and

was a son of the late James and

Anna (Wink) Warmkessel.




The funeral of John Yoder, 68,

husband of Mrs. Alice (Stoudt)

Yoder, who died January 16th at

his home along Hamburg R 1, will

be held Friday at 1:00 P.M. at the

Naftzinger Funeral Home, Center-

port. Further services will be conducted at Frieden's church, Shar-

tlesville, Rev. Dr. Frank W. Ruth

officiating. Burial will be in the

adjoining cemetery. A native of Albany township, he was a son of Mrs. Rosa (Wink) and the late Jacob Yoder and was a member of the Evangelical and Reformed congregation of Frieden's.



The Rev. T. H. Bachman, pastor of New Tripoli Evangelical and Reformed Charge, will speak at the

Lynn-Heidelberg school eighth grade commencement Saturday at 8:00 P.M. Charles Poust is valedictorian and Joyce Rabert, salutatorian. Other members of the class are etc. and Willard Wink.




The funeral of Mrs. Maude

(Yoder) Hill, 67, wife of Joseph

Hill, who died June 20th at her

home at West Hamburg, was held

this afternoon at the Burkey &

Spacht Funeral Home, Hamburg.

The Rev. Ernest F. Andrews officiated. Burial was in St. Michael's cemetery, Tilden township. A native of Lynn township, she was a daughter of Rosa (Wink) and the late Jacob Yoder and was a member of First Evangelical and Reformed church, Hamburg. Surviving besides her husband and mother are three sons: Paul, of town; Luther, Hamburg R. 3; and Roy, at home, two daughters. Mrs. Herbert Moyer, Hamburg R. 2, and Betty, at home, five grand-children, two great-grandchildren, a brother, James, Hamburg R. 1, and two sisters, Mrs. Edward Bachman, of town, Mrs. ??, Hamburg.



Mrs. George Graham (Ida Warmkessel) Pottstown, grand-daughter of the late D. A. G. Wink, of town, stopped at the Patriot office, and renewed former acquaintances.




Camp Comfort, Lenhartsville, will

be the scene of the 22nd annual

Wink Reunion Sunday at 2:00 P.M.

A varied program will be presented and music will be furnished by

the Ruth Lesher Orchestra. The officers are Clarence Hein, president; Samuel Kaley, vice president; Mrs. Lee Adam, treasurer; and Mrs. Warren Rabert, secretary.




The funeral of Levi H. Wink, 83,

husband of Mabel Wink, who died

October 29th at his home on Kempton, R. 1, was held Wednesday at the Nester Funeral Home, Jacksonville. Burial was in Frieden's church cemetery, Stony Run.

A native of Albany township, he

was a son of the late Philip and

Rebecca (Wagaman) Wink and was

a member of the Evangelical and

Reformed congregation of Frieden's

church, Stony Run. He was a farmer

all his life.

Surviving besides his wife is a

son, Charles, at home, and a

brother, Alfred, Lenhartsvilie.





The funeral of Alfred A. Wink. 85, Lenhartsville, who died Jan. 19 in the Allentown hospital, was held Monday at the Stump and Weber Funeral Home, Kempton. The Rev. Lester D. Brown officiated. Burial was in Frieden's church cemetery, Stony Run. He was a son of the late Philip and Rebecca (Wagaman) Wink and was a member of the Evangelical and Reformed congregation of Frieden's church. Stony Run. Surviving are three daughters: Mrs. Chester Adam. Lenhartsville, with whom he resided; Mrs. Clarence Gehringer, Kempton, R. 1, and Mrs. James Minnick, Tamaqua, a son, William, Kempton, R. 1, nine grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. His wife, Elizabeth (Dunn) Wink, preceded him in death.




The Rev. Jacob W. Bittner, St.

John's Lutheran church. Kutztown,

will speak at the 23rd annual Wink

Family reunion Sunday, August 26,

at 1:30 p.m. at the Kutztown Park.

Music will be furnished by the Ruth Lesher players. Mrs. Anna WINK

Walters, Emmaus, is clan president.




The funeral of Llewellyn Wink,

64, World War I veteran, who died

of a heart attack Aug. 24 at Kun

kel's Mill, Kempton, R. I, where he

was employed, was held Tuesday at

the Nester Funeral Home Jacksonville. The Rev. Lester D. Brown officiated. Burial was in Frieden's church cemetery, Stony Run. A native of Lynn township, he

was a son of the late William and

Martha (Heintzelman) Wink, and

was a member of the E and R. congregation of Frieden's church.

Stony Run, Kempton Fire Company and Hoch-Balthaser Post, American Legion, Kutztown. He was employed at the mill for the past 25 years. Surviving are five sisters: Mrs. Llewellyn Dietrich and Mrs. Mamie Long, Kutztown; Mrs. Mabel Wink, Kempton, R. 1; Mrs. John Bailey. Kempton, R. 2. and Mrs. Albert Hein, Emmaus, three brothers: Dewey, New Tripoli, R. 1; Earl. Bernville, and Paul, Lenhartsville, R. 1, and a number of nieces and nephews.




The funeral of M. Emory Barner,

66, retired principal of the Herbst

Elementary school, Allentown, who

died Aug. 31 in Allentown hospital,

was held Wednesday at the Burkholder Funeral Home, Allentown. Burial was in Hope cemetery, Kutztown. A native of Weisenberg township, he was a son of the late Francis and Lenora (Dietrich) Barner and was a member of St. John's Lutheran church, Allentown. He attended Weisenberg and Maxatawny township schools and Keystone State Normal School (KSTCi and served as a teacher in Zwoyer's school, Maxatawny township. He was graduated from Muhlenberg college in 1916. He was a veteran of World War I and was principal of the Stevens School, Allentown. 1916 to 1922. He was named principal at the Herbst school in 1922 and served until his retirement in 1953. His wife, Mrs. Annie Belle (Wink) and a daughter, Evelyn Osobel, preceded him in death. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Anthen Kunkel, Kutztown, two brothers, Raymond Barner, Brownsville, and Richmond, Somerset, a niece, Mrs. Lloyd Berger, Kutztown, and a nephew, Paul Kunkel, Emmaus.




The funeral of Benjamin A Cressman, 81, Kutztown, who was

fatally stricken in the Keystone

Hotel Mar. 8th, was held Tuesday at the Fritz and Kendall Funeral Home. The Rev. Jacob w. Bittner officiated. Burial was in Hope

cemetery. A native of Easton, he was a son of the late Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Cressman and was a member of St. John's Lutheran church and the

Social Club, Kutztown. Surviving are his widow. Mrs. Clara (Schlenker) Cressman. And a sister, Mrs. Esther Wink, both of Kutz- town.




The funeral of Edgar P. Wink,

76, Reading, native of Kutztown, who died Mar. 30 in Community General hospital, was held this afternoon at the Auman, Inc., Funeral Home. Reading. Burial was in Charles Evans cemetery. He was a son of the late Cornelius and Catherine (Moyer) Wink and was a retired petty officer of the U. S. Navy, having served in both World Wars.



The annual Wink Family reunion

will be held Sunday at Kutztown

Park. There will be a program and

games and contests.





Mrs. William Brown, the former

Annabelle Wink. Kutztown, is not

only a deacon at a Presbyterian

church in Flint, Mich., but a member of the choir. She recently visited her mother, Mrs. Millie Wink and other relatives in Kutztown and vicinity, in company with her husband and their children Barry Lee, Randall and Christine. She attended St. Johns Brand R. church. Sunday morning, where she previously sang in the choir. She also sang with a musical group when she was in the WAVES. While in Kutztown she was a copy holder in the proof room of the Kutztown Publishing Company.




The funeral of Oscar Charles Muthard, 71, who died June 12 in his Lenhartsville R. 1 home, will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Nester

Funeral Home, Jacksonville The

Rev. Merrill Q. Ressler will offi-

ciate. Burial will be in Frieden's

church cemetery, Stony Run.

A native of Lynn township, he'

was a son of the late Charles and

Mary (Wink) Muthard and was a

member of the Evangelical Reformed congregation of Frieden's

church, Stony Run, the Lynnport

and Kempton fire companies and

their beneficial associations, and

the Hamburg fire company.

He is survived by several nieces

and nephews.




Announcement is made of the

engagement of Shirley Wink.

Kempton R. 1, to Ronald Behler,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Behler, Breinigsville R. I. Miss Wink attended Northwestern High School, near New Tripoli, and her fiance attended Parkland High School. Both are employed by Quaker Shoe Co., Allentown.




Two Kempton. R 2 women were slightly injured in a two-car collision at 13th and Tilghman St., Allentown. last week They were Mrs. James George, driver of the one car, who suffered two cracked ribs, and Mrs. Victor Wink, a cracked rib. They were treated in Allentown Hospital The other car was driven by a Feastersville man.





Frieden's Church, Stony Run, was the scene of the recent marriage of Shirley Ann Wink, daughter of William and the late Mrs. Wink. Kempton R. 1, and Ronald Gene Behler, son of Mr and Mrs. Lester Behler, Lenhartsville  R. 1. The ceremony was solemnized by the

Rev Craig J Dorward, Jonestown

The bride attended Northwestern High School, near New Tripoli, and the bridegroom attended Parkland High School. Both are employed by Quaker Shoe Co., Allentown.




The funeral of Mrs. Sallie L.

(Yoder) Bachman, 61, wife of

Edwin Bachman, Lyons, who

died Feb. 2 in Reading Hospital,

was held this afternoon in the

Fritz Kendall Funeral Home,

Kulztown The Rev. Merrill Q.

Ressler officiated. Burial was in

Jacobs Church Cemetery, Jacksonville. A native of Hamburg, she was a daughter of the late Jacob and Rosa 'Wink' Yoder and was a

member of the Lyons Fire Company Auxiliary and the United Church of Christ. Surviving besides her husband are these children: Ralph Bachman. Topton; Calvin and Mrs.

Edna Reitnauer, Kutztown, Mrs

Earl Muth, Kutztown R .1. and

Pauline, Edwin and Elton, all at home. 13 grandchildren, a brother and a sister, James Yoder and Mrs. Kate Ressler, both of Hamburg.




Aug. 24: Griesemer, Wink and Meek Reunions.




Kutztown Park will be the

scene Sunday of the 25th annual

reunion of the Wink family. Activities will begin at 2 p.m. and

there will be games for young and old. Clan members are to bring a basket lunch.





Election of officers was featured at the recent 25th annual reunion of the Wink Family at Kutztown Park. Approximately 165 were in attendance. Games and contests were enjoyed and prizes were awarded. The officers are: Mrs. Annie Wink Walters. Emmaus, who was reelected president; Wilda Fey,

Tamaqua, and Charles Ehrie,

Kutztown, vice presidents; Stanley Hein, Emmaus, secretary; Clarence Hein, Lenhartsville, treasurer; Mrs. Eva Reiflnger, Kutztown, historian, and Chester Adams, Kutztown, reservationist. The 1959 reunion will be held at Lenhartsville.






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