AGENDA 21 LOGO-100.pngAgenda 21 is not the “Bill of Rights”. It is not “The Declaration of Independence”. And it is not the “U.S. Constitution”. It has never been decided on by the American people that “Agenda 21” should be our new bible. Our guiding light into the 21st century. It is being pushed on us by a bunch of self righteous elitist like Nancy Pelosi. It empowers those who agree and indoctrinates those who do not, and you are going to think you are having a bad dream when it comes into your home.

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The Transition Town Network is a non-profit in England and from them originates the entire concept of their network.


“A Transition town, or more generally a transition initiative, is a grassroot community project that seeks to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability by creating local groups that uphold the values of the transition network.”  WIKIPEDIA







“For the second year running, Transition Town Kinsale has won a Local Agenda 21 grant. The Department of the Environment, in conjunction with Cork County Council has allocated €1,500 towards our sustainability centre. Now, while we don’t actually have a sustainability centre yet, we will use the funds to purchase some office equipment which will help make the running of TTK events and projects that little bit easier and which will end up in our sustainability centre eventually.


Local Agenda 21 is a process for supporting sustainable development at local and community levels and was adopted by more than 178 governments at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.”


April 28, 2006 Willits comes to Kinsale     AGENDA 21 LOGO-100.png









There is a group who resides in Lake County who is not satisfied with the way America has done things for over two hundred years and now they want to “transition” us into their vision of how we should all live. They have their own Website and Facebook page and have linked up with a nationwide transition group which is based on the Transition Network out of England who supports Agenda 21 (the socialist America haters from the UNs’ hand book on how to undermine America’s freedom). 


It always leads back to Agenda 21.


The existence of this group came as a surprise to me as I am a one man band and can’t keep my eyes on everything and this one slipped right by me and it is right here in my backyard.


Anyway, after receiving an alert from Freedom Advocates telling me what was taking place I immediately began my research into this local group and it took little effort to find the footprints of collectivism and Agenda 21 all over this “transition movement”.


So without doubt we can say Transitioning Lake County is about instituting the ideals and philosophy of the United Nations into the lives of the citizens of Lake County through a process called Agenda 21 – sustainable development.


So along with Federal DOT & Caltrans with their Lake County Regional Blueprint and SR29EFS programs we now can add Transition Lake County to the list of America haters.


And another thing we have learned is that their reasoning for wanting to change how we Americans live is based on the flawed science and myth of Global Warming or Climate Change which is being advanced by none other than the United Nations the very same perpetrator of Agenda 21.  As well as, yesterday’s science about hydrocarbons and the misnomer “fossil fuels” and “peak oil”.


Deductive reasoning then tells us that the aim of “transitioning” is to move societies in America from capitalism to socialism and to remove individual rights for collective rights via Agenda 21 which is a process that is anti-American.


As a side note America’s first Transition Town (as stated on the Transition Town Kinsale Website) is a not too distant neighbor of ours, Willits. Will we be joining them as Transition Town Middletown?



Transition Town Middletown: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally


reprinted from the Harbin Quarterly, Spring 2011

-by Rebecca Rees, Transition Lake County


The Transition Movement for local resilience, which originated in 2005 in an Irish college permaculture course, is one of the fastest-growing grassroots movements on the planet. And Middletown, the last little town (population 1,000, elevation 1,110 the sign says) you come through on your way to Harbin Hot Springs, just took its first step to joining the global Transition Network, with a screening at Middletown Methodist Church of the film “The Turning Point.” 


“As you watch this film of Transition Towns in Scotland, we invite you to consider these two essential Transition questions: What do you envision for our community? And what are you willing to create?” said the speaker introducing the Transition Town film to the Middletown audience.


The film features an international conference at the Findhorn Community Eco-Village. Long time lovers of intentional community will remember this now-venerable New Age community, founded on a trailer park off a windswept Scottish beach and famous for its magnificent Findhorn Garden nourished by seaweed and co-operation with the “nature devas” of each plant. The Middletown Methodist church sanctuary was packed, and members of the audience included, of course, many Harbinites, who have been practicing ecological living and building local community for decades. (members of FIC)


In fact, the first Re-Skilling class for Transition Lake County was a home workshop offered back in December by a Harbina: a class on acorn-gathering and preparation taught by “Acorn Annie,” Harbin Quarterly Editor Ann Prehn. “I just want to teach people not to be afraid of acorns!” Ann said at the workshop, her face beaming as she served up her savory hot acorn loaf made from the Valley Oak acorns which were once the winter staple of the local Pomo people. In the Transition film, the Findhorn Eco-Village embodies the movement vision of “Going Local” to build community resilience in the face of the three challenges of our time: Peak Oil, disastrous climate change, and a failing global economy. Set against a background of green Scottish hills, this inspiring film shows a windmill park producing all the community’s energy, local businesses of bakery and dairy producing yummy-looking bread and great wheels of cheese, local currency, car clubs, greywater processing, Community- Supported-Agriculture farms plowed by massive draft horses, and a permaculture garden foraged by a self-described “Feral Elder.” The film is enhanced by interviews with pink-cheeked locals speaking with a strong Scottish burr, as well as with Buddhist activist Joanna Macy and Transition founder Rob Hopkins.


After the film the Middletown audience was addressed by representatives of local workgroups: Local Food Middletown, Re-Skilling, and the Lake County Energy Co-op, as well as by a local Grange president, also a Transitioner. Members of the Harbin community joined our Transition workgroups. The face of one Harbina lit up as she described her investigation into local energy co-ops and offered to share her knowledge with our Local Energy group. Watch out, PG&E! Here comes LCEC!


More information about the local and national Transition movement may be found at and Find or found your local Transition Town!




Why do American citizens want to institute policy and lifestyle changes upon their fellow Americans which are the product of the America haters from the United Nations?


Why are some Americans rushing from freedom for all to serfdom for all? Do they just not know or do they really hate America?




·         Their Facebook page:


Here is how they describe their Facebook page:


“Transition Lake County (TLC) is a network of citizen-leaders working together to co-create a healthier, happier, more resilient community and local economy.


We are part of a global movement of Transition Towns, where local people are working together to build durable communities capable of responding to the challenges of peak oil, climate change, and economic insecurity.


By taking action now, together, we are actively building the Lake County we want to live in -- a place where we (and our children and grandchildren) will be safe to live, play, and authentically enjoy our existence.


What do you want to create? What is your passion? Join us in the joyful work of building resilient community!”


Do you suppose this fits their plan?

“It’s a beautiful early fall morning in 2030. Walking out of my small new house in the Kelseyville Senior Housing Village, where I retired recently with my husband, I head for my favorite coffee shop located on the downtown plaza, a few blocks away. Along the way, I’m passed by groups of kids bicycling in the bike lane on their way to school. The sidewalk is shaded by big trees, which is good because it’ll be hot later today! A few friends join me for coffee, then we head for the senior center.

Meanwhile, my husband spends his morning up on Cobb Mountain enjoying a round of golf before going to his part-time job at the hardware store.


At the senior center, we board the shuttle bus, joining others from communities along the north shore to all go to Clear Lake State Park. Today’s excursion includes our choice of a guided bird watching hike, or renting kayaks for a leisurely paddle along the shores of Clear Lake to enjoy the fall colors.


As my friend and I select our two person kayak, we see students from schools throughout the county gathering at the outdoor Education Pavilion, ready to learn about all the plants and animals found in the Park.
On my way home later that afternoon, I go by the elementary school to walk my granddaughter home from school, which means a quick stop at the local market for an ice cream cone! Later her Mom stops by from her job at the hospital in Clearlake to take her to soccer practice. After such an active day, it’s time to sit in the garden and enjoy the late afternoon sun going down. Strangely enough, I didn’t need to hop in the car all day!

I like this life!!”


The source for this story:


The administrator of their Facebook page is Nils Palsson who describes himself as:Shaman, Warrior, Lover, King at Mt. Konoctiand there are 556 members. Many members whose names you will recognize.




Hedy Montoya

Elizabeth R. Larson

Rick Hamilton

Anthony W. Farrington

Joey Luiz

Lisa Kaplan

Greta Zeit

Victoria Brandon

East Lake Grange

Denise Rushing

Marsha Huff


Obviously I didn’t take the time to view all 556 members. These were from maybe the first 100 viewed.


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