AGENDA 21 LOGO-100.pngAgenda 21 is not the “Bill of Rights”. It is not “The Declaration of Independence”. And it is not the “U.S. Constitution”. It has never been decided on by the American people that “Agenda 21” should be our new bible. Our guiding light into the 21st century. It is being pushed on us by a bunch of self righteous elitist like Nancy Pelosi. It empowers those who agree and indoctrinates those who do not, and you are going to think you are having a bad dream when it comes into your home.

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You’ve Met Transition Lake County Now Meet A Soviet!


What is a soviet?


The Definition of a Soviet:

·         A soviet is a system of councils that report to an apex council and implement a predetermined outcome, often by consensus, affecting a region or neighborhood.

Members of a soviet council are chosen by virtue of their willingness to comply with that outcome and their one-mindedness with the group

·         Soviets are the operating mechanism of a government-controlled economy, whether it be socialism or government-corporate ("public-private") partnerships


Now a quote from United Nations' Agenda 21, Chapter 7:


·         “Promoting Sustainable Human Settlement Development”
Sub (g) “Empower community groups, non-governmental organizations and individuals to assume the authority and responsibility for managing and enhancing their immediate environment through participatory tools, techniques and approaches embodied in the concept of environmental care."

House Resolution HR353RFS states:


·         (B) The United States Government should encourage and facilitate, at all levels of community and sectors of society, appropriate means for adopting individual Agenda 21 plans of action, including the establishment of local, county, State, business, and other boards and commissions for achieving sustainable development. Each member of the Congress should help initiate this process within their States or districts.





September 13, 1996




·         The March 1996 PCSD (President’s Council for Sustainable Development) report, "Sustainable America--A New Consensus for Prosperity, Opportunity, and a Healthy Environment for the Future," includes recommendations for USDA to enhance its role, individually and in partnership with others, in sustaining the productivity and quality of agricultural and natural resource goods and services, the natural resource base and ecological systems, and the economic and social vitality of rural communities.


·         The philosophy, concepts and principles of sustainable development, involving the balancing of environmental quality, economic development, and the vitality of rural communities, shall be incorporated, as appropriate, into all appropriate Department regulations, policies, and programs, including strategic planning documents, work plans, and performance appraisals. Each agency head shall implement the programs for which the agency head is responsible in ways that are consistent with this policy on sustainable development.

So where should I start? How about the Upper Putah Creek Watershed?

This is from their website:


·         2007 “The Upper Putah Creek watershed project is a joint effort of the Upper Putah Creek Stewardship committee, East Lake Resource Conservation District (RCD), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Together, this interagency and interdisciplinary group is working to resolve natural resources issues, such as flooding and endangered species, with an integrated management approach, working to achieve a healthy watershed ecosystem.”


·         Today their partners are: PARTNERS INCLUDED: DOC • CARCD • USDA NRCSDWRCALFED Bay Delta Watershed Committee • Lake County • State of California District Attorney – Environmental Department Yolo County RCD • East Lake RCDCDFAUSFSBLM• Lake County Historical Society • Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District • State Water Resources Control Board • RWQCB • Sierra Club • Middle Creek CRMP • local watershed councils • Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians • Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians • Big Valley Rancheria • CA Fire Safe Council • Lake County Fire Safe Council • CAL FIRE • Mt. Konocti Conservation Camp • local homeowners’ associations • UCCE • Rose Foundation • Upper Putah Creek Stewardship



Did you notice, not one elected representative body is listed there. In fact we didn’t vote to empower the Upper Putah Creek Watershed; they just took it as any good soviet council would.

Further they state:


·         2007 “The Upper Putah Creek a volunteer community-based non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of, and the public education about, the Upper Putah Creek Watershed.

It is a group of concerned citizens and technical agencies that have taken a coordinated management approach to preserve and improve the conditions of the watershed.”

In the name of environmentalism these groups promote community rights over your individual rights yet there is no such thing as community rights in our governing documents. You show me where the Bill of Rights addresses community rights over individual rights and I won’t call these folks soviets, change agents and un-American.

If they want to represent me then I want some say so over who does it and how it is done and that is called an election.

So the next time UPCS ask you for money ask them when we all can vote on the by-laws, vote on how they run their non-profit and vote on who sits on the board. No election, NO MONEY!

By the way, you shouldn’t have to join, you already live here and in this country, if you are registered to vote in the area affected that's all that is required.

Of course Upper Putah Creek Stewardship is not about our form of democracy, it is a soviet style council comrade.


And why I have your attention take a look at Fire Safe Councils.


Didn’t the UPCS and the South Lake Fire Safe Council do fund raisers together?


Remember, without citizen collaboration, Agenda 21 fails.


© Bill Wink 2007 (Edited Dec. 2015)



They stole your vote!


Why do I make this statement about something that seems to be so Utopian? (2. often capitalized : a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions)   A “Fire Safe Council”, a council that focuses on being “fire safe”.


Why, because we the people did not ask for them, we don’t need them, we didn’t start them, but yet somehow we have them, we pay for them and we can’t make them go away.  And there is a very obvious reason why, Agenda 21.


In my county in California we have fire districts.  My district is the South Lake County Fire Protection District and it provides fire protection and emergency medical response services.  It has an elected board of directors that I get to vote for and it must follow the meeting procedures laid out under the Brown Act. It is funded through public funds (taxes) over which some funds we have a say.  My district is not unlike the majority of fire service districts in California. 


Then we have the California Fire Safe Councils which are Agenda 21 in action.


The California Fire Safe Councils are registered with the IRS as charitable organizations. (11/28/05) They are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) acting like governmental organizations.  They are supported by the federal government through departments like the BLM, the National Parks Service, the U. S. Forest Service, and the U. S. Department of the Interior under Presidential Executive Order No. 12852 June 29, 1993 which formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development that directed all federal departments to institute Sustainable Development – Agenda 21.  And YOU-CAN’T-TOUCH-THEM.  Oh they sound very good and their purpose is commendable but why are they beyond your reach?


We are not talking about your local elected fire board, we are talking about a citizen group that has been empowered to by-pass the fire board, by-pass county government, by-pass state government and go directly to the federal government.  Maybe that hasn’t happened in your town yet because they may have to answer for some local funding, however, when the time comes, the avenue is there.


Why are these NGOs empowered to by-pass local government?  If we need Fire Safe Councils why not set them up under local government control?  Why not let you vote in open ballot on who on this council represents you?  Why not have them meet under the oversight of the Brown Act?  Why not make them answer to the public? And why haven’t they stopped these last years of disastrous fires in California? 


Because their purpose is not saving your property, it’s about controlling your property. If these councils were in the private sector and their performance evaluation was based on the last years fire disasters in California, they would be fired for ineffectiveness.


Agenda 21: “Where members of councils determine how you will live your everyday life.  Where neighbor reports on neighbor over non-compliance.” 

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