AGENDA 21 LOGO-100.pngAgenda 21 is not the “Bill of Rights”. It is not “The Declaration of Independence”. And it is not the “U.S. Constitution”. It has never been decided on by the American people that “Agenda 21” should be our new bible. Our guiding light into the 21st century. It is being pushed on us by a bunch of self righteous elitist like Nancy Pelosi. It empowers those who agree and indoctrinates those who do not, and you are going to think you are having a bad dream when it comes into your home.

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"The cult television series 'The Prisoner' tells the story of a man who, after losing and then regaining consciousness, opens the blinds of his London flat to find that the world outside has undergone a Kafkaesque (nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality) transformation: the skyscrapers and city streets visible from his window have been replaced with a small and serene village. Accompanying this stark change in his external environment is a sharp decrease in his freedom. Whereas his life in London was his own, he discovers upon venturing out into the village that his decisions and actions are now community property. He is watched everywhere he goes both by neighbors and hidden cameras.  He is expected to be an enthusiastic participant in all communal events, and is ostracized as 'unmutual' when he instead seeks out privacy and seclusion.  The town's authorities are intent on ensuring that residents cannot opt out of village life: quaint taxis transport people within the village, but never outside of it; phone service is strictly local; maps at the village store show nothing beyond the community's boundaries. Each showing of independence or defiance by the protagonist brings strong pressure from the authorities to fully account for (and recant) his actions.  In short, his familiar urban life is replaced with a communitarian dystopia, hostile to privacy and deeply suspicious of every act of individuality."




On March 25, 2005 I wrote and published a piece I titled: NAPA VALLEY ELITIST INSULT VETERANS and at that time I didn’t understand where this elitist attitude was coming from and how anyone could make fun of our Veterans and our Flag.


On November 16, 2006 I wrote and published a piece I titled: SMOKING CAUSES DEATH OF FREEDOM IN CALIFORNIA! I had no idea that banning smoking was a communitarian policy; I just knew it was the beginning of the end of freedom of individual choice as I knew it to be.


And as I floundered to find my way and to try and understand what was happening to my Country I ran across something called Communitarianism.


Now I will publish for you more information that I hope will help.




From the “STOP COMMON PURPOSE” Website:


QUOTE: This website is about the corrupt activities of Common Purpose, a fraudulent 'educational charity' acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars (a Communist party official) and apparatchiks (a member of a Communist apparat {apparatus}) needed to implement the British government's hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.


Common Purpose as exists in the UK does not have representation in the USA.


Common Purpose is being used to implement the EU/NWO communitarian agenda in the UK and a few other countries.


The NWO communitarian agenda in the USA is being implemented through other communitarian programs.


"Compassionate Conservatism is communitarianism.

The Third Way is communitarianism.

International Law has 'communitarian pretentions'.

Community Policing is Communitarian Policing.

Bill Clinton was a communitarian president."  [1.6]

"Agenda 21 uses communitarian language.

The President of Colombia is a communitarian president.

President Bush was a communitarian president.

Obama is a communitarian president.

George Soros is a communitarian.

Americorps is a communitarian programme.

Citizen Corps is a communitarian draft.

Hilary Clinton is (among other various titles) a communitarian.

ABCD- Asset Based Community Development is a communitarian mapping programme.

Domestic Violence Acts and laws rely on communitarian shaming.

Family based crime prevention is communitarian.

Creative crime prevention is communitarian.

Talmudic Homeland Security is communitarian.

Faith-based programmes are communitarian.

Domestic disarmament is Communitarian.

Character Building is Communitarian.

Globalization of Values and Norms is Communitarian.

The New World Order is communitarian."  [1.7]


"Communitarianism and the Third Way are completely incompatible with religion - especially Christianity - in any way. The two simply cannot co-exist, because Communitarianism puts the common good ahead of any God-given rights including the right to live. We’re not just talking about abortion, but also elder care and end-of-life medical decisions."  [1.8]


Obama is sometimes called a 'socialist.' He isn't. He is a communitarian.


Common Purpose objectives for individuals and families

* Rapidly falling incomes
* House repossessions
* Increasing debt
* Unemployment or low-skill employment
* Poverty
* Overcrowding
* Control from cradle to grave
* Victims of crime
* Cultural disintegration
* Constant surveillance


Objectives for Common Purpose members, bureaucrats and politicians

* Rising incomes
* Full employment
* Tax-funded income
* Comfortable pensions
* Private medical insurance
* Human rights
* Lavish spending


"Using 'environmental' concerns as the vehicle, the objective (of the New World Order) is for global control over work, industry, energy, food supply, populations and money."


Communitarianism, the philosophy underpinning the NWO and its agenda, has been implemented by stealth in Britain over the past few years. For example, the smoking ban is a typical communitarian policy.


Communitarianism is a type of supranational collectivism that uses social, economic, psychological and systems manipulation in preference to violence to achieve its objectives.


Communitarianism is difficult to pin down. It is...


·         A strange mixture of capitalism and communism. Communitarians want social control in a collectivist and corporatist society;


·         2. A type of neo-communism that owes some of its ideas to Gramsci and the Fabians;


1.   3. A 'Big Brother knows best' type of philosophy.


Communitarians want...


·         To create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society known as the 'New World Order' run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state;


·         Group rights dominant over individual rights;


·         Highly-taxed capitalism merged with social collectivism, administered through QUANGOs and fake charities. They call this 'civil society';


·         4. The 'reinvention of government' - replacing governments that operate under the rule of law with a system of 'professional managers'; (Editor’s note: A super committee like was just appointed in our Congress.)


·         5. Government by committee, with the committee deciding what is for the 'common good'.


The communitarians, through stealth, perseverance, duplicity, and subversion, have snatched individual-rights based democracy right out from under our noses, and replaced it with group-rights based communitarianism - a trendy, innovative, and newish form of communism administered by foreign elitists.


They are convinced that a communitarian system is 'better' for society - 'improved social cohesion' is the central tenet of their political ideology.


Obama, Blair, Brown and Mandelson et al are Fabian communitarians and Cameron and Clegg show distinct communitarian tendencies, although you will not have heard them use the term. The truth of their hidden agenda is now known and we know their real intentions. These people are front-men for the New World Order communitarians.


Communitarian policy has been seen as fascist corporatism with the primary difference that instead of focusing on nation states, own country and people, it propagates a supranational policy. A secondary difference is it influences by means of informal social structures, like for example Common Purpose, instead of by institutionalised State violence - at least for the time being.


Communitarianism is aimed just like fascists, socialists and communists at the collective. The interests of the collective always prevail above the interests of the individual. Individuals must subjugate themselves to the 'common good'. Communitarians create imaginary problems such as global warming, terrorism suppression and the bank crisis to force through their ideas.


Barack Obama is a Fabian Communitarian, although you will not have heard him use the term during his election campaign. Americans will get a shock when the truth of his hidden agenda becomes known and they find out his real intentions. Bear in mind that Obama is simply a front-man for the New World Order communitarians.



·         "In a communitarian society, which is inherently coercive, it isn't just the majority view that prevails and becomes policy, the majority view is the only one which can be spoken, the only one which can be even heard." link[4.1]


·         "Communitarianism is a collectivist philosophy that explicitly rejects individualism." link[4.2]


·         "Communitarianism is not about 'the common good'. It's about power and the absolute and dictatorial control of money and people - nothing more and nothing less." link[4.3]




© Bill Wink August 3, 2011


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