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New World Order speaks.




To our shareholders,

Thursday, March 24, 2022


"But the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades."





I believe:

I exist, therefore, my Creator exists

I call my Creator God

My God is the Creator of all things

Man playing God produces nothing new

Man discovers what already exists


Fri Mar 11, 2022 - 12:37 pm EST


(LifeSiteNews) – On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, the panel discuss the controversial assertions of transhumanist philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, an advisor to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, that human beings are “hackable animals” using under-the-skin biotechnology implants, that free will is merely a fiction, and that corporations now know individuals better than they know themselves.


LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen noted how artificial intelligence (A.I.) follows our every move, documenting our shopping and online browsing habits – including what kind of social media posts we view and how long we spend on them – drawing a comparison between the kind of data mining we see Big Tech employing and the way that Satan predicts our behaviors by observing us, rather than by actually reading our minds.


Elizabeth Yore added that key players in the World Economic Forum have been “working diligently to this point to replace God” and that developments in A.I. are the next step along that road.


“If you look at the last 70 years, you will see abortion certainly was the ability to replace God to end life. Surrogacy, test tube babies, was the ability to create life, they would argue, in ways that man has control, not God. So this is using technology to be God … We know that the Great Reset is the great plan to replace God. It is the atheistic project that has been really in the in the dark for many years,” Yore said.


Harari has also suggested that the coronavirus crisis will be viewed as “the moment when a new regime of surveillance took over, especially surveillance under the skin,” alluding to a biological implantation of some kind being used not only to track and document people, but to “re-engineer” them.


Yore argued that the globalist elites are using the guise of science to bring about plans to depopulate the earth. While abortion and contraception have played their part in this pursuit, Yore raised concerns that the COVID-19 jabs contain “properties that will continue to destroy the immune system” as well as the threat of nuclear warfare and bioweaponry all being employed towards the global depopulation end.


Westen affirmed that world depopulation has been an ongoing and surprisingly open secret of global elites, the influence of which is making its way through the corridors of the Vatican.


“These are godless people,” Father James Altman charged. “When you don’t have God as your guiding light, you can do any evil, unimaginable evil.”







The bad guys want to launch their ‘Great Reset’, which would redesign everything from your personal individual rights to the right to own nothing. From your control to their control.


Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, has said ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’. Of course they know no-one having what they have today would line-up and agree to give them complete control.


However, during the lockdowns, as time wore on, many people became demoralized and begged for normalcy. So, what they are counting on to install the ‘Great Reset’ is for humanity to become so demoralized they would agree to blind obedience and care from cradle to grave. The bad guys will dress themselves in sheep’s clothing, then will offer to provide for you, up to and including, to the point where you would be without care. But in the end you would be their slave.




A catastrophic event followed by more catastrophic events requiring oppressive actions to be taken, requiring individual sacrifice, frustration, loss of property, loss of life.


Such as: a devastating fire, drought, tornado, hurricane, flood, ice storm or earthquake involving loss of property or life, causing such things as evacuations, relocations, and personal devastation, all during an onerous pandemic.


Followed by unemployment, supply chain annoyances, shortages and outages.


Then add to that; inflationary living cost and the possibility of food rationing and the sideboards on your plate begin to bulge.


The bad guys are doing this. Weather manipulation and other catastrophic events have been able to be done by human intervention for decades.




Tucker reports on ‘odd coincidence’ of multiple food processing plants burning down: ‘What’s going on?’

April 22, 2022


Something odd appears to be happening across America: In the past six months, 18 U.S. food processing plants have reportedly burned down, and Twitter has questions.


“This is an odd coincidence,” remarked Wall Street Silver, who posted a collage of headlines from Texas, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, California, and more, all screaming “Fire!”


The latest fires come on the heels of a warning in late March from President Joe Biden that food shortages “are gonna be real,” spawning whispers of conspiracies across social media.


So, what is happening?


Well, after a small plane crashed into a Georgia General Mills plant — the second plane in a week to hit a food processing plant — radio talk show host Jason Rantz joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson to lend some perspective to the string of destructive fires.


Tucker reports on ‘odd coincidence’ of multiple food processing plants burning down: ‘What’s going on?’ (




I made this video in 2016








The Columbia Act of 1871 established Washington D.C. and the USA Inc.

Then there became three corporations to do the bidding for the Khazarian Mafia… Bank of London, Inc., Vatican, Inc., and USA, Inc. These three are controlled by the Khazarian Mafia Global Deep State Swamp.

In 1888 Justin D. Fulton published a book:

“Washington in the Lap of Rome” by Justin D. Fulton.


Following is the Preface to that book:

(Keep in mind this was published in 1888)




WASHINGTON in the Lap of Rome has been written to call the attention of the American people to the great trust which has been betrayed, and to the great work which devolves upon them. It uncovers facts which will bring the blush of shame to the cheek of the real Republican and fill his soul with indignation. Fifteen thousand department clerks are under the surveillance of Rome. If it be not true, as is charged, that a private wire runs from the White House, in Washington, to the Cardinal s Palace, in Baltimore, and that every important question touching the interests of Romanism in America is placed before his eye, before it becomes a public act, it is true that the Cardinal is a factor in politics.  Romanism is the dominant power in the Capitol of the United States. 


Lincoln, Grant, and Arthur withstood it, and suffered the consequences. The power is unseen. It is shadowy. It inhabits the air and infects it. Romanism is the malaria of the spiritual world. It stupefies the brain, deadens the heart, and sears the conscience as with a hot iron. It comes, as did the tempter, with gifts in its hands, of rule, of power, and of wealth, to all who will fall down and worship it. They who yield have peace and praise. They who refuse must fight a terrible foe. The cry has been for peace. The lips of some of the ministers and members of the Church of Christ have been padlocked. Politicians, in the grasp of this power, are unable or unwilling to move. They clank their chains with delight, and glory in being allied with an organism so potential and so astute.


Others see the peril, and withstand its open and determined advance. No longer now is the clash of arms heard. The city is not, to human sight, a camp of armed men, as in the days of civil war; but if eyes could be opened as were those of the prophet s servant, when horses and chariots were circling in the air, proofs of a conflict might now be discerned, more desperate than was ever fought by flesh and blood on the earth. To-day the  City of Magnificent Distances  resembles the child in the presence of the snake. It is being charmed by the viper. Duty demands that the truth be told which shall break the back of the monster.; Why Priests Should Wed  uncovered the pollutions of Romanism in the hope of saving the women and girls of the Roman Catholic Church, now held in the grasp of superstition.


Washington in the Lap of Rome appeals to mankind. The surrender to Rome of the Capital of the Great Republic means death to liberty. The people of all lands and climes are interested in the conflict. The facts given will ripen the indignation of pure-minded men and women against the Jesuitical foe, who no longer creeps under cover or hides in the shadow of some wall, but stalks boldly forth on his errand of wickedness. It is believed that it will cause lovers of liberty to shake themselves from their lethargy, and not only take Washington out of the lap of Rome, but throttle the monster threatening the future of the Republic, and lift the nation to its rightful place as the educator of mankind, the leader of the best thought, and the personification of God’s great purpose, in placing within the area of an ocean-washed Republic a free Church in a free State.


May God help the truth, is the prayer of JUSTIN D. FULTON.


(134 years later the battle between good and evil rages on.)








They are the ones who worship money and power. They are the ones without compassion. They are the ones without morals. They are the ones without a soul.  Their heart is a cold black stone and a void exists where once their lived a soul. Ice water courses thru their veins and true evil occupies their brain.


When these people sold their soul to the Devil for money and power their compassion and morals went with it. This being who they are, evil comes easy. Evil beyond what any God loving human can believe. They are now the children of Satan whose goal is to control the Earth and they exist in every segment of society.


So what human orders have the same goal as Satan? The Globalist. The New World Order. The World Economic Forum. The Devos Group. The EU. The Illuminate. All driven by money and power. All the children of Satan.


These are the bad guys, the ones working to advance Satan’s goal. It’s that simple.




Ask yourself this question: What current world leaders are not globalists who are not seeking to control the Earth and all her resources? And does this make them the good guys?


Further, why is our President, his administration and our legislature promoting the globalist agenda rather than America first like Trump did? Our country is full of good guys but is our government a good guy?


If our government is a bad guy, how long has it been a bad guy?


What world leader has been the number one target for defamation by the political party in charge of our government today, labeling him as the ‘bad’ guy? But is he?


Things are not always as they seem. Truth is reality.


Make America First


Press on Patriots


If you would like to know more about the Round Table – go here














It may be juvenile, however, it was my choice to leave facebook.


I miss it already. It was the closest thing to a local newspaper we (I) have. It is an integral part of the information highway, but I felt I had to draw a line in the sand. I will not be bullied or blackmailed into giving up my moral standards, my beliefs, my control over MY life for moments of gratification.


They know they got you. They know what makes you tick. They know that those actions of affirmation, such as the ‘like’ button drives your psychic. It’s like drugs, you want more. You go back for more, always.


Facebook has a platform that millions use. However, they can only play if it pleases facebook.


The only thing keeping me off of facebook is a mobile phone number. For weeks they had me jump through hoops but it always ended with a code sent via email. But that’s not good enough anymore. If I want to play, I must have a cell phone number. Nope, not gonna’ happen.


A cell phone is their tracking device. But not just theirs but all tech platforms including law enforcement. Why else would they be trying to force me to register a cell phone number? They have proven it isn’t necessary, yet? No, there’s more to it and I’m sure it is not for my benefit. Tracking, spying on me, whatever, I’m not playing.


It seems to me that because most folks have their cell phone turned on 24/7, they always know where you are. Most folks just say play the game Myrt. Roll with the punches Myrt. That’s what they are counting on. Vaccination anyone? Just play the game Myrt.


Today we have smart phones, smart appliances, smart electrical meters, smart water meters, smart thermostats. I even have a smart control on my propane tank. And you’ve been told it is so you can control your use. Wrong. It’s so they can control your use. Just like access to facebook. Just like, you must have a cell phone to play.


If you don’t turn your heat down, we’ll do it for you. You weigh too much, we’re locking your frig after 9pm. Reluctant to buy an electric vehicle, here’s $10/gal gas, change your mind yet? Locked out of facebook, locked out of your frig. Can’t control your own environment. Can’t drive your car. Think more won’t happen? Think again. Lockdown anyone? Only essentials anyone? Facemasks anyone Where will it stop? News for you, it won’t unless you stop it.


A life is what you have. A life is what you have been given. What you do with that life is of your free will. Make it count. Stand for something.


I refuse to sit down, shut-up and obey. You can do the same. We could all do the same. Imagine.


Press on Patriots














“Watch the Water” is a new documentary supporting the hypotheses that COVID-19 is really toxic snake venom from, most specifically, the King Cobra.


When I first watched it I thought, wow, that seems possible until I really began to think about it and started doing my own research.


Speaking of that, doing your own research, it is imperative you do just that. I do my research write about what I find and then you should check my results for yourself.


“Q” in his/her drops said on more than one occasion to ‘watch the water’. As far as I know, no one has ever tied that phrase to any specific event that changed the world, until now.


This documentary grabbed the imagination of Q anons by the thousands simply by taking that highly inflamed phrase and tying it to a world altering hypotheses. What if COVID was deadly snake venom? Got you. Got me.


Good vs evil. The serpent and Satan. So many connections. Just let your imagination go.


The most fearful part of the hypotheses is exactly what the title conjures up. The toxin could be in our drinking water. But that doesn’t work.


King Cobra venom is a toxin not a poison. Poisoning the water, that is possible, but putting snake venom in the water to kill millions, won’t work. Poisons are ingested, snake venom is a neurotoxin that has to enter your blood stream to kill you. Also, snake venom is a protein, one of the things your saliva and guts destroy and turn into harmless by-products. So if a person had no open wounds from their lips to their guts, by-by toxin.


In certain cultures people actually drink snake venom.


So the feasibility of killing millions by adding snake venom to their drinking water does not compute.


There is much more in the documentary about what remdesivir is and so on. But for me the hypotheses has lost all credibility. Period.


My research tells me “Fake news”.





The Deep State and a New World Order vs. 210 Nations Restored Republics and the Global Currency Reset:


Since the Act of 1871 which established the Washington DC District Of Colombia and eventually the IRS and Federal Reserve, US citizens have been living under and paying taxes to the US Inc. Corporation, which was owned by certain International Bankers and Aristocracy of Europe and Britain – who also captured taxpayer monies of other countries.


The Q Movement, Global Military Alliance, BRICS Alliance and Global Currency Reset was all about reversing this 1871 Act of England and returning to The People, citizen taxpayer monies of 210 nations including the US.


The Deep State was all about maintaining their control over this Global Financial System by preventing the Global Currency Reset from happening, promoting war and global chaos through use of pandemics, plus mind controlling the general public into believing their narration by use of the Mass Media so as to bring in a New World Order and thus, Rule the World.



Exclusive: Russia's Sergey Glazyev introduces the new global financial system


The world's new monetary system, underpinned by a digital currency, will be backed by a basket of new foreign currencies and natural resources. And it will liberate the Global South from both western debt and IMF-induced austerity.


By Pepe Escobar

April 14 2022


Glazyev was gracious to take some time from his packed schedule to provide detailed answers to a first series of questions in what we expect to become a running conversation, especially focused to the Global South. This is his first interview with a foreign publication since the start of Operation Z. Many thanks to Alexey Subottin for the Russian-English translation.


The Cradle: You are at the forefront of a game-changing geo-economic development: the design of a new monetary/financial system via an association between the EAEU and China, bypassing the US dollar, with a draft soon to be concluded. Could you possibly advance some of the features of this system – which is certainly not a Bretton Woods III – but seems to be a clear alternative to the Washington consensus and very close to the necessities of the Global South?


Glazyev: In a bout of Russophobic hysteria, the ruling elite of the United States played its last “trump ace” in the hybrid war against Russia. Having “frozen” Russian foreign exchange reserves in custody accounts of western central banks, financial regulators of the US, EU, and the UK undermined the status of the dollar, euro, and pound as global reserve currencies. This step sharply accelerated the ongoing dismantling of the dollar-based economic world order.


Over a decade ago, my colleagues at the Astana Economic Forum and I proposed to transition to a new global economic system based on a new synthetic trading currency based on an index of currencies of participating countries. Later, we proposed to expand the underlying currency basket by adding around twenty exchange-traded commodities. A monetary unit based on such an expanded basket was mathematically modeled and demonstrated a high degree of resilience and stability.


At around the same time, we proposed to create a wide international coalition of resistance in the hybrid war for global dominance that the financial and power elite of the US unleashed on the countries that remained outside of its control.


The new convergent economic system that emerged in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and India is the next inevitable stage of development, combining the benefits of both centralized strategic planning and market economy, and of both state control of the monetary and physical infrastructure and entrepreneurship. The new economic system united various strata of their societies around the goal of increasing common wellbeing in a way that is substantially stronger than the Anglo-Saxon and European alternatives. This is the main reason why Washington will not be able to win the global hybrid war that it started. This is also the main reason why the current dollar-centric global financial system will be superseded by a new one, based on a consensus of the countries who join the new world economic order.


For the rest of the article click here








Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was on Canale Italia TV and he shared his observations on what is going on in this world.


Below are some of the Archbishop’s key observations.


About the church and political leadership today:


"We are facing a global coup that involves both civil society and the Church. Both are infiltrated and controlled by characters who use their power and the authority that derives from it, not for the purposes of the institutions they govern, but in order to destroy them. This crisis of authority must be denounced, because the action of those who have reached the highest levels of leadership both of nations and of the Church is a subversive and criminal act."


When asked about the efforts to create a global religion and whether it is homicide or suicide for the Holy church, Vigano shared:


"Both. On the one hand, the corrupt part of the Hierarchy – which for the sake of brevity I call the deep church – since it is subservient to Satan, hates the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and intends to kill Her, just as happened to the Church’s Head. But we know that just as Christ is risen, so His Mystical Body will also be resurrected after Her Passion. So yes: those who serve the Devil carry out a murderous operation, however crazy and doomed to failure."


When asked about the consequences he has incurred in standing up to the New World Order, Vigano shared:


"Already after my revelations about the scandals of then Cardinal McCarrick, I had to take care of my safety. My statements about the pandemic farce, which I remember began in May 2020, at the time earned me insults and verbal lynching, accusations of undue interference or that I was promoting conspiracy theories. There have also been those who have said that it was not I who wrote my statements; it was even insinuated that I was suffering from psychosis and “delirium of interpretation,” or even possessed by the devil. Not to mention the accusations following my pronouncement on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, a few days ago…


I have been amazed that these often over-the-top attacks also come in part from circles of Catholic conservatism and the so-called political right. In many cases, those whom I would have considered as allies – in opposing first the pandemic farce and then the war provocation – have shown that they side with the adversary, to the point of recognizing the effectiveness and moral lawfulness of the so-called vaccines or presenting Zelensky as an innocent victim of Putin’s expansionist aims. The reality is quite different, and denying it or concealing it to support one’s own theses or to obey one’s masters will serve no purpose other than to make the condemnation of the guilty and their accomplices even more just and motivated.


In any case, I thank God and Our Lady that I am in good health, and for the protection they have granted me so far."










'Game of Thrones' actor Joseph Gatt arrested for contact with a minor for sexual offense


Actor Joseph Gatt was arrested last week after Los Angeles Police Department detectives claimed he was allegedly engaging in "online sexually explicit communication" with a minor who lived in another state.


He also had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest stemming from a similar incident involving a minor victim, police relayed to Fox News Digital. He was arrested for contact with a minor for sexual offense.


Police are now "seeking to identify any additional victims" following Gatt's arrest.





Since the Revolutionary War, the money mongers have pursued control of the ‘Colonies’.


The lead money monger, Rothschild, had publicly stated he didn’t care who governed a country because if he controlled the money he controlled that country. That statement has proven to be true many times over.


In these modern times, the US dollar has been the foundation of the monetary system throughout the world. But you and I don’t control it, the Fed does and who owns the Fed? The cabal. So who makes the rules? You guessed it, the cabal.


The Federal Reserve System is a private corporation owned by the cabal. The U.S.A. has little or no say over what it does. The course for this centralized banking system was set by J. P. Morgan and became official on December 23, 1913.


An interesting sidebar. J. P. Morgan funded the building of the Titanic. J. P. Morgan was scheduled to sail aboard her on her maiden voyage, but did not. However, three of his financial contemporaries did. Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim who all perished April 15th, 1912. An unsubstantiated  rumor is; some opposed centralized banking. One and one half years later, the Federal Reserve was created.


The Federal Reserve System, the world Central Bank (CB) and the International Money Fund (IMF) are privately controlled. Since these entities control the money, they generally control the world.


This cabal, conglomerate, controls western civilization which includes the U.S.A.


This control of money by the cabal has been the reason for many wars over the years including the Iraq war, the killing of Gadhafi, the war in Syria and Afghanistan. World domination is their goal.


Today the battle continues in Ukraine.




Inflation is running loose, highest in 40 years.


What might the Fed do because of this situation, save the economy or save the stock market? Some are saying they will raise interest rates dramatically to save the economy and crash the stock market.


If a person looks at the world situation they will see there is a lot happening regarding every countries money system and the dollar is being targeted to no longer be the world’s currency.


This could be the lead-up to the GCR, Global Currency Reset, and the introduction to asset backed digitalized currency and the Quantum Financial System. QFS.


If this happens, the head of the snake would be removed and every country would become a sovereign state.


Time will give us the answer.





I can surmise this happens because it, pedophilia, is prevalent throughout our society. Pedophilia is rampant from the White House to the Magical Kingdom. From the halls of Congress to the halls of our schools.” BW 4/8/2022


Retired California Middle School Teacher Arrested For Rape of a Child

By Cristina Laila

Published April 12, 2022


Sunnyvale, California – A retired middle school teacher was arrested on Monday for raping a child back in 2009.


“James retired from teaching three years ago but is currently a volunteer softball and basketball coach at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA” – Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety revealed in a press release.


There may be other victims and law enforcement is asking anyone with information to come forward.






The finance ministers of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have decided to create their own financial mechanisms to continue trade between nations of similar disposition.  Once the internal issues inside the BRICS alliance are resolved, and once the mechanisms are created, then other nations will be able to decide to join or not.  The great global cleaving will commence.


In the bigger picture, the BRICS assembly are essentially leaders who do not want corporations and multinational banks running their government. BRICS leaders want their government running their government; and yes, that means whatever form of government that exists in their nation, even if it is communist.


BRICS leaders are aligned as anti-corporatist.  That doesn’t necessarily make those government leaders better stewards, it simply means they want to make the decisions, and they do not want corporations to become more powerful than they are.  As a result, if you really boil it down to the common denominator, what you find is the BRICS group are the opposing element to the World Economic Forum assembly.


The objective of the BRICS group is simply to present an alternative trade mechanism that permits them to conduct business regardless of the opinion of the multinational corporations in the ‘western alliance.’


The countries run by multinational corporations are in Yellow, the countries who have not yet chosen a side are in GREY: (X22 Report)










The Earth is: A place where life exists. A place where God’s will is fulfilled. God’s Kingdom. A realm.


When you look up the definition of the word ‘realm’ in Merriam-Webster: #1 a. Kingdom.


Firmament: #1 a. the vault or arch of the sky : Heavens – [a realm]


Ether: #1 a. the rarefied element formerly believed to fill the upper regions of space

b. the upper regions of space : Heavens


The Earth is not an object, a sphere, it is a realm, a place that is. God’s Kingdom.




Open your mind to the truth, the reality, the fact that all you think you know is what other humans have told you yet the truth says otherwise.




In the true sense of the word, you are not free. You’ve been told you are free but you are not.


Through deductive reasoning, it is obvious, God’s intention was for humans to be free just as all of His other creatures are free. However, as a bird flies free in the sky, lands freely where ever it chooses and does freely what it wants, you cannot. All God’s other creatures live freely whether flying in the sky, swimming in the waters or traversing over land, they have free will. Man does not.


We are slaves to our rulers, those who have stolen our freedom yet have told us we are free. Satan’s work.


So what else do we accept as reality but yet is not the truth? Find the truth and you will find reality.







I feel confident in saying; you have been, and are, living in a world where pedophilia has no place at the table of: ‘Up-for-discussion’. It is just sidelined as ‘not-a-real-problem’. Any attention paid to the subject is met with rejection based on just someone’s exaggeration of the situation.


I can surmise this happens because it, pedophilia, is prevalent throughout our society. Pedophilia is rampant from the White House to the Magical Kingdom. From the halls of Congress to the halls of our schools.


Check back here for a more in depth report on pedophilia







The following piece by Nick Fleming points out a world situation we westerners may not be seeing. There is the Western world controlled by the IMF & CB hating on Russia, even though it seems a little disingenuous when you look at what the West did in Yugoslavia, and then there are those who don’t want to be controlled by a cabal of western moneychangers. This has been the same scenario for decades. ~ Bill


Mon. 4 April 2022 Nick Fleming:


Red Pill Crusade: What is CIPS?


China’s Cross-Border Interbank Payment System, or CIPS, was launched in October 2015 to provide an independent international yuan payment and clearing system connecting both onshore and offshore clearing markets and participating banks.


Russia’s de-dollarization efforts meant that China and India can help Russia skirt sanctions by jointly building an alternative global financial system.


While India currently does not have its own domestic financial messaging system, it plans to link a service (Rupee-Ruble. Under the proposed system, the dollar or the euro could be used to determine how many Rubles would be equivalent of a Rupee, based on their respective value against the third currency.)


Currently under development with Russia’s SPFS (System for Transfer of Financial Messages, Russia’s equivalent of SWIFT), which could connect with China’s CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System, the Chinese version of SWIFT).


Once materialized, the linked systems would cover most parts of the world. The global coverage of this alternative system could appeal to countries that are either vulnerable to U.S. sanctions or discontent about the U.S. dollar’s dominance.


After putting these pieces together, in my opinion, this is HOW and WHY the U.S. dollar will suddenly crash. IMO, this is “The Alliance’s” plan to usher in NESARA/ GESARA.


The Alliance is the following leaders working in tandem with President Trump & President Putin:


(China)-President Xi Jinping: The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China opposes illegal unilateral sanction on Moscow and will continue to carry out normal trade cooperation with Russia.


(India)-Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has developed ways to trade with Russia while bypassing sanctions. India has been exploring a rupee-ruble trade arrangement with Russia following Western sanctions on Russia.


(Brazil)-Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who visited Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow shortly before the Ukraine invasion, angered Western allies by saying he was “in solidarity with Russia” without elaborating.


(Saudi Arabia) Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As the United States and its allies stand united against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Saudi Arabia is siding with Russia.


(North Korea) Kim Jong Un. Pyongyang, however, remains a steadfast supporter of Moscow. DPRK Ambassador to the U.N. Kim Song was one of the only diplomats to speak out in defense of Russia’s actions at the General Assembly on Wednesday, repeating recent North Korean foreign ministry statements that label the U.S. (The Biden Administration) the “root cause” of the war in Ukraine.


No wonder why President Trump “Allowed” the Democrats to steal the election. This would of appeared to look very bad to the public if this all happened under President Trump.


In my opinion, after the collapse NESARA/GESARA will be announced and new elections are required to be held within 120 days.  By this time people will be begging for President Trump’s return.






“A new reality is taking shape: the unipolar world is irretrievably receding into the past and a multipolar world is being born. This is an objective process that cannot be stopped, there won’t be one single ruler in this new reality….Nobody on Earth will be considered a second-rate player. All nations are equal and sovereign.” - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov







Life has been in a state of flux since the sky started falling at the end of 2019.


By early 2020 we started to learn just how our system worked and it was not as we had been taught to think it did.


After 9/11/2001 we learned that some of those assumed liberties we had were no-longer protected. But now we have learned that what we experienced under the ‘Patriot Act’ was nothing compared to the authoritarian lock-downs authorized by a “health emergency” which has led to the unbelievable point of a ‘person’s right to survive’ being challenged over a vaccination! What constitution?


We have also experienced what I believe to be a totally un-American act, perpetrated by the political party in power, which has been to suspend an individual’s constitutional rights, and then that person being held as a political prisoner, mis-treated and denied due process. This all by our very own government as our elected officials stand by like neutral observers.


Now we have learned that our elected officials are just as corrupt as those perpetrating the political crime, so lesson learned: Our country is nothing like we thought it was.


So much evil has been exposed it is hard to keep up. But we, in our never ending state of denial, have just moved forward trying to make everything fit the mold, that we each have developed, of what our world is supposed to be.


“The Wonderful World of Disney”. “The Magical Kingdom”. Now we learn it is a place that wants to “groom” your child to be other than what you aspire for them to be. What?


Oh, but that’s just part of it. We now know we have an educational system that believes parents have ‘no rights’ regarding what their children are being taught. And worse yet, there are educators within the system that want to teach your child about sex from age 6.




If you don’t see by now that Satanist and perverts have taken control of our world then there is more coming.






Well, I’m officially locked-out of fb. I tried to play their game but because I’m a dinosaur and don’t have an umbilical cord I couldn’t comply. You see they offer two choices of authentication, both involving a cell phone, which I don’t have. I refuse to be connected 24/7/52/ a year.


Now that Elon Musk owns the biggest share of Twitter maybe I can get my account opened up with them.


In the mean-time, this is it. Thanks for stopping by. 😊






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