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You are here because you are awake, or are waking-up, and you have questions.


We are living through the “End Time’. This does not mean the end of the world but the end of a cycle.


You are experiencing a world time that has not been seen for millennia.


The Maya, Inca, Aztec, Hopi, Navajo, the Holy Bible and prophets around the world prophesized this time would come.


The Mayan long count calendar covered a span of 5,125 years. It ended on the winter solstice, December 21st, 2012.


This 5,125 year cycle was ruled over by Satan and his worshipers. That time has ended, however, evil will not just shrink into the shadows and disappear, this is that time when the struggle between good and evil is taking place. GOD will win but there will be a price. There will be pain.


Evil knew this time would come, in fact, Project Looking Glass projected anything they tried after 2012 would end in failure. We got Trump not Clinton.


During this time all evil will be exposed and if you think about it, you have witnessed and experienced things you would have not believed could happen 10-20 years ago.


This is the “Great Awakening’. (Not to be confused with evil’s Great Reset.)


If you use a decerning eye you can see those who worship Satan. They are evil and lack any compassion for their fellow man. They have no conscious, no moral compass and will stop at nothing in order to gain wealth and power. I present the Clintons and most politicians.


We will learn of the evil that has filled our society from our government to our schools and yes, to our churches.


This evil goes by names like Khazarian Mafia, Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State etc they all worship Satan and there goal is the same, that is to dominate the world for Satan.


Evil’s power comes from control of the fiat money, Federal Reserve, Central Bank etc., that’s why we will move to all asset backed money around the world, to take away their control. It is also being said that all monies will be equal. 1 for 1.


The next cycle for us is “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.


Humankind’s consciousness will be elevated to a new level and we will live in a world where goodness abounds and evil is banned forever. We will learn of our rightful place in the Universe and become aware of who we are.


Donald Trump is a ‘good’ guy. Just like you, Donald Trump was chosen to be who he is where he is at this time.


Seek the truth, for without truth there is no reality.




The Illuminati, the Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia, who are they?


Global New World Order Government Through Central Banking

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Nothing Is As It Seems – It’s All By Design


In 2012, I published a book I’d written about Agenda 21 titled TREASON.


Before then and since then I have spent many, many hours trying to determine how and when this evil started. (Try 7,000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Sumer.)


I knew I couldn’t wrap my mind around what was going on without understanding how we got here, and then too, having to understand that ‘here’ is not what I was told ‘here’ was.


I was not shocked to learn we were all living a giant lie but it is still a gut punch.


Fast forward to modern times and from all my research the following is what I believe is a possible scenario of our current situation in America.



Freedom loving American patriots realized all was not okay within the workings of our government. One of these patriots was General Dewight David Eisenhower.


After serving as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during WWII and having achieved the rank of five-star General of the Army he went on to become the 34th President of the United States. On January 17th, 1961, as he was leaving the office of President, in a speech, he warned America that she was at peril from within.


No one had a greater understanding of that situation than the newly elected President, John F Kennedy. He was quoted as saying something along the lines of, he was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. That position and the release of the red sealed U S Note as legal tender, probably sealed his fate.  Before his assassination, in a speech given shortly after he took office, he too would warn America of evil forces within,


The military intelligence service, until shortly after the end of WWII, was the Office of Strategic Services or OSS. Then President Truman signed into existence the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA an independent service.


Today, many of us know we were betrayed many decades before these two windows in time, regarding Eisenhower & Kennedy. We are aware that the absolute betrayal of our country happened when Congress passed the Organic Act of 1871 which suspended our Republic and changed many of our rights to privileges.


After the attack of 9/11 that event was used to suspended even more of our civil liberties.


However, it was the assassination of President Kennedy that welded together an alliance of  some 200 military officers with the rank of General and Admiral, both in and out of active duty, who were committed to restoring our Republic and saving our country. Not only is the military the only way forward, but every person who has ever taken the ‘oath’ understands it is their duty. These are the people called the ‘White Hats’.


The insurgency/counterinsurgency war began. There were/are many casualties and the number increases as you read this.


The United States had been successfully infiltrated over previous decades by placing deep state operatives in positions of power throughout government (from local to federal), Corporate American, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and secret societies. Every decision ever made about anything was being influenced by these operatives.


The Khazarian Mafia, which directs the deep state operatives, had their successes flipping many good American by using blackmail and the promise of wealth and power. Once a person has stepped over that line, there is no going back. Some tried and paid the ultimate price.


For decades since the White Hats formed, they have been placing their own operatives throughout all the systems (counterinsurgency) and by Obama’s second term they had their plan and they were ready to make their move.


Their first move was to draft Donald J. Trump and get him elected President in 2016 and they did.


From that point they began the dismantling of many past Executive Orders and activating many new ones. Trump also began cleaning the houses of the FBI and the DOJ. But his greatest achievement, IMO, was showing the people what we as a country could achieve; National pride, Energy Independence, Low Gas Prices, Record Employment Records For Minorities, Factories Returning To America, Making America First, A Roaring Economy, Respect From Around The World, Secure Boarders, Conservative SCOTUS, No New Conflicts.


By 2020 Trump and the White Hats had shown the World what they could do. But that wasn’t going to shake-up many Americans to recognize the fact something under the surface was terribly wrong. They won’t relate to the White Hat’s goodness to previous conditions. No, you have to hit’em where it hurts. You have to show them how good it can be then how bad it really is.


Let’s imagine this, that the 2020 election was rigged, but not by the deep state, but by the White Hats. They set a trap because they knew the deep state was desperate to gain back control. Don’t forget, Trump wrote EOs in 2018 about interference in our elections and later he said, “we got them all”.


So, after the deep state was caught by the military cheating, Donald Trump took the necessary steps to empower the military to take charge of the country.


You’ve seen it, you just aren’t seeing it. Military personnel turning their backs on the supposed new President’s caravan on Inauguration Day. The funeral salute at his Inauguration. Mock up movie sets to resemble the White House. The lack of pomp and circumstances regarding Biden. So many things. Biden has never set foot inside the Pentagon or Chyenne Mountain. Where’s the nuclear football?


There is a Commander In Chief, but it’s not Biden.


To avoid a civil war, the White Hats knew they needed a super majority of Americans to be sick to death of their current circumstances. To experience what life was like without our Constitutional protections. Without law and order. With open borders. With the state taking claim of our children. With the degradation of society. With the collusion between big pharma and the FDA. With governments willing to commit genocide of their own people. They needed the people to feel the pain before they could openly institute martial law and deal with the traitors within.


What we are all experiencing is ‘the plan’ and ‘the plan’ has to play itself out. As you are well aware, there are still those whose brainwashing and indoctrination was so successful in blinding them to reality they may never wake up. Also the pain having to accept you were duped by those you trusted your entire life may be unbearable for some. But I believe that when the ‘White Hats’ reveal their hand a super majority will accept it for what it is, the saving of our country.


You can believe, if the ‘White Hats’ did not exist, what we are experiencing today would be the real world.





Killing The Snake


The fiat US dollar is what gave the money changers (Khazarian Mafia) their power. The rules were that most international trade, especially for oil, had to be transacted in those dollars. But when the US froze Putin’s dollars held in the Central Banking system everyone saw how it could happen to them as well. (As a side note, this is what is planned for We the People as well.)


On top of the money issue, many countries, like the BRICS nations, heard what the WEF was saying about a world where they were the over seers of the entire planet and BRICS said to the Great Reset ‘hell no’. Today more and more nations are applying to become a BRICS member nation in a move to retain their sovereignty and gain independence from the yoke of the US fiat dollar.


This tells us the WEF’s dream of world dominance is dead. However, there are still the Western Nations, of which the USA is one, and we are under the control of the KM that owns USA Inc, City of London, the Vatican, WEF, UN, NATO and WHO and all the Central Banking.


We may believe that countries like China and Russia are our enemies, but thank God they broke the chains that bound them to the West and are moving forward developing trade agreements using their own asset backed currencies. And as a bonus, countries that haven’t been friends are opening embassies in each other’s country.


China’s leadership will not condemn Russia, regarding Ukraine, as China knows what Russia’s intent is. Russia’s intent is to free ethnic Russians who are being persecuted by the Zelensky regime, (by the way which was just confirmed by Senator Lindsay Graham’s comment of: “The Russians are dying” and it’s the “best money we’ve ever spent”) to secure access to Crimea, to de-Nazify Ukraine and to destroy the US funded bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.


The West’s governments are owned by the KM and that means there is little chance, if any, that any of them would break the chains that bind us all to the KM and their plans for our future.


That means it will be up to the people of all nations who are oppressed by the KM to rise up and take back our countries.


President Trump is aware of all the pieces and where they are on the chess board. He has been aware since he first came down the escalator. At his inauguration he said he was returning the power to the people. He has stated over and over they don’t want him they want us, he is just standing in their way.


Donald Trump is more than #45 he is the one person who can lead us to freedom from our oppressors. He is the one person who the KM does not own and the KM does not own anyone who could deflect him from leading us into the light.


Ask yourself, do you like what you are experiencing today in our country? Filth, depravity, the break down of law and order, censorship, limiting of free speech, intimidation, threats, fear mongering, demoralizing mis-information, confusion, loss of trust. Because that is what we will keep and have under anyone else but Trump. It has all been brought to us by the Deep State and their puppet masters, the KM. Washington D.C. is a uniparty situation. There is no us against them, it is all the DS against We the People.


So, we can’t vote them out, our elections are all rigged. We can’t sue for justice because the system is two tiered. Civil violence would only lead to worse oppression. I can’t see any way out of this other than through the use of the military and I feel that is a very real possibility, especially if what is being said is true, and that is, that Donald Trump is still the Commander in Chief of the military. So don’t be surprised, if one day, we are under martial law for a time.


It boils down to this, there is Trump and there is the “Great Reset” You decide what future you want. Me, I’m on the Trump Train forever.






Ukraine Russia War Latest w/ Colonel Doug Macgregor 1/24/2023








It seems, we; truthers, patriots, etc. label ourselves as being ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ of reality, then we in turn, label those we consider as being unaware of reality, as being ‘asleep’. But are they really asleep? Many are not. Many are in survival mode. For some facing reality is facing life or death. It’s that serious. Some cannot wake-up as moving from the safety and security of the matrix would be more than their psychic could handle. Some may eventually need professional help in leaving the matrix. Some will fight to retain what the matrix offers. Some will fight you for pushing reality as fact. There is no sense in pushing those who do not wish to leave the matrix. They will either leave the matrix and move forward or they will stay behind. But…. We need a majority of Americans to be ‘awake’ so that when the time comes and the curtain hiding the matrix drops, America is prepared for the truth. That America will embrace reality. That America is prepared to be truly free.


Don the full armor of God and Press on Patriots!




JANUARY 9, 2023



(Without explanation, The Justices voted to not hear the case. The brothers move forward with the plan to file a petition for reconsideration, along with more support from we the people.) http://ralandbrunson.com/?fbclid=IwAR1PqfDBL5A3Xal-96HosWGmuczWm1kje_hbRpY839vHYo5Bkp4b8_3wq6U




So what happened?!


Basically, the American People were found “with-out standing”, or, “of having no merit” by SCOTUS.




Most Americans are becoming fed-up with politicians and their broken promises and outright lies but still remain somewhat satisfied and content in the matrix and there they remain semi-awake to their surroundings but yet secure in their envelope of supposed knowledge and understanding of how things work.


But January 9th was different. Tens of thousands who were not invested in the bickering about the 2020 election regarding voting machines, fraud etc. were interested in the Brunson case. It was simple and easily understood. It was about  our Constitution, it’s power, the will of the people and the oath of office.


This challenge presented to SCOTUS was new, different, down to earth. It was not about rigged elections but about “meaning”. It was not about challenging a re-written law but understanding and believing in a historical document as originally written. Do words mean anything? Does our Constitution mean anything?


Yet while regular Americans threw themselves on the mercy of the highest court in the land seeking relief and understanding, none was to be found. The people had “no standing”. Words mean nothing!


Will this revelation, the fact that we now see the “deep state” controls EVERYTHING, be enough to jar some folks from their slumber in the matrix to the reality of life? To finally recognize the world they thought they lived in never really existed, ever?


I don’t know. I hope so, but, I don’t know.





Source: Clandestine’s Newsletter


Russian MIL Begin Naming Names! Fauci and Collins of the NIH Created C19!


Russia is no longer pulling any punches. They are directly accusing the named individuals, one of which my followers will know very well, Dr. Collins, former Director of the NIH, the co-conspirator along with Dr. Fauci behind the cover up of the origin of Covid 19.


So now Russian MIL are bridging the gap between the creation of Covid 19, and the coverup via social media and MSM influence, facilitated by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Russian MIL’s narrative is on a collision course with Elon about to drop the Fauci Files and C19 portion of the Twitter Files. Russian MIL’s narratives also seem to coincide with that of Trump/Q narratives, that C19 was released intentionally by the Deep State to implement a medical police-state and force mail-in voting to steal 2020 with ballot fraud. It’s all pointing to the same conclusion.


Slowly, the public is being made aware that Covid 19 was a bioweapon, and the same people who made it, covered up the origin, covered up viable treatments, and pushed vaccines that didn’t work, which they profited off of, all in an effort to retain and gain power.


It’s happening. The world will know the truth about Covid 19.









Things are going to happen on a global scale.


The BRICS nation is growing rapidly. This is the move to asset backed money.


Also there will be a global currency reset (GCR) a RV. A revaluation of all countries currency.


The dollar will no longer be the World’s reserve currency.


Along with this is the move to digitalized money and this is where it can become trouble for you.


The NWO wants to launch digitalized currency (DC)) through their current Khazarian Mafia central banking system under the control of the Illuminati. The key word there is ‘control’. You may have DC in your cloud but they will have the final say on how you spend it. Communism.


There will be an alternative. The Quantum Financial System or QFS which was built by the ‘good guys’. This is a very sophisticated system controlled by AI insuring only you control your money.


Learn more here: Quantum Financial System Explained — Dinar Recaps


It’s important that you understand what the consequences of your decision will be.


Listen to Charlie Ward here: https://rumble.com/embed/v1y6zs0/?pub=4














INTEL I cannot swear to, however, IMO it is worth being aware of.


In the video below the Intel starts at the 45 minute mark. This was posted the 14th. The provider said that it took time to verify so, the info was at least a week old when posted.


The Intel came from a pilot of a military aircraft flying from the mainland to GITMO.









Evil’s goal is to bring Satan into the light and to have his ways accepted as normal.


It is blatantly obvious that that is what is going on with this public pushing of pedophilia, the sexual exploitation of children, lenience toward lewd behavior, outright lawlessness being ignored or encouraged. The pattern is plain to see and there is much more other deviant behavior that is related to this goal.


This is not God’s plan for His children. Those who approve of or align themselves with evil’s goal will be left behind on judgement day.





If so, what does that mean for us?







But will it go anywhere?




But it is my understanding that if 4 Justices vote to advance this case it will create a hearing of the evidence. However, based on past experience, I won’t be holding my breath.




It is on the docket



So what is it?

It’s a lawsuit!


About what?





























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